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24 September 2014

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    Return of the Hairy Cornflake
    Dave Lee Travis in his studio.
    Dave Lee Travis in his studio
    People in Beds, Herts and Bucks will be able to tune in to listen to the Hairy Cornflake as he returns to the BBC.
    BBC Three Counties Radio
    Radio Rewind
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    Dave Lee Travis will host a brand new Sunday morning show for BBC Three Counties Radio, which broadcasts across Bedfordshire, Hertfordshire and Buckinghamshire, from 9 March.

    The programme will mark the DJ’s first BBC show for a British audience since leaving Radio 1 ten years ago.

    Known as DLT, the broadcaster who lives in Buckinghamshire, says: “BBC Three Counties Radio is my local station so I was really pleased to be asked to contribute to a station which has kept me informed of local issues for so long.

    Dvae Lee Travis in 1976.
    Dave Lee Travis in 1976

    “I suppose you might call my new Sunday show ‘reality radio’ - the reality is that I want stimulating conversation with the listeners, I want to hear them laughing when they get involved in my competitions and I want them to relish music so diverse that they will be left wanting more.

    "What I want and what I get may well be two different things, you'll just have to tune in from 9am til 12noon on 9 March to find out!"

    BBC Three Counties Editor Mark Norman adds: “This is a really exciting move for BBC Three Counties Radio. To have persuaded DLT to come back to the BBC is great news for our listeners and for the team here.

    "His show will be a mix of great music, great fun and great competitions. Who knows, there might even be a bit of snooker on the radio if we're lucky.

    “From a personal point of view, I can't wait to be working alongside one of my radio heroes. We know he's going to be a huge hit with our audience who still have great affection for radio's own ‘Hairy Cornflake’.”

    BBC Three Counties Radio is broadcast on 95.5FM (Beds), 104.5FM (Bucks) and 103.8 FM (Herts).

    your comments

    Vivek Narain, Bombay, India Tuesday, 07-Sep-2004 13:21:12 BST
    I was 17 when I started listening to DLT’s ‘A Jolly Good Show’ on BBC World Radio and now, 17 years later, I enormously miss his enchanting voice which still rings in my ears. I wrote several letters for years in the hope that he might read them someday on his show and that I might receive the famous 'unshrinkable-as-long-as-you-dont-wash-them' BBC World T shirts. Well, I got ONE such T-Shirt which I wore for 10years, until I lost it.

    Celso Moreira, Rio de Janeiro Wednesday, 21-Apr-2004 16:06:51 BST
    Dave Lee Travis was the one I would listen to everyweek during many years in my youth. Imiss his show on the World Service to this day. I hope one day he can go back to a station with online listening. Dave: You're Great!! ..Those were the days!...

    Dieter Schafer, Bournemouth Thursday, 26-Jun-2003 21:43:08 BST
    how anyone can complain about the moving of a gardening show in favour of DLT is beyond belief.In fact i am quite envious of your listeners.He is one of our best presenters and far more entertaining than most of todays so called "entertainers".When Dave goes off on one ,on a particular subject he makes more sense than any polotician He has a superb voice and sense of humour.This is the first time in 30 years i have not been able to hear him and i aint happy!Hopefully this will change one day and we DLT fans will once again be able to hear a true radio legend in action.Rock on DLT !! And good luck with the new shows.

    Colin A Bowles, Luton Tuesday, 18-Mar-2003 10:16:06 GMT
    DLT on 3CR and Diddy David the stadium announcer at Fulham. Life just doesn't get better than this !! You can't keep good men down.

    Paul Mason, Newark nottingham Tuesday, 18-Mar-2003 22:46:31 GMT
    you lucky people havin such a great bloke on air,i'm jelous look after him!

    Barry Mitchell, Welwyn Garden City Monday, 10-Mar-2003 21:40:12 GMT
    Liked the Sunday morning gardening slot but it was going a bit stale so its refreshing to have a change and a big welcome to DLT.

    Adrian Juste Sunday, 09-Mar-2003 14:48:00 GMT
    You see: DLT DOESN'T have two heads as you'd been led to believe! He's just a darned good broadcaster. Well done for being the first BBC station with the balls to bring him back. And the music? The Brecker Brothers followed by Ella Fitzgerald? Why not? It's the sort of programming we Brits were weaned on before the computerised twerps took over. Er, just a small quibble: You call yourself Beds, Herts & Bucks, but in my Gerrards Cross bit of Bucks your signal is weaker than Virgin Rail tea. I have two lovely Roberts radios and even the South London pirates are louder than you! However, I'll struggle through the 'sash' again next Sunday. Well done to all concerned.

    Nigel, Stevenage Sunday, 09-Mar-2003 14:48:00 GMT
    Very disappointed. I listen to 3CR because it is a talk based station. I found DLT's style dull and the large volume of music totally opposed to the normal 3CR programming. I hope I can be assured that the entire station is not going to move over to this style of cheap programming. If I want to listen to "easy listening" I can tune to BBC Cambridgeshire.

    Tim Cooper, Earls Barton Sunday, 09-Mar-2003 12:28:26 GMT
    Great to have DLT back. He can do and play what he likes. One of the legends of radio history and we've got 'im!

    Stephen Mann, Bedford Sunday, 09-Mar-2003 11:53:43 GMT
    I just want to say HURRAH! I was very dissapointed when DLT left the national station. To find him on my local station and on a day and time when I can hear his programme is just too fab!

    david fitzpatrick, luton Sunday, 09-Mar-2003 11:19:59 GMT
    sunday has just got better and the only way is up from now on well done 3CR and DLT

    Gillian Thornton, Harpenden Sunday, 09-Mar-2003 10:49:16 GMT
    Hi Dave! Delighted to hear you were joining 3CR. I listen to the station in the car when I'm about and about during the week but have rarely listened on Sundays. You could just change my life! Great to hear photography's going well - look forward to hearing more about it. Love to you and Marianne. Gillian.

    Belle, Cranfield Sunday, 09-Mar-2003 10:30:37 GMT
    What! DLT on 3 Counties, OK but if I wanted to listen to this type of music I would tune into a music station, I thought 3 Counties was a talk show! I really missed my gardening programme this morning at breakfast, move DLT to a later slot - PLEASE..

    John, Fenny Stratford Sunday, 09-Mar-2003 10:17:16 GMT
    It’s great to hear DLT back on the radio. I had no interest in the gardening show. Indeed if you could get some more presenters of DLT’s calibre to replace all that damn football (what’s the point putting football on the radio) I would be one happy listener.

    Nick, Dunstable Saturday, 08-Mar-2003 17:31:09 GMT
    Great news that DLT is back on the BBC, even if 9am is a bit like the middle of the night on a Sunday I will still listen in.

    Ted Fisher, Milton Keynes Saturday, 08-Mar-2003 12:33:05 GMT
    First the rejects from Radio 1 took over Radio 2 and now they are coming to 3CR. I never listened to DLT before and have no intention listening to him now.The Gardening was great but I will not be switching on in the small hours to listen. DLT(and the people who listen to him)should go back to Radio1 and give us back the progammes we want. I suppose that Ern & Vern are so popular you will want to put that on at 1AM and replace them Rap. Never mind I'am going back to Classic FM

    james ferris, luton Saturday, 08-Mar-2003 10:05:14 GMT
    Brilliant news. Looking forward to Sunday

    Keith, Oxford Friday, 07-Mar-2003 23:31:10 GMT
    Great, DLT on a sunday back again. I never forgot the pub quizes on radio 1 when i was younger and hope that they may be back again. DLT is a great presenter and the BBC should ensure they dont loose him again. How about an online stream 3CR ?

    Keith, Newport Pagnell Thursday, 06-Mar-2003 00:30:52 GMT
    DLT is a good radio presenter. However, I listen to 3cr because it is a speech station, as 90% of the music played on the radio is rubbish. Now, if 3cr are looking for ex-radio 1 DJ's to play music, why not try for Tommy Vance, he could do a Friday Rock Show. Don't let Dave play too much music or I'll have to retune to Radio 4!

    Brian Giles, Plymouth. Wednesday, 05-Mar-2003 21:55:31 GMT
    Great, great, great. DLT what a gentleman. Having had the pleasure to meet & talk to him on acouple of occasions I cannot praise him enough. If only he was also on a national wavelength or via the internet or DAB or by link up with stations in my area. Bring back your competitions Dave. I loved them when you were on Radio 1 & Classic Gold. Welcome back you are sadly missed. Lee & his dad Brian

    Dermot, Theil rabier (France) Tuesday, 04-Mar-2003 20:13:18 GMT
    At last! DLT is back with the Beeb, but after the shocking way they treated him in the first place, he must be a forgiving type. Living here in France now after living in Leighton Buzzard, I missed his morning prog on 3cr. Just appreciate his talents you lot there, better than we get here! D

    James, Milton Keynes Tuesday, 04-Mar-2003 19:51:59 GMT
    What great news. I love Ern and Vern but never normally turn on before they start their show. Now I can listen right from 9am. Great move 3CR!

    ros, wellingborough Tuesday, 04-Mar-2003 13:19:33 GMT
    well done 3 counties yours is definately the best local radio to listen to, but not so good messing about with Sunday listening, I enjoy the Gardening program, and also like a bit of a lie in on a Sunday, so if I want to take part in the program I must get up at 6am. Not a good idea on your part, why don't you knock Ern and Vern out at 6am and put the good program on then?

    Val Ackerman, Newport Pagnell Monday, 03-Mar-2003 21:35:30 GMT
    Fantastic! always loved DLT's shows. only found out by accident when i logged on to comment about steve maddens great show.

    adrian hart, tilsworth Monday, 03-Mar-2003 12:35:01 GMT
    Great!! DLT on Sundays (3cr)and Ronnie B for the rest of the week (Radio Cambridge).. now all you have to do is sort Saturday morning out and I'll be very happy ;-)

    Brian Randall, Bedford Sunday, 02-Mar-2003 07:27:19 GMT
    I look forward to DLT and the fact that melting pot is moving as i cant stand thinly disguised religion on all BBC stations (except Radio 1) on a sunday morning. I will miss Ian Pearce, I love Ern and Vern and I agree with the others who want Ronnie back.

    Julian, Henlow Sunday, 02-Mar-2003 12:37:30 GMT
    My wife is not happy that the gardening program has moved 2 its noon slot. It suits me because i hated it.I can now listen 2 the great DLT till noon,then go down the pub & leave her 2 her gardening program.Sundays 4 me now are great.

    TERESA O'HARA, HEMEL HEMPSTEAD Wednesday, 26-Feb-2003 13:48:00 GMT
    I am very disappointed to hear you are replacing the sunday supplement show from 9-noon with a new DLT version.Although this must be a coop for you and he is ok but not for this slot. I am 50 and work all week so can only tune in to 3cr at weekends. I can't stand all the drivvle most DJ's come out with and there's enough music programmes generally. I liked the gardening slot and the content of this time. However I prefered John Pilgram presentation of it. Sundays were not the same without him but my husband continued to listen. However you have made a great mistake and we will no longer tune in hopefully you will see the error of your ways and normal tranmissions will be resumed pronto!

    John D Trimnell, Luton Wednesday, 26-Feb-2003 11:20:06 GMT
    DLT on 3CR Great.Hope he can get the program running smoothly ASAP

    Elaine, Bedford Tuesday, 25-Feb-2003 21:28:33 GMT
    Brilliant news, DLT was a part of my growing up, I used to listen to him and his competitions before catching the school bus, and then saw him live at a young farmers do when he came on stage dressed as Darth Vader!!!The very best of luck to him and to three counties also

    Shaun@Loo-Hire, welwyn garden city Sunday 23 February, 2003
    Having met Dave at many of the vehicle rallies my mate Vic organises, i cant wait he's a diamond geezer who drives the best example of a classic rover in the 3 counties!

    steve, Bourne End Sunday 23 February, 2003
    I'm not bothered about DLT I doubt I'll be listening. But what about Melting Pot shunted off into an irrelevant backwater of Sunday afternoon to make room.

    Heather, Letchworth Sunday 23 February, 2003
    It is great to see that DLT will be on station.Since Ronnie went 3CR has lacked lighthearted comedy so Dave will be the lift it needs. I normally listen to Chiltern on a Sunday as I think its a very boring day on 3CR.Its not the presenters its the content thats the problem.So welcome DLT,it will be good to hear your voice again and to have a giggle on a Sunday morning. Now how about getting Ronnie back for Saturday? You will corner the market for weekend listening then.

    TERRYWEBB, bedford Saturday 22 February, 2003
    it is the worst thing u could do people r not around early on sunday morning 2 answer gardening questions u only seem 2 have all the good messages on thesite put the bad ones on as well mark norman i will tell u again it will gob pear shaped just like when u had timmey mallet on and he was rubbish as well and i will go out of my way 2 get as many people as possible 2 boycot that show he is crap rubbish

    Alan Davies, Merthyr Tydfil Saturday 22
    February, 2003
    Although I am out of the reception area, it's nice to know that DLT will be back with the BBC again where he belongs.

    Richard Owen, Leighton Buzard Saturday 22
    February, 2003
    Welcome back DLT Good news for Beds Herts @ Bucks. Should the programme be popular maybe the beeb will consider linking the programme via the Eastern Counties network...All the Best.

    Robin Emery, Basildon, Essex Friday 21
    February, 2003
    This is excellent news for the BBC. Not a national show, but broadcasting to Three Counties is almost as large as national coverage. It would be great to hear him on my radio again if only I could receive Three Counties Radio. Your voice is missed deeply from my radio in Essex. All the best with the show!

    Stuart Aldridge, Peterborough Thursday 20
    February, 2003
    Welcome back to radio, pity you could not do a joint transmission with Radio Cambridge at the same time.

    MIKE MELBOURNE, Bedford Thursady 20
    February, 2003
    Most of the people who listen to 3CR do so because they fed up with the dross on national stations,I hope that DLT takes that into account when planning his programme.That being the case as a 50 year old I look forward to sundays,but please don't change the shedule too much.

    Brenda, Cambridge Thursday 20 February, 2003
    As a lady of a 'certain age' who was brought up on Radio 1's Sunday Morning shows, when DLT left, I did. He was as rececessary to my breakfast as my tea. I'm looking forward to introducing the children to him! Welcome back DLT!

    Ann Switchfoot, Bedford Thursday 20 February, 2003
    Wow, what a turn up for the books, DLT, a star on three counties radio, I couldn't imagine Threecounties radio getting any better, but they have. Can't wait for Sundays. Its good that melting pot has moved, change is good, and the gardening show will be a much better start to Sunday. Well done 3CR.

    mark weech, bristol Thursday 20 February, 2003
    I am so jealous of this station, DLT's shows cannot be beaten,darts & snooker quiz's what next, another GOTCHA by Ant & Dec. Please three counties, let radio bristol in on his transmissions, or even the whole of the local stations network. could that ever be possible??

    Kevin Blake, Luton Wednesday 19 February, 2003
    Welcome home DLT & yes please more snooker

    Joan, Watford Wednesday 19 February, 2003
    Just because DLT is starting, why does Melting Pot have to move? Will Nigel still be presenting in the afternoon? He has had some wonderfully interesting stories lately - the scouts and the Lake Victoria Childrens Home in particular - I would hate to lose these.

    Fiona, Luton Wednesday 19
    February, 2003
    Very pleased that DLT is going to be on 3CR - well done to everyone involved in getting him - but when are the new schedules going to be announced, we just seem to be finding out in bits about what is happening on a Sunday .... are there going to be changes on any other days? Thanks.

    Sage, Cranfield Wednesady 19
    February, 2003
    Welcome back DLT .... it has been a long wait, but well worth it, to hear your honeyed voice, your witty comments and generally fun personality. Sundays are going to be so much better for having you to listen to.

    ros , wellingborough Wednesady 19
    February, 2003
    great that DLT is coming back on a Sunday, but what about our gardening program? I thoroughly enjoy this program as do very many more I am sure, by the number of people that phone in. So please do not do away with this as you will lose listeners for sure. regards Ros
    Oliver replies: Bob Walmsley will continue to present the gardening programme, but it will move to an earlier slot in the day.

    Jayne, Hitchin Wednesday 19
    February, 2003
    I am really looking forward to D.L.T he was a favourite on mine on Radio 1. Will he play music? Sunday morning is a great time to have him on as well. I will miss Melting Pot, though as it being a relgious programme it is more suited to the morning, we will just have to see how it will work being on in the afternoon. Bring back Adriano as well, I listened to him on Radio Cambridge a few weeks ago and he was brill.It would be nice that when you introduce a new presenter that to save all us regulars from worrying about programme changes you announce the new run down at the same time!

    Joan, Watford Wednesady 19
    February, 2003
    I am extremely disappointed that you are moving Melting Pot. I enjoy listening to it every week as I wake up, but the afternoon will not be a convenient time. I suppose I'll have to go back to Radio 2 as I used to 2 or 3 years ago. I can't say I want to wake up to gardening questions - very boring!

    LYNNE, HATFIELD Wednesady 19
    February, 2003
    This is a great coup for 3CR we all used to love the hairy cornflake lets hope he does fit in really well NOW if we could get the greatest presenter (RONNIE BARBOUR)back on 3cr it would be the great station it once was about 3 years ago.DO NOT listen as much as I used to so this is your chance to shine for sony once again.ROBERTO PERRONE is a good man and well worth listening too,he always lets people speak without interrupting,not like some people at 3CR,thank you for letting me have a chance to say this.

    Joan, Watford Wednesday 19
    February, 2003
    I see from your reply to Alan that gardening will be earlier. When will this be? Melting Pot is "earlier" from 6am to 9am. I hope you are not changing this - it is a wonderful way to start the day.
    Oliver replies: Melting Pot is moving to a new time - it will be now broadcast on a Sunday afternoon.

    John Walton, Walsall, West Midlands Tuesday 18
    February, 2003
    Great News for all the BBC Three Counties Liseners, i wish DLT all the best,

    alan davies, Bedford Tuesday 18
    February, 2003
    i hope the gardening programm will be still on if not i shell not lissen to three counties no more
    Oliver replies: Bob Walmsley will continue to present the gardening programme, but it will move to an earlier slot in the day.

    mark, letchworth Tuesday 18 February, 2003
    fantastic,a sunday lie in will never be the same again, DLT on our local radio I cant believe it.
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