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24 September 2014

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    Speed cameras in Beds, Herts and Bucks
    Officer using laser detection equipment.
    Police officer using laser detection equipment
    They're the talk of every office and the subject of great controversy. Speed cameras - sometimes called safety cameras - are the latest weapon being deployed in a bid to reduce road casualties.
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    Beds speed cameras


    Thames Valley Safer Roads

    Bedfordshire & Luton Casualty Reduction Partnership

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    If you are caught by a speed cameras you will receive a £60 fixed penalty ticket and three points on your licence or a court summons.

    If drivers reduced their speed by just 1mph there is up to 7% less risk of being involved in a serious crash.

    If you are driving at 40mph and hit a child, you are likely to kill that child.

    If you are driving at 30mph and hit a child, that child has a 50/50 chance of survival.

    If you are driving at 20mph and hit a child, that child is likely to survive and may be uninjured.

    get in contact

    We've got together some vital information on the location of the cameras - for you to look at and then comment on.

    See where the safety cameras will be in
    Hertfordshire this week>>

    See where the safety cameras will be in Bedfordshire this week >>

    See where the fixed cameras are located in Buckinghamshire >>

    New Safety Cameras for Bedfordshire

    quote Safety cameras are used throughout the county for one reason and one reason alone - in an effort to reduce casualties.quote
    Hazel Robertson
    BLCRP Project Manager

    Fourteen new safety cameras have been installed by the Bedfordshire and Luton Casualty Reduction Partnership. The cameras have been installed as one of a number of measures to achieve the 40% reduction in fatal and serious injuries on the county's roads by 2010.

    Speed Limit Sign.
    Speed limit signs show the official speed limit for the road.

    The new yellow coloured A6 fixed cameras are now being used as part of the partnerships Route Safety Scheme. In the three years from 1999 to 2001 there were 384 crashes on the A6 road in Bedfordshire. In these crashes 104 people were killed or seriously injured and a further 502 people received slight injuries.

    There are two main accident types on this stretch of road. Drivers travelling at excessive speed who loose control, and leave the road or cross into oncoming vehicles. Secondly, when vehicles are turning into or out of a side road, a speeding vehicle travelling on the main road hits them.

    In an attempt to raise public awareness, new signs will be placed along this route to warn motorists that they are in a casualty area and to drive safely.

    The new fixed camera locations are:

    Camera Location
    Max Speed Limit
    A6 Ampthill Road
    30 mph
    A6 Wilstead
    60 mph
    A6 Haynes
    60 mph
    A6 Streatley
    60 mph
    B489 Tring Road
    60 mph
    B530 Between Bedford and Ampthill
    60 mph
    A505 Church St, Dunstable
    30 mph

    The legal limit for Heavy Goods Vehicles is 40 mph and a Transit Type Van is 50 mph on a single carriageway.

    The Bedfordshire and Luton Casualty Reduction Partnership have marked their first year together with the launch of their website

    The web site contains educational facts about speeding, lists of where the mobile speed cameras will be targeting known casualty areas each week for enforcement, and a message board facility for people to have their say about safety cameras.

    your comments

    jason, bedford Thursday, 28-Apr-2005 12:20:15 BST
    if the government were so concerned about speeding convictions and really wanted to get figures down then they would enforce that cars bought in to the country were made so they could not brake the specified speed limit!!!, but if they did this then all that revenue would be lost, lets be honest what is the point of having a car that does 190mph, or even a mini metro that would do 100 mph,(just). the point is - people's freedom. i think the time will come when cars are produced when they are governed, but maybe not a bad idea for outside schools and villages. maybe the driving test should be harder so as to reduce the amount of foolish drivers, driving without anycare for other drivers. but for the dedicated driver who enjoys driving, and doesnt drive just for the sake of getting to work or getting the weekly shopping,this will be a shame, another way of looking at it is which car would stop first a enzo ferrari doing 120mph or a morris minor doing 60mph, i know which one my money is on?

    nick connor, abbots langley Wednesday, 02-Mar-2005 22:41:28 GMT
    i have been told that if you get flashed by a traffic camera (speed or signal )that if the police dont send you a "notice of intened procsocution " within 14 days of the offence commited you will not be "done" is this correct (this is according to the rta(road traffic act 1988) ?? thanks nick

    david f, dunstable Tuesday, 15-Feb-2005 14:07:20 GMT
    the real issue is that resources are being diverted away from effective traffic policing, and enforcement is reliant on camera use. cameras have now discretion, and the tolerance is so tight that many people who are marginally over the limit are being caught, BUT deliberate law breakers with no insurance , no license, no MOT are getting away (as long as they dont speed past a camera). Beds police traffic division has reduced by over 60% in the past few years. Its a disgrace!

    Phil, Buckingham Thursday, 20-Jan-2005 21:11:15 GMT
    Proves my point! Some of the comments following my original post confirm that Camrea fans are either non drivers or believe that they never exceed the speed limit! Watch those noses grow! The sad part is they probably think they don't ever break the law!

    Andy P, Ex.Milton Keynes Friday, 10-Dec-2004 18:38:21 GMT
    I really do think that the best places for speed detection cams would be in 20 MPH zones as these are the areas that have been deemed as a danger to peds. get ride of the speed bumps and replace with cams. that way you would stop cars zooming around the estates and hopefully get some idiots off the roads ...your views please !!

    Bob Stimpson, Barnet Herts Wednesday, 01-Dec-2004 18:03:55 GMT
    Barnet is very much in Herts. Why have you no coverage for it? Where are our cameras?

    Mark , Bedford Friday, 03-Dec-2004 15:54:41 GMT
    Mr Clemison .. your statement of 'never been caught' would suggest you HAVE driven over the speed limit. Oh how sick & angry you will feel WHEN you ARE caught!! Having been zapped by one fixed & one mobile (hidden more appropriate!), but also NEVER knocked down any children, I hope you'll be man enough to admit how angry your feeling when you are caught! No one likes a Clever cloggs or a smartar...!

    Phil, Buckingham Wednesday, 17-Nov-2004 19:36:15 GMT
    Safety Cameras! Don't make me laugh! I have to drive for a living, over 500,000 miles in the last 16 years. I have had 3 Fixed penalties for speeding (All Mobile Camera Vans) but not a single accident or scratch! If I receive one more I will give up work and live off the state. In my opinion it is not those who occasionally exceed the speed limit that cause accidents, it is those who think they drive to the letter of the law! I bet they have all filled in an insurance claim form! Well I have not!

    roger, bedford Wednesday, 17-Nov-2004 12:49:28 GMT
    How does a fixed 60mph limit camera pick up Vans exceeding 50mph and HGVs exceeding 40 mph. I might be lead to believe that this implies only car drivers are speeding?

    Rob, wellingborough Sunday, 23-May-2004 15:31:14 BST
    As a PSV driver l can't see the problem with speed cameras, drivers should remember that when learning to drive you are told to keep your eye on the speedometer and any built up area is 30 mph and stay that speed until road trafic signs tell you different . No one person has a good word to say about these cameras so they must be donig a good job, However l do think that the automaric 3 points should be only be used when drivers are caught doing well over the speed limit.

    jason, biggleswade Thursday, 19-Feb-2004 22:58:15 GMT
    I see that speed cameras are doing a good job of keeping drink/drug drivers off the roads, also the myopic drivers who pull out on you, not to mention all the other drivers who fail to correctly read road markings, anyway, casualties are still on the increase, which just goes to show how the system isn't working and is purely a non-discriminate revenue machine.

    Ken, St. Albans Thursday, 29-Jan-2004 11:09:03 GMT
    I do a lot of driving in the 3 counties, and I find that I am checking my speedo more than I used to, and obviously it distracts from my concentration on the road. When are St. Albans going to do awau with all the bumps? There is so much traffic that how can you break the speed limit?

    Chris Randall, Chipperfield Thursday, 29-Jan-2004 14:15:00 GMT
    Anything which takes the drivers concentration away from the road, ie looking at the speedometer is not good for road safety. A recent survey on BBC's Top Gear showed absolutely no correllation between accident blackspots and the placement of "safety" camera's. Accident blackspots, villages, and schools should have camera's.

    Jan, Bedford Tuesday, 23-Dec-2003 21:15:02 GMT
    What's the problem here? Quite simply, "complainers" want to exceed the speed limits "at will" without fear of prosecution. If you drive within limits, cameras mean nothing at all! I just dream of "camera enhancements" that will catch all the road idiots (dum overtaking, not signaling, bad lane discipline etc). I'm sure that most people here (including me) would welcome cameras which caught all law breakers. I WISH ! !

    LEN CRAWLEY, LETCHWORTH Monday, 15-Dec-2003 14:17:19 GMT
    Keep the safety cameras and speed checks coming, they need a few more in Letchworth, especially Icknield Way

    Muhammad Haroon, Manchester Sunday, 07-Dec-2003 19:58:01 GMT
    I dont what is all the fuss about speed cameras, I think its about time we all stop whinging about it. Speed camera are there for the safety of road users and not to make money; if you do not want to be fined then solution is simple that Dont speed and put lives at risk.

    Jim, St Albans Thursday, 18-Sep-2003 19:11:57 BST
    I can't understand what all the fuss is about. Those of you who complain the the cameras are revenue collectors are also clearly willing to run the risk of being caught and it is to those people that the cameras are intended for. The rest of us just sit back and laugh at your whinging.

    Maggie, Bedford Wednesday, 30-Jul-2003 01:46:29 BST
    I would be interested to know just how many people have had an accident, or at least a near miss, because of concentrating so much on keeping below the speed limit in the areas where these "safety cameras" are in operation, rather than driving safely with the concentration being on the road ahead and not watching the speedometer.

    brian penn, ware Wednesday, 30-Jul-2003 01:05:36 BST
    just to let you know, there are now two cameras along ware road, hertford. One camera in london road, ware. Two cameras now in place in hitchin road, stevenage. The camara along the A10 in royston has not been in place for the last two months.

    richard, sandy Thursday, 10-Jul-2003 20:10:40 BST
    speed has nothing to do with it at all if i drive at double the speed limit how does this suddenly cause an accident...quite simply it does not its the stupid drivers who just swap lanes never look around and feel they have a right to drive at 40mph in the outside land of motorways that cause accidents also cars that stick to the outside lanes when the inside lanes are clear.. also like the person who wrote my car off cannot seem to follow simple lane markings around a roundabout(A1 junction 8 at stevenage) who swerve from the center stright to the off road they want ignoring 3 lanes of traffic and into the side of my car.. sorry a bit off topic but i'm still without a car because of this idiot.....

    Dave, St Albans Friday, 27-Jun-2003 10:30:12 BST
    I think there should be more speed camera's. If you are travelling within the speed limit you don't even need to keep an eye out for them. It is only bad drivers who need to worry about them. The more people who are caught speeding, the less idiots we'll have on our roads.

    Michelle, Stevenage Thursday, 26-Jun-2003 15:54:27 BST
    There are also a few popping up in Stevenage!!!

    James Harris, Harpenden Monday, 23-Jun-2003 22:30:13 BST
    If speed cameras, or safety cameras as they are so called designed to cut road accidents, why is it that you go through the mobile cameras above the speed limit, the policeman just sits there and does nothing? you just get a summons a few days later and thats it. Because it's just a money making scheme against the motorist. The home office has ordered police to ignore "soft theft" i.e someone steeling from your garden, car stereo theft etc. but they will prosecute for going a bit quicker than you should. why? because it boosts their figures for convictions and makes them money

    Richard Collins, Chesham Tuesday, 17-Jun-2003 13:50:33 BST
    despite all the safety PR about accident reduction the cameras are still hidden behind trees or signs in supposed accident blackspots. If anyone ever disagrees with the road safety people then the same old safety excuse is trundled out and you are not meant to argue with that. I'm all for total visible enforcement outside schools and through villages but unless these cameras are clearly marked then most people view this with a great deal of suspicion that the Police are lining their pockets. What were the Sunday times figues Speeding - up 200% all other offences -100% Ones easily policed - the other is harder stands out like a sore thumb doesn't it?

    Bernie, Luton Tuesday, 27-May-2003 12:54:41 BST
    Surely the measure and success of a true safety campaign is to achieve zero speeding tickets. Not to brag about how many people you have failed to educate
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