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29 October 2014

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    Luton Town FC

    Kevin Blackwell
    Kevin Blackwell

    Luton Town appoint new manager

    Kevin Blackwell is the new manager of Luton Town football club.

    The former leeds boss Kevin Blackwell has been confirmed as the new manager of Luton Town Football Club.

    The announcement was made at a press conference at Kenilworth Road on Tuesday afternoon.

    Luton Town Press Conference

    The 48-year-old, who was sacked by Leeds in September, replaces Mike Newell, who was sacked by the Luton Town board earlier this month.

    Blackwell who was born in Luton made his name as a coach at Sheffield United. He was installed as manager of Leeds in the summer of 2004 and guided the club to the following season's Coca-Cola Championship play-off final, where they were beaten by Watford.

    Coach Brian Stein had been in temporary charge of the struggling Hatters since they sacked previous boss Mike Newell on 15 March.

    With seven games of the season left, Luton are 23rd in the Championship after a run of six straight defeats.


    The new manager has called for unity at the club as they battle against relegation.

    Blackwell will take charge for the first time at Burnley on Saturday, the first of seven games to keep the club in the Championship.

    And after all the turmoil which followed Mike Newell's departure, Blackwell says they face seven cup finals.

    "There's been turmoil at this football club before, there's turmoil in football clubs across the land" he said.

    "What I think's most important is that we stick together. I want fans to be proud of Luton Football Club and that means not just the football but the new stadium and everything that goes with it, and that will take Luton back to a level that I think it's capable of fighting at. And that's hopefully towards the top of the Championship and one day in the Premier League".

    "We've been there before, we know we can do it, and I hope that the fans will get behind everybody now and make this a fortress for the next few home games which could be crucial to certainly the short term future, but the long term future looks bright for the football club."

    last updated: 02/04/07
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    Colin Hunt
    Probably take us onwards and downwards. Cast your minds back to Cardiff last season when a much fancied Leeds team were absolutely hammered by Watford. It was 3-0 but it could have been 6! It really would be best if we accept that we belong in the bottom 2 divisions and stop thinking of anything more.

    Steve Luton Fan
    When JK took over he won 5 games on the trot although we still went down. If KB wins five games on the trot I think we will stay up. IT IS possible.Many of the messages posted I feel in living in the 20th century. Football is all about money these days, and to survive in the top two divisions we need money. We can't live off of memories. Get behind the board, the team and KB and we can be a force in British Football not a laughing stock. Just take a look at Reading, Wigan etc. I'm sure many of their fans were not happy with all the changes that they made, but I bet they wouldn't swap positions with us for the sake of a postcode. KEEP THE FAITH.

    Larry Power
    I find it difficult to believe that Luton have offered a man with little management credentials a 4 year contract.Kevin Blackwell may be a very good coach, but good coaches don't necessarily make good managers.For me, the Jury is still OUT.

    Ron Hedley
    I am surprised that so many people want Pleat or Kinnear back. Look at their recent records at this Club.Pleat took us onto the first rung of going from the top division to the bottom, Kinnear may have got us out of the bottom division but he had no idea in the higher level and we would never have reached the Championship.. I am not sure about Kevin Blackwell as I am shocked anyone would be taken in by the current Board. They are the people we need to go and as soon as possible.

    Paul Roast
    Not to sure about the board and the business decisions they seem to be making for the club. I love Luton and it's painful to go through yet another spell of bad events off the pitch. As far as Blackwell goes we shall have to wait and see. Many people didn't like Newell at first! But lets just get behind the lads and make a push to stay up!!!

    Tim, Flitwick
    A local chap, so presumably he has a love and a passion for LTFC. I dont know agreat deal about him, but have read that he is a very highly qualified coach and well respected within the game. We can only wish him well, but still think he will have to lead a promotion push next season...from League 1.A four year contract, though, indicates he`s here for the long haul. Are there things happening behind the scenes that have impressed him(e.g new investors)??

    Ronald Matthews
    A good, forward-looking appointment. Kevin Blackwell is the fresh face we needed and, as well as being very well-qualified, he's a Luton lad and will, I hope, share the passion that all of us who've stood on the terraces or at the Oak Road end have for the club. For him to save us from relegation with just seven games to go is asking a great deal - but it's not impossible. Let's hope that, whatever the outcome, we'll see a coherent team playing with conviction and pride over this final phase of the season and beginning to lay the foundation for a promotion challenge next year, whether it's from the Championship or League One. Good luck, Kevin!

    very happy


    Pleased to have someone in post - although reading his first comments about Luton's future worry me a little bit. I hope the Board have not made promises they cannot keep. Good luck Kevin I think you will have the backing of the fans!

    Steve M
    Not sure what to say, a four year contract is an awfully long one to be offered..who is paying for that...Whilst I have nothing against Kevin Blackwell, i just hope he understands how low the board can go to tarnish one mans reputation, and keep hold of Brian Stein...he is a legend

    Mike Melbourne
    Good luck to every one at the club I think they might need it after this appointment.It would seem that the board have already accepted that LUTON TOWN will be relegated this season.Despite spending a lot of time coaching his time as a manager looks a bit dodgy to say the least.

    phil duncan
    I think that the directors have taken a big gamble. Blackwell failed at Leeds, who's to say that he won't fail at Luton. I don't think the supporters will be happy with the appointment unless he gets immediate results. I see he has been signed on a 4 year contract, this seems a rash decision with our league position perilous. Why not sign the manager until the end of the season and then take stock of the situation? Still, if it all goes wrong then Blackwell will be assured a bumper pay off!

    pete luton town fan
    good appointment

    Peter G.
    good luck Kev hope you keep luton in the championship and go on to better things in the near future

    I cannot believe that people on here are disappointed that Kinnear is not back. After Losing one gobby over opinionated manager the last thing we need would be that arrogant, offensive gasbag coming back to KR. Newell caused bad publicity for the club and we need a quiet level headed man to steady the ship.

    Alexander Nyheim
    I think that Blackwell was the only one the board could find that was stupid enough to take the job. Ergo, we are going down.

    It matters not who is appointed Manager, unless there are adequate playing resources for him to manage. Just look at Steve McLaren.

    Wootton Hatter
    I'm pleased with the appointment of Kevin Blackwell. I hope he wants and is allowed to bring in his own backroom people as I believe Luton's current problems are more deep rooted than just the first team. Though loyal servants both Brian Stein and Marvin Johnson should be replaced by more competant people as well. I think its good to go with someone with no former links with the club, however the fact he is Luton born is a bonus. Reading other web sites a great many Leeds fans think we've picked up a good manager. I can't really understand people wanting a return for Kinnear as his style of play was becoming increasingly "long-ball". Lets hope Kevin gets us playing again in a style we can all enjoy. Its time for everyone to stop getting on the "sack the board" band wagon and for manager, players and supporters to all aim for one thing - THE FIGHT FOR CHAMPIONSHIP SURVIVAL STARTS HERE. If he is unable to pull off the miracle that we now require at least lets go down fighting showing a great deal more spirit than in recent months.

    Joel MK Hatter...
    I like many others would of liked to see Big Joe back. I think the damage has been done for this season but heres hoping!!! Good luck!

    Very backward step. Kevin is not the right man for the job. He has a poor record, only did what he did at Leeds last year because he had money to spend. He has poor contacts within the game compared to the likes of the Kinnear and Pleat. I hope his appointment is only temporary.

    Graham Blunt
    Whilst I back John Mitchell and Co 300%, I am VERY disappointed that they haven't brought back that Luton Legend Joe Kinnear.

    I think this is a dodgy appointment if kev gets the job because he has a iffy history especially with leeds with needs no explaination. But saying that his a luton born and will definately have luton in his heart so it could work well which i hope it does GD LUCK KEV

    Phil Wain
    Very mixed about this but we can only get better and a new broom might be just the tonic even if it was short term.

    Teddy pompom
    awww no Joe Kinnear?

    Great appointment! Just what we need! Kev has been to all the big clubs such as Inter and Real Madrid! I reckon he will bring out the best in Steve Robinson and Marlon Beresford.

    Michael Halling
    Not totally sure this is the way forward for us, but heres hoping. Lets give Kev a fair crack of the whipl.

    Janey - Luton Town Fan
    I wish Kevin all the very best.... the bottom line is though, that unless he manages to keeps us up in the Championship this season, then he too could be looking for a new job come next season.

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