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24 September 2014

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    MK - the centre of the universe?
    Milton Keynes.
    Sculpture in central Milton Keynes

    With a New York style grid system, uncluttered skyline, some of the best shopping and entertainment on offer and, of course, the unforgettable concrete cows, is Milton Keynes the centre of your universe?

    Is it too sterile for you? Are parking spaces hard to find? Or public transport links too far away? Tell us what you think.

    Send us your comments

    Milton Keynes is not a "NEW CITY", it is a TOWN. It failed in its bid to gain city status yet people insist on calling it the latter.
    Lee Ashcroft, Bedford

    I don't see why many people are saying the mk is horrible. as a teenager I know what its like to be bored, but in Milton Keynes I don't There is so much to do and all the new clubs and pubs thay are building are amazing. If I was you I'd take my time to think of the positive points not the negative.
    Ria Gardiner, Milton Keynes

    ME, Leighton Buzzard
    Having lived in a sleepy village in Buckinghamshire (Haddenham) for the first 18 year of my life, and then moving the completely urban BIRMINGHAM, it made a pleasant change to be relocated to Milton Keynes. MK offers an inbetween something better and more rural than a big connurbation but with the added bonus of being rural and having riural surroundings.
    You cant help but be captivated by the beauty of the rolling Beds and Bucks countryside. Admittedly the grid system is a bit americanised, and there are too many roundabouts, where as in the UA it would be a junction with traffic lights! However, you cant get lost so that s bonus. Everywhere has its + and - points buy MK is cool as it is.
    Especially with a venue like the bowl, anyone who saw Robbie there last July couldn't help but be overwelmed by its ability to host such an event so smoothly and responsibly. ROCK ON MK!

    Singapore Girl, Bradwell
    Milton Keynes - a strange city to someone like me from Singapore. Love it here because it's not as congested and expensive as London is. Lots of greenery and variety. Cheers to shopping and entertainment in MK too! But honestly speaking, more could be done to the public transportation system in MK. It's a nightmare if you don't drive and just who are those using the vandalised pedestrian walkway? I've my doubts about walking. No complains about MK really but don't you think a real city should provide easy access to anywhere? I'm still calling for a taxi when I need to go Tesco at Wolverton or to the shopping malls. Maybe the council (or whichever concerned party) should get on their feet and do something about it?

    Pat, Wolverton
    One of your correspondents said if you like MK you could not have lived anywhere else. I like MK. We once considered moving to Paignton in Devon, but comparing what was on offer, MK won hands down. I have lived in Shenfield, Essex, Hemel Hempstead and MK.
    I originate from a small village outside of Swindon. Now, that place is a real headache to get around. Swindon too has lots of roundabouts, but not as well designed as MK and the roads have 40mph limits. We thought about moving back there, and one estate agent proudly told us that from this new housing estate you could get to the centre of Swindon in about half an hour in the rush hour (about 4 miles in distance)! No, give me MK any time.
    As for history - there is loads of it, you have to get out there and find it.

    Mike, Whangaparaoa N.Z
    I haven't lived in Milton Keynes but visited there through work and being dragged kicking and screaming to the shopping centre. The word that springs to mind is BORING. Sodding roundabouts everywhere, cant find anything and don't even get me started on getting lost!!! Still all you people who happen to live there - you are in a nicer place than Bedford, where I used to live. However anybody who says it is the best place on earth should come to New Zealand and see what you are missing. I wouldn't swap anything for the peninsula where we live, 14 beaches within 15 minutes drive, plenty of space and no pollution. Milton Keynes, you can keep it.

    Fran Whelan, Bletchley
    My family moved here from North Herts in the autumn of 2001. We've found the 'natives' to be wonderfully friendly, there's always somebody to chat with in the supermarket ques Getting to the Centre is a doddle, as is parking. The wide 'national speed limit' roads promote easy travelling within the city, and the open spaces are second to none. I wish I'd moved here a long time ago.

    Hazel, Bletchley
    I find that people in Bletchley and Milton Keynes are both friendly and honest, on the whole. Problems with parking arise at Christmas when "out of towners" try to park and exhibit bad manners. Otherwise people are generally considerate. The wonderful plantings and wide grid roads make driving pleasant and apart from the rush hour there is very little in the way of traffic jams; I used to feel that three cars at a roundabout constituted a traffic jam during the day! There is a wonderful spirit in MK which I thoroughly enjoy.

    Ken Cross, Shenley, MK
    Milton Keynes has some average areas, ironically those with an old village at its heart, but there is a dearth of no-go estates. To list just a few, Netherfield, Tinkers Bridge, Fishermead, Lakes, Coffee Hall, Furzton, Heelands, Shenley Brook End, and Bradwell Common plus others. Unfortunately these Areas account for significant volumes of our population. It is obvious why these estates have fallen into disorder after only 20 to 30 years. You cannot place 1,000 houses around one shop and pub and replicate this by ten and hope to have a community with a heart at the centre. These estates are highly vandalised, litter strewn and the Redway underpasses are becoming drug dens. Its not even safe in daylight anymore. I have lived here for sixteen years and seen it progressively deteriorate.

    Jon, Aylesbury
    Milton Keynes. Good idea, bad execution. What kind of an idiot puts the train station so far away from the shopping centre up a hill? Milton Keynes is less a city than a badly done attempt at an enormous suburb as found in '50s America. A true city has trams or an underground (metro subway etc) properly integrated system of public travel and small shops owned by individuals. Milton Keynes has an endless parade of chain store rubbish in a badly laid out and sterile environment. What has been impressive is the commitment made to providing entertainment for evenings. Aylesbury could learn a lesson from that but not much else I'm afraid.

    Abi, Heath and Reach
    Hiya!! I'm 13 and I think mk is BRILL!! Ican just get on the bus wiv my mates, go to a film do some shoppin, go ice scatin, play basketball......ANYTHING WE WANT IT'S ALL THERE! Anyone who hasn't been there really should go. It's easy to get round and most important of all IT'S SAFE!! My mum is extremely paranoid but she lets us go round mk as we like. It's got almost exactly the same things as London but its not as busy and not as dangerous! I would like to thank all the people who made mk BRILLIANT!!

    Luke, Tattenhoe (M.K)
    think that M.K is the best new city in the world. it got so much to do ie snozone.

    Anders, Oldbrook
    Milton Keynes - love it or hate it.
    Having lived in Leighton Buzzard MK is an obvious vast improvement. Though some smaller towns and larger towns/cities knock MK for six went it comes to night-time entertainment. It's too controlled, too sparse and non individualistic.

    Richard Goad, Abbots Langley near Watford
    I have just read all the other comments many praising MK for all the variety of leisure activities available in the area well watch out because you may soon lose your one and only ice rink.
    Developers want to pull it down and build yet another supermarket in its place. Many local families children schools and visitors to MK from far and wide use the rink.
    If you object to this plan then you must write to the council and tell them that if they allow the destruction of this valuable amenity then they will be hurting the local community particularly all the youngsters who choose the variety of sports and leisure activities run at the rink.
    If the planners get permission then the council could include a clause whereby the developers have to build a replacement ice rink elsewhere in the area. IF ENOUGH PEOPLE ASK FOR IT.

    Griffith, Bradwell Common, MK
    Having recently moved from London to Milton Keynes with my family I find MK enjoyable - no longer do I have to spend hours getting my shopping done and sitting in traffic jams on route to hairdressers, shopping centres etc. My husband who is quite fussy cannot stop saying how much he is enjoying living in MK. On the down side I noticed some of the London habits of begging is in MK and in my opinion should be stopped. Seeing teenagers begging outside the MK Rail Station on Monday 25 March was a real turn off and I hope the authorities stop it.

    Jason Harris, Leighton Buzzard
    MK is fine, I suppose, but if you don't own a car, forget it. It's the most pedestrian-unfriendly town I've ever seen. It reminds me of an industrial estate just outside my home town of Swansea but with a few more trees and some residential housing. I'm happy living in one of the smaller towns outside. And yes, I do own a car.

    Martin Wolfe, Bletchley
    I moved to Milton Keynes over 20 years ago, as far as I am concerned it is the centre of the universe, it has absolutely everything anyone of any age could need.
    I work in Dagenham and can't wait to get home to MK at the end of my day.
    Bringing my three children up in MK has given them the best start in life that I could wish for them.

    Malcolm, MK
    If you don't like MK, there has got to be something wrong with you! We've got it all, roads that don't get jammed (no matter what Mike O'Sullivan might say!), shopping that's the best anywhere, open spaces galore, clubs and pubs, indoor skiing, etc, etc. I'm sure if it weren't for our biggest handicap (the Council) we would have even more. We moved here nearly 6 years ago and now can't imagine living anywhere else. Hopefully we'll soon have a First Division football team too. As for those who dispute we are a city, well we are a NEW CITY, the only one in the UK, no matter what government, royalty or anyone else might say. Forget about the dirt, the old houses, the narrow streets of Luton, Watford, Northampton, etc. MK is the future!

    Mark Smith, Two Mile Ash, MK
    URBAN MYTH...... We talk about negative unemployment in Milton Keynes but if you are one of the unlucky ones, it's the worst place in the world to live.
    I am trapped in my shared ownership house in one of the myriad of villages containing one new pub, one shop and a surgery on the flanks of the town. As I am car-less and the local bus company is hopeless, I very rarely get out.
    The options in town are limited as everything costs a fortune. We suffer higher prices for everything due to lack of variety.
    We seem to take one step forward and two steps back. We open a theatre and then talk about closing The Point cinema.
    De Monteford University is pulling out due to lack of student numbers. There are plans for a new supermarket on the site of our icerink.
    We try to poach a league football club but will probably drop the basketball team.
    The people are unneighbourly insular and unfriendly. This problem does not affect the likes of myself, the old and infirm face the same crisis.
    I was born here and see little prospect of affording to move away even though the desire has always been there.

    Barry F, Milton Keynes
    As a life long resident of Milton Keynes I have grown up to see the good and bad side of The New City. On the good side we are not a rural backwater like Northampton or an urban ghetto like Luton, Somehow the city has evolved into a pleasant Urban-Rural amalgamation. On the down side the city is let down by its dreadfully run council which has ruined our once proud recycling system, bullied the motorist through carpark charges and show the world how not to run a Park and Ride system (If bother to in the first place).

    Richard, Bletchley, Milton Keynes
    I think people's attitudes to Milton Keynes are often preconceived even though they have never actually been there. Those attitudes are often negative. I live in Milton Keynes and unfortunately those with less than positive impressions are fully justified. Everything has been done too quickly and on the cheap. Even the newest developments begin to look tired. The famous redway footpaths are becoming unsafe even in the day and many estates are becoming ghettoised.


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