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24 September 2014

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Junior Football

Southcott Owls 4–1 Aspley Guise

Southcott’s Super Striker Sanders Strikes Home!

10.11. 07
Southcott Owls U7 4 – 1 Apsley Guise U7
Southcott’s Super Striker Sanders Strikes Home

Ideal footballing conditions (obviously this means dull grey skies and a bitter wind) set the scene for only the second outing of the season for Southcott’s excited U7 team. Eager to put their practice into play, and with shirts that surprisingly fitted, they took to the field with hope in their hearts and small change in their pockets ready for the post match barbecue feast.

The line up looked good; experienced players Tommy Johnston and Ben Gibbons were in defence, Karl Waydick and Craig Rattray in midfield,  Jake Sanders and Benedict Turley in attack and Jamie Hunt poised in goal (although his green shirt clashed horribly with the red of the rest of the team.) New and welcome additions to the team, Connor James and Lauren Avery stood on the side lines waiting for their big break and any loose change that might fortuitously come their way.

The whistle blew and Southcott were off with panache into Apsley’s penalty box securing an early corner and a rebound of the post. Play remained in the Apsley box for the first few minutes and it was all looking good for Southcott when suddenly it all went horribly wrong with Apsley making a surprise break through the Southcott defence and both teams converging on the Southcott goal like a herd of meandering wildebeests. Legs and arms flaying, bewildered parents looked on at this scene of comic proportions that Inspector Clouseau and Cato would have been proud of, until eventually amidst much gasping (and worse) from the sidelines, the ball trickled over the goal line to cheers from the Apsley parents. The Southcott parents might have been disappointed, but most of them hadn’t laughed so much since George Bush came into office so they took it surprisingly well.

Spurred on by being a goal down, the Southcott boys made run after run down the field until at last Jake Sanders made it into the penalty area where, after being fouled, he blasted a penalty past the brave Apsley goalie into the back of the net. Shortly afterwards he followed it up with yet another well placed goal. Now 2-1 up, Southcott had the scent of victory and piling on the pressure with corners and attacking play Jake placed another superb shot past the Apsley goalie. At half time Southcott were 3-1 up and looking like they were going to get an extra can of fizzy from their parents.

In the second half, Lauren and Connor came on in defence but with the old pros on top form it was a gentle introduction. Apsley made a couple of good runs and their no 3 took a great shot which unluckily rebounded off the post, but nevertheless Southcott remained dominant throughout. Craig “The Bulldog” Rattray in particular made several inspiring runs, but there was also great team play from Tommy, Karl and Benedict which eventually allowed Jake to secure another goal and bring the final Southcott tally to 4-1. Grrreat! Elated and with adrenaline pumping this poor reporter was at the point of passing out from the excitement of it all, but fortunately the wafting of saturated fat from Mr Nicholls’ Greasy Burger Emporium was enough to bring her and the other parents back down to reality.
Overall it was a great performance from the Southcott team but praise is also due to Apsley Guise, who showed not only determination and resilience, but were also gracious in their defeat by a team performing at their best.

So well done guy and gals; you can keep the small change ’cos the fizzy drinks are on us.

Oh, all right then…and the burgers too.

last updated: 13/11/07

You are in: Beds Herts and Bucks > Junior Football > Match Reports > Southcott Owls 4–1 Aspley Guise

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