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24 September 2014

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    Over our Heads
    Bucks and Herts in top ten
    Over our heads
    What can you afford?

    It won't come as much of surprise to learn that both Buckinghamshire and Hertfordshire are in the top ten highest house price areas in the UK! Take a look at the figures below to see the situation across the three counties.


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    The Financial Ombudsman's Role:

    Set up by law to help consumers settle complaints against financial firms.

    Complaints covered by the ombudsman range from travel insurance and pension plans to mortgages and savings.

    The service is free to consumers.

    You must complain to the firm first, before the ombudsman can look at your case.

    It cannot give personal advice about financial matters or debt problems.

    Telephone: 0845 080 1800

    get in contact


    Source for the figures below: Land Registry
    The figures below are provided by the Land Registry and show the average price of properties in the UK as at quarter 1 2004.

    Top ten highest price areas:

    Place Average price (£)
    1 Windsor & Maidenhead £309,172
    2 Surrey £279,516
    3 Buckinghamshire £264,712
    4 Greater London £262,685
    5 Wokingham £241,338
    6 Hertfordshire £234,518
    7 Oxfordshire £233,359
    8 West Berkshire £230,049
    9 Poole £227,996
    10 Bath & North East Somerset £221,974

    Type Beds
    Av (£)
    Av (£)
    Av (£)
    Nat Av
    General Av Cost 170,112 234,518 264,712 160,142
    Detached 264,833 430,582 435,132 255,191
    Semi-detached 160,486 238,981 207,245 150,450
    Terraced 133,572 189,422 176,708 127,760
    Flat 96,284 143,242 143,471 160,152

    Just for fun! Guess the price! >>

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    More details for Bedfordshire >>

    More details for Hertfordshire >>

    More details for Buckinghamshire >>

    The BBC makes no warranty or representation as to the accuracy, completeness or reliability of the above information and accepts no liability (including for negligence) in respect of any of the above information.

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