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29 October 2014

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    Health matters!
    Look after you health - it matters!
    Three Counties Action aims to look at the health issues which affect the over 55's with a series of on air campaigns and interviews - all backed up by informative, user friendly action packs.



    Three Counties Action

    Meet the Team

    Three Counties Action

    Get a Three Counties
    Action Pack

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    How to Become a CSV
    Volunteer Yourself



    CSV Media

    The BBC is not responsible for the content of external websites.

    If you'd like to receive information on any of the above subjects, email or phone the Action Desk on 01582 44 11 11.

    CSV Media provide Action Desks to BBC local radio stations, local independent radio stations and to regional television stations.

    These dedicated units produce broadcasts on health, welfare, educational and community issues of relevance to local audiences plus they provide an information service so listeners and viewers can find out more.

    They work closely with charities, community organisations and the public sector on appeals and campaigns. They help them recruit volunteers through broadcasting appeals on regional television, local radio and on BBC2's Ceefax pages. They work with them to deliver campaigns which raise the public's awareness and encourage them to find out more.

    get in contact

    So far almost 10,000 people have responded to what Three Counties Action has been talking about on BBC Three Counties Radio and you too can request action packs on a wide range of health matters.

    Action Packs Available:




    Adoption and Fostering

    Contact numbers and organisations that can help you get in contact with your biological family or become a foster parent yourself.

    Age Concern
    •Better Value for Everyone Over 50
    A selection of information, products and services for the over 50's. Including travel insurance, home contents insurance and better deals on gas and electricity.

    •Developing Club Services
    What Age Concern offer in Bedfordshire, how you can get involved and how to form a club.

    •Handyperson and Gardening Service
    For the over 60's in Bedfordshire a gardening service to help older people to remain independent.

    •Home Help Service
    Providing practical housework type assistance for older people.

    •Information and Advice Services
    How Age Concern can help you and the services they offer.

    Find out how many calories are in a drink, how many units in a pint of lager, know the facts and Think Drink.

    Alopecia Areata
    Alopecia Areata means hair loss in patches and is a common problem which often corrects itself without treatment.

    Are you concerned about someone who is confused and forgetful? Alzheimer's mainly affects older people; however 17,000 people in the UK under the age of 65 have dementia.

    •A New Hip Joint
    If your hip joint is badly damaged by Arthritis you may need a replacement. This pack shows you what you can expect from hip surgery and what happens after the operation.

    •A New Knee Joint
    What is a new knee joint and how does it work? Find out all about your new joint I this Action Pack.

    •Driving and Arthritis
    What the law says about drivers with arthritis and what you can do to make you car more comfortable.

    •Gardening and Arthritis
    How to make sure you protect your joints, use the right tools and tips and hints to make the most of your garden.

    •Introducing Arthritis
    From the Arthritis Research Campaign, information, signs, symptoms and ways to help arthritis.

    •Osteoarthritis of the Knee
    Osteoarthritis is a disease which affects the joints in the body and can make it difficult to move.

    •Pain in the Neck
    In this booklet we explain how the neck works and the common causes of neck pain.

    •Rheumatoid Arthritis
    How to take care of your joints and find answers to all of your questions.

    •Tennis Elbow
    It's not just for people who play sport, so what is Tennis Elbow and how can we ease the pain?

    •The Painful Shoulder
    This booklet explains why people get shoulder pain and looks at what causes the problems.

    •Your Home and Arthritis
    Ways to adapt your home and how you can make your home arthritis friendly.

    Information on how to understand and take control of your Asthma.


    Back Pain
    Why do I get a bad back? What can be done to help and what sorts of things might make my back pain worse?

    Be Active Your Way Every Day
    Healthy active living for older adults, tips and advice to keep you fit and active.

    Below the Belt - A Guide to Testicular Self Examination
    Cancer of the Testicles is one of the most common cancers of young men from the age of 15. Find out how to check yourself and what to look for.

    How to maintain a healthy bladder and what to do if things go wrong. How the bladder and bowel work and how you can train them. Help for people who have to rush to the loo, all about stress urinary incontinence and help for people who wet the bed.

    If you notice any changes in your vision you should get your eyes tested by an optometrist. Get information on eye health from the RNIB.

    Blood Pressure
    High blood pressure rarely makes people ill so how do you know if you are at risk? Order this Action Pack and find out.

    Bogus Caller
    Beat cold callers with the stop, chain and check routine. Protect your family and friends with information from the Home Office.

    Bowel Cancer
    If you have noticed something unusual in your stools you may feel uneasy talking about it. Blood or mucus in your stools is one sign of Bowel Cancer find out more with this Action Pack.

    Breast Cancer
    Be Breast aware; know what to look and feel for.


    A practical guide for carers. Top ten tips to keep yourself healthy as you care for others and much more.

    Cervical Smears
    What is cervical screening? Should all women have the test? Does the test hurt?

    Get information on how you can monitor your cholesterol and maintain a healthy diet.

    Crisis Card
    Who to contact in a crisis, basic first aid and information on a 24 hour crisis call centre. Small enough to keep in your wallet and keep all of your medical details on.

    Bladder problems? Frequency? Urgency? Pain/Discomfort? Want more information?


    Get information about the British Deaf Association and find out how you can get in contact with them.

    Anyone can suffer a period of depression. Identify the symptoms, find out how to help your self and find out what help is at hand.

    Diabetes and Cholesterol
    A guide from Diabetes UK looking at cholesterol and heart disease for people with diabetes.

    Diabetes and your Heart
    People with diabetes are at greater risk of developing coronary heart disease than those with diabetes.



    Eating for Students
    21 Cheap and easy to prepare recipe's that students can cook when they are away from home. Make dinner for £19 a week.

    Eating Disorders
    Numbers for support groups locally and nationally.

    If you have Eczema, or if someone close to you has eczema you need this pack. It provides information on the types and causes of Eczema and ways to manage it.

    John Ward.
    John Ward and the team are waiting to take your call

    If you'd like to receive information on any of the above subjects, email or phone the Action Desk on 01582 44 11 11.

    If you'd like Three Counties Action to talk about something in the future just let them know and they'll see what they can do for you - and remember all the information they send you is absolutely FREE!


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