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The Chemical Brothers are the UK-based Grammy Award winning electronic music duo of Tom Rowlands and Ed Simons (occasionally referred to as Chemical Tom and Chemical Ed). Initially they called themselves "The Dust Brothers", after the noted United States production duo of the same name, but their burgeoning popularity and the threat of legal action from the originals led them to change their name in 1995. Along with The Prodigy, Fatboy Slim and The Crystal Method, as well as other lesser-known acts they were pioneers of the big beat electronic dance genre, and are known for high-quality live sets.

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Nick BBC
We only had clearance to use this part of the set, that's why there isn't more. This is often the case when filming at festivals.

I would actually like to defend the Beeb - it would have been too easy to put up hey boy hey girl etc, but they went for a more eclectic selection of tracks which were brilliant. I was down on the barrier and their performance was live electronic music at it's very best - the TV coverage will never compare to actually being there seeing the light show and hearing the tracks on the huge sound system (streaming the audio on your laptop isn't going to even start to replicate the atmosphere and full range of sounds in these guys' tracks).P.S. Please put up as much of the Justice performance as you can, BBC - they were highlight of the weekend by far, never seen the slam tent kick off like that before!

My 12th TITP & never seen anything like it!! CB's were absolutely fantastic, outstanding, amazing set!! Highlight of the weekend 4 me.

i cant believe bbc, the coverage of all the performances at t in the park is shocking, i cant find any videos by bbc, mean whats going on?

Superb set

Bruce Aisher
Loved the lights and the majority of the music. However, they don't even come close to Daft Punk live at wireles last year. What frustrates me is how similar the opening sounds are of both sets, come on chems, you could be a bit more original.

herman you talk rubbish!

totaly amazing set! wish i was still there! i even seen myself in the clip woooop!

james johnston
lets start the dance,we want more of THE CHEMICAL BROTHERS BBC.

What a joke. Chemical Brothers owned? Ya kidding me? Aphex Twin ran and does run circles around the far-less talented Chemical Brothers.To even put them in the same sentence as an Aphex Twin is plain retarded as he is more talented then 10 CB's combined. CB are about as generic and non-inventive as The Prodidy..

Duncan Noble
The Chemical Brothers were brilliant, with some new ones like saturate and we are the night. The staged sized colour display behind them showed things that enchanced the music, like paint splash and people floating or dancing. Must be seen over the full 90 minutes to get the full effect, must see them again if I can.

Keith H
They were my highlight of the weekend, absoloutley awsome, was two peeps away from the front barrier and it was mental. Have to agree with a lot of peeps here, why not more slam tent coverage? Justice were rockin and Erol Alkan was a major surprise(over 2 and a half hours he was on for), thought my ears were gonna bleed lol

Chemical brothers were amazing!! Highlight of the whole weekend for me at T in the Park! Everyone was loving it and i danced for the whole entire show!! Definitely worth seeing again!

the chems were awesomesee you again soon guyslj x

Out of this world, I'd seen this mob twice before and I'd never enjoyed them just as much as I did on the Friday.They took what they learned and progressed, second best band of the weekend.

C : ), S.EAST

one of the highlights of the weekend

What a performance!! All im sayin is get more tracks up to watch!!

Kuv - Newcastle
Chemo Brothers absoloutly dynamite. Set the standard for the rest of the acts. Who did not come anywhere near.

Amazing apart from the clown!!!!!!

chemical brothers was fantastic, only second to rage against the machine !

Russ W
The Chem's are awesome!! But all the BBC's coverage was poor. I read a comment that said that the chemical brothers play the same stuff... hello... and I suppose the indie bands play new tracks at every gig? These guys PLAY live, not off a CD. That's gotta count for something c'mon.

no words...

Quality..... enogh said!!

best act of the whole weekend!!

The Chef
I agree with Eddie, its so annoying when all they show on high lights of the fests and only show the singles, good to see a bit of diversity. Agree with his other point too, high lights can never make up for being there, thats y i've been to T 11 years in a row, wouldn't change it for the world!!!!

B Connolly
CB were good... but its pendulum and the prodigy who totally owned T!!

reply to paul isotoner -never been to butlins so cant comment on butlins lights. c.b show was one of the highlights of the weekend.

Mark McC
thought the set could have been better, but maybe my expectations were to high, have been a chemical fan for years and was really looking forward to seeing them, but left feeling a bit let down.But must say all in all it was a good start to the weekend!!!!

shannen stewart
what a RAVE min!!!!! i really want to go say woo woo put them hands in the air a go wooo wooo now wave them in that air say woop woop woop LOUDER wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

Timmy Mallet
Chemical Brothers were superb!! Highlight of the weekend. Disappointed that only 14mins shown!!! Apart from that Minted performance!!!

Lisa Mc
Chemical Bros were THE best act I have EVER seen at any T in the Park i've been to! Winners by miles!!!!!

No Slam Tent,no Prodigy....whats it all about?????

dave christie
Shame it's only fifteen minutes but well done beeb for choosing this little section. I was there and have to say that the chemicals set was an absolute masterpiece in live electronic music. Wow.

Chemical brothers were amazing, spent the whole set front row! Can even see me in this clip! Stole the weekend without a doubt!!!

Amazing far the best set of the WKND!!!

Probably one of the best acts to perform at T in the park this year amongst Rage Against the machine and the Prodigy of course! I got completely destroyed in that crowd near the front. Suprised the BBC didn't get clear definition of the crowd shouting "Here we, here we, here we f*****g go!"

dirty flow
i found the chemical brothers pretty dull. they hammered fairly obvious tracks from recent years. the only highlight was chemical beats and a cover of primal scream's dont fight it feel it. also its the same set they've been doing since last year as well. the visuals were fantastic thouh

paul miller scotland
was at it and it was out this world chemical bros rocked

Tim Martin

14 minutes of a 1 hour 30 mins set? come on, they were mint

hey someone posted the whole thing on youtube! so yay!

Was soooooo amazing!!! Please put on all the coverage!xx

stunning. thanks guys!!

I'm suprised the BBC didn't put footage of the Grid up from glastonbury - a far better dance set!!!!

the music

amen to chrisf242 and chris, plus where is carl craig. however, i have heard that the chems dont allow companies to broadcast full stes so its reserved for those who see them live, apparently :(

best show of the weekend!!!! what about the lights?????? wooooooooooooooooooooooo

they did play do it again.

The Chems were definitely my highlight of the weekend- closely followed by Justice- hoping to get some highlights up soon! would luv to hear from claire too!!!

Why does the BBC neglect the SLAM tent every year of T in the Park? It is a joke

shed man
where were shed seven

Just to say the CB were amazing and i haven't seen anything like the before. See it live guys to see and feel the real power.


BBC have cut so much out.. why??? Such a shame as it was a brilliant end to Friday night

I loved Chem Bro's they were probably the highlight of my weekend...Loved it!!

paul isotoner
what a load of rubbish so ever hyped i have seen better light shows at butlins.......

just back from t in the park,chem bros were amazing,class act.

for "Floydian", u obviously wernt at t in the park where u, if u wer in the crowd for the chem bro's the lights wer awesome......WEll into the chem bros, thought your set was absolutly fantastic guys

only 14:46 mins your got to be kidding

Paul S
BBC stop with the stupid graphics over the top, tell the director to stop taking drugs while at work...

Last minute decision to see these; so glad i did! They were AMAZING!! Favourite show of the weekend but why arnt they showing the bigger hits? Galvanize??!

superb 2 guys big sound big spectacle up the bros

BBC's coverage of events was rubbish, anybody would think that the Slam tent wasn't open and the Hoosiers, Scouting for girls, Wombats and all the other dross were the only things there to see.

Chris F242
Less landfill indie,more electronic dance music coverage NOW!!!Where's Aphex Twin,Justice,Miss Kitten,Jeff Mills???

gary c
Please show the rest!!

lovin the bbc i-player, the chems rock big style

just come home (sunday) from t in the park and trust me the chems was amazing the best thing i saw!!

Why does the volume go up to 11?

should have plyed do it again

Rob D
Haha - has anyone else noticed the video volume control goes up to eleven?! Nice touch BBC! :o)

poor by BBC -.-Got to be one of the best bands their.

an alien
RE Floydian:I've seen both JM Jarre live and Floyd live and the Chems at their best (which the clip above does not show) give both a very good run for their money. In terms of the originality of their visuals the Chems blow away any other live act I've seen. Pink Floyd certainly are spectucular but the Chems are way more intense and clever in what they do live with their AV.

Totally agree with what's already been said. They have more tunes than surface to air.

S. Glasgow
Chems rock! stop milking the mainstream money cow BBC. More electronic music coverage ie. cover the slam tent alot more please! don't sell out

nah not for me that it was shocking

diego M

I agree! weres the rest of the set :( disappointing

Iain Wilson
The Chems are always such a sweet live band, Keep up the great work dudes.When are you's going to release a live album??????????Peace Out!!!

What's spectacular about that then? The Light show is not even good! Go to a Gig like Burning Man or Pink Floyd Live then you truly see an amaizing... spectacular Light Show and decent beats.

RE:steve, i agree bbc are awfull at doing music these days, they just show hours of mainstream stuff which was shown 2 weeks ago on glastonbury when i was wanting to see masive attack and groove armada amongst others

Another truly top quality set, keep them coming...And thanks to the beeb for putting this up, not being there isn't as bad as it used to be! :o)

saturate is such an immense tune!

i really really want to go to T In The Park do you think they will let 15 year olds camp? im 14 now but by the time the next TIn The Park is on i will be 15. xx

hector of act of the festival so far!

neil pearson

what a way to start a weekend!

yeah! please play more chemical brothers in the next shows! only 15 minutes and a sloppy cut-version of "hey boys,..." can't be everything. :(

chems are always class

jes - aberdeen/scotland
Another pure class performance from THE CHEMICAL BROTHERS !!!

Joe C

I agree, not enough coverage. Saw lots of stuff repeated between BBC 1, 3 and interactive, but hardly any chemical brothers. What a waste!

Russ J
Pure class act, bring it on boys.

please play more of the chemical bro's ! tv coverage was rubbish! we want more !

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