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13 November 2014

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What if...

What If...?

Every year we see and read about people whose lives are blighted by natural and man-made disasters - fire, flood, power cuts - and we thank our lucky stars that it isn't affecting us. But WHAT IF it did? What would YOU do?

What if flood water was lapping at your front door or what if there was a chemical leak and you needed to evacuate your home in the middle of the night – would you know what to do?

What about your family and friends who live away – maybe due to work or university – maybe you have elderly parents in another part of the country or a vulnerable neighbour down the street - could they cope during an emergency?

‘What If ……’ is a campaign running on BBC Three Counties designed to help you and your family be better prepared to face some of the challenges life can throw at us.

Canoeing during 2007 floods

We cannot prepare for every single eventuality but there are some common problems that might result from flooding or fire – power failures, loss of water supply or loss of communications like telephones – for which we can prepare.

Over the week commencing Monday 26th January, we’ll be joined by experts from our Local Emergency Planning Departments,  Fire officers, Health teams, as well the Environment Agency  – who will provide you with some simple measures that could help you cope with the risk of flooding, fire, severe weather or even pandemic flu.

These experts will explain some of the things they can do to help you during a time of crisis and what measures you can take now to help yourself. They will also explain some of the things they cannot do.

The information isn’t rocket science – many of the messages we’ve heard time and time before – like checking the batteries in our smoke alarms. However, as we all know, it’s one thing to hear a message and another to act upon it.

‘What If…’ is an interactive campaign – we want to hear about your experiences and how you’ve coped with disaster in the past – we can all learn from experience.

On this page there are links to a quick checklist so you can see how well you’re prepared to cope with an emergency. There are also links to a few PDF documents providing some of the information available about preparing things like grab bags in case you need to get out of your home in a hurry.

Emergency checklist:

Useful factsheets:

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You are in: Beds Herts and Bucks > Local Radio > Local Radio Features > What If...?

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