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13 November 2014

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Tummy painting

Gestational (pregnancy) tummy painting

Baby brush strokes!

Hertfordshire gestational painter Glyn Goodwin has just won an award for her work!

Imagine a picture of a full nativity scene painted all across your tummy. It sounds crazy, we know, but if you can do it, it wins you awards!

Glynn and Vicky ready to start

Glynn and Vicky ready to start

Glynn Goodwin from Harpenden is a professional tummy painter and has just won an international award for the fantastic artwork she painted on a pregnant lady’s tummy.

Gestational painting is becoming more and more popular as Glyn, who has been painting faces for over 20 years, recently found out, and told us more about how she got into it.

“My actual profession is a Face Painter” she said, “but in the last three or four years I’ve become aware that there is such a thing as tummy painting. Obviously any part of the body can be painted, and has been painted, but recently gestational painting has become in vogue, especially in the States, and I thought it sounded fun.

“I didn’t know anybody who’d done one so I did a bit of investigation and had a go.”


And while for Glyn, it means a bigger canvas to work on, the pregnant woman gains as well!

“I like to think that the pregnant lady gets something out of it too” she explained.

It's' very relaxing

It's' very relaxing

“Certainly you get a bigger canvas and you don’t have the complication of eyes, noses and mouths to work around, but for the pregnant lady, apparently it’s very relaxing, a bit like having a facial.

“A lot of pregnant ladies are used to having gestational massage and it’s sort of a move on from there but with something to show for it at the end.”

Of course, it’s not for everybody, but for those who use Glyn’s services, it provides an unsual memento of their pregnancy.

“People either love it or hate the idea and if it’s not for you, then that’s fine” continued Glyn.

“Some pregnant ladies like to show their tummy off but really it’s a very private, personal thing. So the idea of the tummy painting is really to have something for the lady’s own use, something for their baby book or to share just with close family and friends.”


Glyn’s work has now won her an award, which came as a bit of a surprise!

“That was a bonus really!” she explained.

“There’s a particular brand of paint who are always setting different challenges on their Website and a recent one was for a gestational painting!”

Glyn entered five or six tummy paintings and was absolutely amazed that they all got an honourable mention and one – a tiger’s face that she painted on the daughter of a friend of hers - won a first prize.

Doing the intricate finishing touches

Doing the intricate finishing touches

So, what do her subjects think?

Vicky from Hitchin is seven months pregnant and told us what she thought.

“It was really nice” she said, “it was like a pamper.”

“I laid back and Glyn just did her stuff and I just watched it unfold in front of me. It was very relaxing, it tickled a little but in a nice way!

“I’ve got some photographs so I’ll go home and show my husband and three-year old little boy. But I’m going to keep the photos, it’s a really, really lovely keepsake.

“Beforehand I wasn’t sure what to expect but looking at it, I absolutely love it!”

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created: 16/12/2008

You are in: Beds Herts and Bucks > People > People and Personalities > Baby brush strokes!

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