Beth Rowley

Beth Rowley (born October, 1981) is an English singer-songwriter born in Lima, Peru. She was born to British parents who later returned from Peru in 1982 to live in Bristol, England when Beth was aged two years old.

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El Duderino
Caught her set by accident when Yeasayer were runnin g l8. Absolutely fantastic.

Nick M
Possibly the highlight of T for me - have been a fan of Beth for a while now and saw her at King Tut's earlier this year. She is destined for greatness.

Absolutely fantastic. Didn't know much about her so it was a joy to see the performance in the Futures tent. Will be buying the album this week

haha aye the futures stage was runnin one act late so we caught this gem as well, supeb, the lads from yeasayer were sittin in front of the barrier lovin her, then hey went on and rocked the place,both awesome though

wayne morgan
Beth was absolutely brilliant what a voice (Amy who?). i was lucky enough to catch the whole of Beths set & was truly converted.So now i'm listening to her album. whens the next visit to Scotland? Thanks for making the weekend truly memorable

Maxibon and Malc
We thought she was Yeasayer!

bill regan
all you t in the parkers do not miss this young lady she is fantastic

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Performance on

Sunday July 13

Futures Stage

Beth Rowley ON

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