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21 April 2014
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Behind the Headlines

You are in: Beds Herts and Bucks > Behind the Headlines > Esther comes to town!

Esther Rantzen in Luton

Esther Rantzen in Luton

Esther comes to town!

Esther Rantzen has visited Luton to see if the public want her to stand as an MP. Tell us what you think.

Following the news that television presenter Esther Rantzen may stand for Parliament, she has visited Luton to gauge public opinion about her decision to stand against underfire Luton South MP Margaret Moran.

The Labour MP claimed 22,500 treating dry rot at her second home - 100 miles from her constituency.

Ms Rantzen told BBC Look East that she thought it might be time for another independent candidate to step forward, as Martin Bell did in the 1990s.

Esther Rantzen in Luton

Esther Rantzen in Luton

"Maybe it's time to stand against these entrenched MPs, because maybe we have different standards" she said.

She then told BBC Three Counties Radio that if people don't want her to stand she won't:

"Not knowing a great deal about Luton South, I admit, I'm going to come up today and meet some people in the street and in the community and just see how they take to the idea" she revealed.

"And if they think it's a bad idea, we'll shake hands warmly, I'll wish them luck and come back to London. On the other hand if they think it's a good idea, then obviously I'll take it a stage further."

Meanwhile, the Conservative candidate in Ms Moran's constituency has called on Esther to join HIS campaign. Nigel Huddleston warned her that by standing as a candidate in the marginal constituency she might risk splitting the anti-Moran vote and allow her to be elected again.

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Have Your Say

What do you think? Do you think Esther should stand as an MP for Luton South? Would you vote for her?

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anne king
Yes Esther must do it, at least it someone the public can trust

brian jones
Lord save us from the apparent goody two shoes Rantzen. She only values your opinion if it agrees with hers. Those of us remember how Bernard Braden was treated, she showed such loyalty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!to herself.

I see no reason why Esther Rantzen should not stand. She has always stood in the gap for people and that's what we need. I listened to her 3CR interview yesterday morning on the way to work, and feel Esther needs to do quite a bit of brushing up on the issues of Luton. Good luck Esther!

Please help the local residents to remove Moran from her seat. Rantzen for Luton!

Yes i would,get moran out now.

David Tench
Thanks to Lizzie in Lilley bemoaning outsiders butting in. Wasn't aware Lilley was in Luton South, but you live and learn. As a Luton South voter - living with the shame of helping Maggie in in the first place - I'm pretty sick of the three main political parties so may well vote Rantzen. Celebrities in politics may be a bad joke - but its less offensive than what we've got.

I think it is a great idea and Ester should stand as a MP for Luton. We need people with credability and who will look after the people's needs in Luton and not fill their own pockets. VOTE ESTER

esther would from bad to worse

Conservatives are going to win here.

Clive, Luton
I was sceptical at first and thought this was all a publicity stunt... but the more I think about it, the more I'm coming round to the idea of having Esther Rantzen represent me in parliament.

Esther Fan
Great news that Esther is planning to stand as an MP in Luton Ms Moran is a total and utter disgrace,and if I were her I would never dare show my face in Luton again,she needs to go NOW.Who cares if Esther is from Luton the current MP seems to be in Southampton more,Esther will put Luton on the map for all the right reasons.P.S A good interview with Stewart White on last nights Look East.

Rita, Barton Le Clay
Good for Esther, she's being honest, why pretend to like Football just to get the vote? after all don`t we want honesty?

Steve in Bedford
Have 3CR managed to find Marget Moran yet or is she still to embarassed to explain herself?

Angry Luton Voter
This whole luton MP thing is being treated as a joke,rantzen etc. It certainly is NO joke when its out of OUR pocket and theres one law for them and another for us...

Lizzey in Lilley
I think that an MP should actually come from the area he or she is standing for.after all,how do outsiders rantzen has shown...know whats good for US??

Lianne Baibes
Welcome Esther we need a fresh face here to get rid of the stench in Luton south at present.

You are in: Beds Herts and Bucks > Behind the Headlines > Esther comes to town!

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