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29 October 2014

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Buncefield Depot Explosion

Buncefield Depot explosion

Buncefield: Compensation still pending

Hundreds of companies and residents are still waiting for help following the Buncefield explosion in 2005.

A company which was blown up in the Buncefield explosion in Hemel Hempstead say they're about to go bust because they've had no compensation.

Damaged tanks at Buncefield

Damaged tanks at Buncefield

Print Press Promotions, which is now in Hatfield, says it's been struggling to survive for more than two years.

746 businesses have claimed compensation so far, but won't get anything until the High Court decides on liability in October.

Owner of Print Press, Simon Banister, says he doesn't know if he can hang on that long.

"It's just crazy" he said, and I'm dubious about the decision in October because every so often the loss adjusters will dangle a carrot.

"The loss adjusters turned round to us in September last year [and said] "you can expect an offer very, very close to what you're asking" and then [we've heard] nothing for six months."


The man leading the investigation into the Buncefield explosion in Hemel Hempstead is defending the time it's taking.

They have already explained what happened, but blame has still to be apportioned.

Taf Powell told BBC Three Counties Radio, that a quick fix is not the way to go.

"The worst thing I could do would be to push this investigation on to the point where it is a flawed investigation and the decisions taken are wrong, whether it be to prosecute or not to prosecute and who to do that to" he said.

"If we get that wrong, then the people who are awaiting the outcome of the criminal side of this investigation would be very badly served indeed. The best job that we can do is to do the thorough painstaking job that we are doing, and believe me we are doing that to the best of our ability."

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You are in: Beds Herts and Bucks > Places > Places Features > Buncefield: Compensation still pending

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