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29 October 2014

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    Big Brother's Back !
    Big Brother Logo.
    Big Brother is watching!
    Channel 4's Big Brother is back on our TV screens and we're giving you the chance to have a sneak peek inside the Big Brother house..

    Not Very Big Brother

    Week Nine video

    Nosh Evicted

    Week Eight video

    Little John is back!

    Week Seven Video

    Chick-pea is Chicken of the Week

    Gosh evicted

    Week Six Video

    Hooray's Orgone

    Tinya evictedVideo

    Week Five Video

    Safari, so goody

    Fedarolo and Little John evicted Video

    Week Four Video

    The Superhero Task

    Week Three Video

    Justiny evicted Video

    Week Two Video

    Anewskirt evicted Video

    Week One Video

    Anewskirt evicted Video

    Week One Video

    Auditions Video

    Day One

    Day Zero


    Behind the scenes tour Video

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    Take control

    Small is beautiful

    NVBB messageboard

    Big Brother

    See the BB4 house

    BB facts

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    Win A BB health kick

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    Big Brother 3

    Jon Tickle feature
    Tickle puts housemates in a pickle


    C4 Big Brother


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    Oh Spencer

    The BBC is not responsible for the content of external websites.

    The Big Brother Three series broke many records, with Channel 4 celebrating the best viewing figures in its 19-year history for the final show.

    A massive 8.5 million votes were cast in the final - beating 7.7 million in 2000 and 7 million in 2001.

    A total of 22.7 million votes have been recorded during the series, beating 17.5 million in the first series and 16 million the previous year.

    More than 10 million text messages were sent during the series, more than for any other event in Europe.

    get in contact

    Channel 4's Hertfordshire based annual summer event, Big Brother, is back for a fourth series with a new-look house and 12 new people to become engrossed with!

    Big Brother Garden.

    The show has returned to its original reality format of 12 people living together in a community, cut off from the outside world for nine weeks and getting voted out as the weeks progress.

    Big Brother Lounge.

    The new 'cocoon-like' open-plan house has been designed to be simple and uncluttered and features an additional outdoor sheltered area.

    Big Brother Bedroom.

    The 12 housemates are now in the house and producers of the show said they have looked for people who will get on well and do not play up to the cameras, as in previous years.

    Big Brother Kitchen.

    2003 sees the return of the weekly task, where housemates have to work together as a team on a task that will determine their weekly food budget. The stakes will be high, since the group will be required to place a minimum 50% bet on the outcome.

    Big Brother Pool.

    The housemates will still take part in a live challenge each Saturday night and expect Big Brother to have plenty of surprises to stun or delight the housemates!

    Designed to reflect a "back to basics" approach for the show's fourth annual run, the purpose-built house and garden are about a third smaller than last year. Gone are the metal bars that divided 2002's contestants into "rich and poor".

    Welcome back Big Brother! Start chatting about the show NOW on our messageboard

    your comments

    nicky, glasgow Thursday, 07-Aug-2003 16:28:38 BST
    i absolutely love nush. i would love 2 meet her and plus she is so cute with her flower necklace peace out

    Ricky Oates, St Neots Thursday, 31-Jul-2003 10:32:39 BST
    I can't wait because I am hoping a friend of mine who has applied will be in the next one.

    Emma Welland, March Sunday, 06-Jul-2003 00:04:21 BST
    Brill cant wait till bb5. Ray is sooooooooooooooo fit and i wish i was mrs raymondo. I hope Nush wins. Love Emma

    andrew, bolton Friday, 04-Jul-2003 16:13:47 BST
    the boredom is crucifying,last years was the best so far miss alex

    DJP, Wouldnt you like to know Wednesday, 04-Jun-2003 18:43:36 BST
    This Big Brother is boring the one featuring kate was the best and you lot know it!!!!!

    katy , southampton Wednesday, 04-Jun-2003 10:59:27 BST
    if i fail my a-levels, im gonna blame u big brother!!! billiant-cant stop watching!

    louisa , northamptonshire Monday, 26-May-2003 22:00:51 BST
    im so glad its back nice to see some nice men for once he he

    EFFFY, st albans Wednesday, 21-May-2003 06:47:16 GMT
    wahoooo ive been waiting for this,something decent on the tv for a change lol.

    Aine, Hertfordshire Tuesday, 20-May-2003 18:43:43 GMT
    Can't wait, its the quickest way to get my husband out of the room!!

    Rebecca, Phoenix, Arizona Tuesday, 13-May-2003 18:50:51 GMT
    Will miss BB this year as now live in the States. Thank goodness for the internet. Cannot wait until it starts again. Miss so much about England especially decent TV without ad breaks every 10 mins!

    leanne, hertfordshire Saturday, 03-May-2003 10:25:37 GMT
    i can't wait to it comes back

    Max, London Friday, 02-May-2003 12:37:29 GMT
    Great, another few months of me not being able to get any work done because the women I work with are more concerned with the goings on in the BB House than with doing their jobs, can't wait.

    Chris, Chelmsford, UK Friday, 02-May-2003 12:36:30 GMT
    Im glad they got rid of the bars, they just got on everyones nerves by the end of the last one! The house looks like a holiday home this time round.... how do I book a place there?

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