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24 September 2014

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Theatre and Dance Previews

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Sandra Dickinson

Sandra Dickinson

Interview: Sandra Dickinson

The American born actress talks about her latest roles - on stage she's in a classic thriller, and off stage, she's become a Brit!

A Touch of Danger

Gordon Craig Theatre, Stevenage

25-29 September 2007

Fast paced, exciting and packed full of blind alleys and red herrings, A Touch of Danger, a thriller from master craftsman Francis Durbridge will keep audiences poised on the edge of their seats!

When bestselling author Max Telligan's secretary, Liz, and his about to be ex-wife, Harriet, read in the paper that he has been found dead in Munich, they are stunned. Their shock turns to amazement, however, when Max walks in, very much alive.

Sandra Dickinson

Sandra in A Hitchhiker's Guide ....

The dead man, a murder victim, was, in fact, a friend of Max's, and thus begins a sequence of events involving men from the CID, the CIA, the security services and a terrorist organisation, all of whom seem to be after a calculator Max has unknowingly brought back from Germany.

The personal diary Max is preparing for publication is also an object of interest to various people and before along Max finds himself caught up in a dangerous situation where no-one else is quite what he or she seems, including Harriet!


Actors Simon Ward, Liz Robertson and Neil Stacey are joined on stage by Sandra Dickinson, who told us that it's a real edge-of-your-seat thriller.

"I'm playing Simon Ward's estranged wife and he is suddenly threatened by dark forces" she explained.

"It's not clear who is innocent and who's guilty and it's really a question of sorting through the red herrings that come screaming by. There are a lot of red herrings - it may be best to bring a net!"

Thankfully though, all becomes clear in the end, and Sandra believes that it is a great evening out.

"It's being performed by a whole bevy of fabulous actors and it's a classic Francis Durbridge thriller so I think it will be a really fun evening" she said.

"I think the fact that we're enjoying it so much is something that will communicate to the audience."


Sandra, who shot to fame in the TV version of A Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, also revealed that after nearly four decades in this country, the American born actress has finally become British, after undertaking a test, where the questions were such that "no English person I spoke to could answer!"!  

"I'm beginning to find that I belong here finally after 38 years" she laughed.

"For many years I was under the wing of some chap and I really thought it was time that I made an honest woman of myself so that I'm here legitimately on my own behalf.

"I feel really good about it and I thought it was also high time I actually became a permanent member here because it's obvious that I'm not going to go anywhere else."

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You are in: Beds Herts and Bucks > Entertainment > Theatre and Art > Theatre and Dance Previews > Interview: Sandra Dickinson

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