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29 October 2014

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    Bad boys come good
    Nigel Pivaro and John Altman
    Nigel Pivaro and John Altman show who's boss at the Milton Keynes Theatre

    Anybody who has spent a weekend night trawling the pubs and clubs of anywhere in Britain, or for that matter Faliraki, will recognise the characters that the cast of four play in Bouncers. Katy Lewis joined the audience at the Milton Keynes Theatre this week.


    Theatre Page

    Interview with John Altman

    More about Bouncers

    Eastenders Official site

    Milton Keynes Theatre

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    Milton Keynes Theatre:
    8-13 September 2003

    Mon 8 Sep: 7:30pm
    Tue 9 Sep: 7:30pm
    Wed 10 Sep: 7:30pm
    Thu 11 Sep: 7:30pm
    Fri 12 Sep: 6:00pm, 8:45pm
    Sat 13 Sep: 6:00pm, 8:45pm

    Tickets: £10.00-£20.00

    Box Office:
    01908 606090

    get in contact
    John Godber's comedy tells the mostly very funny but sometimes sad story of the weekend night binge and 'cattle market' scene.
    Nigel Pivaro and John Altman
    Yes - they can smile!

    The cast's portrayals of all the 40 or so characters such as Baz and Gaz, Plain Elaine and Sexy Susie are hilariously familiar, but there are also a few subtle intrusions of social comment from the 'bouncers' unique perspective.

    Not in-your-face preaching, but just enough to make you think about what you have just seen.

    Most of this 'comment' comes in the short monologues of Lucky Eric, played by John Altman. But while he takes on the serious bits, his versatility as an actor as he swiftly moves from cocky Baz to 'fat bird' Maureen and back again will be a revelation to anyone who only remembers him as 'Nasty' Nick Cotton in Eastender. I found him very funny!

    But this is a piece where you can't pick out one actor for special praise. Altman is joined on stage by fellow soap bad boy Nigel Pivaro (Terry Duckworth in Corrie) as Judd, Christopher Connel as Les and Andrew Dennis as Ralph. And all four cast work together superbly with boundless energy and enthusiasm.

    Together they play hilarious cariacatures of lads on the pull and the slightly tipsy girls, plus a whole host of other people that you are likely to encounter on your night out, from the hairdressers and barbers to the cheesy radio DJ and sleezy club one. And of course, they also portray the bouncers, who are ever present and see and comment on it all.

    A fast moving play, it both requires and gets slick and amusing choreography.

    On an almost bare stage, they are able to recreate all the different areas with just words, actions and facial expressions. They do it so well that even in the theatre's large auditorium, the whole audience feels involved and you can almost smell the urine in the men's toilets and feel the crushing discomfort of the bar.

    I admit that this doesn't sound particularly pleasant, but what you will feel most is recognition - and laugh, cringe and maybe even shed a tear at the futility of the Saturday night ritual!

    Read our interview with John Altman >>

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