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24 September 2014

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    Milton Keynes Dons Football Club

    Martin Allen
    Martin Allen

    Dons appoint new manager

    The Milton Keynes Dons have confirmed Martin Allen as their new manager. BBC Three Counties Sports Simon Oxley has got his first thoughts!

    Martin Allen is the man in charge of halting the slide of the Milton Keynes Dons down the Divisions of the Football League. The three years in Milton Keynes have seen relegation, a relegation battle and then relegation again and the Dons will start the 2006/07 season in League Two.

    Martin Allen and Pete Winkleman
    Martin with Pete Winkleman at the press conference

    He replaces Danny Wilson, who left the Dons after the club were relegated to the League's bottom tier at the end of last season.

    But, in enticing Martin Allen to Buckinghamshire, Chairman Pete Winkleman has pulled off quite a coup. It was no real surprise when Allen left Brentford following their play-off defeat in May but most expected to see him step up to the Championship or certainly stay in League One.

    Martin with Pete Winkleman at the press conference
    The press gather in the new stadium

    He says that the potential at the Dons is the reason he's decided to drop down a division. And the Press Conference was held at the new Denbeigh Stadium which is fast taking shape - as if to re-inforce this.

    But the man nicknamed Mad Dog must first instil some bite into a team which massively underachieved last season.

    Simon Oxley spoke to Martin Allen just after the appointment was announced.

    When you first spoke to Pete Winkleman what were your feelings? Did you think you'd just go and have a look?

    Martin: If you want my honest opinion I was on my way up north to sign for another club! It was out of courtesy that I went and saw him and had a chat with him. I didn't really speak much. he spoke for about half an hour and at the end of it he said "I want you to be the manager. So that knocked me back a bit.

    I've spoken to a lot of clubs this summer but he was the first person that looked me in the eye and pointed his finger in my face and said "I want you to be the manager and I want you to take it. I'll issue you the challenge."

    Everybody wants to feel wanted. I don't like waiting by my phone umming and ahhing or being told to wait in the waiting room while I see everybody else. He was the first person that grabbed me and told me I want you to do it. I was impressed with that.

    Then he said come and have a look at the stadium. When I came round the corner and saw the size of it, I really never knew that this was here.

    I find it quite frightening and staggering and even today I can't quite get my head round it. That this place has been built! It's amazing to look at it and it's amazing the feeling when you are stood in the middle of it.    

    Inside the Denbeigh Stadium
    Inside the Denbeigh Stadium

    I've got one year in this division and I've got to try and make it a place where people want to come and watch football and to watch a team that can do these supporters proud and do something that justifies this stadium.

      Has that potential and desire overcome the fact that you have dropped down a division?

    Martin: My own opinion is that I should have been working in the Premiership but that's another thing. One day that will happen and a lot of clubs I think have missed a great opportunity. But this man has taken me on board, grabbed me by the scruff of the neck and I'm going to repay him.

     Did you need a lot of persuading?

    Martin: No - and people don't believe me. I was about half an hour at his house. I had one cup of coffee, he spoke for 29 minutes. The we came down to the stadium. I
    shook his hand while we were in the middle of this building site and said "I'll do it".

    What did you make of the Dons when you came up against them last season?

    Martin: They've got some good players, some good young players and that excites me as well. They had a fantastic run at the end of the season. It's not all doom and gloom at this place.

    The enthusiasm and energy of the crowd when I visited here near the end of the season was excellent.

    We've got to get a team together now, that can do this stadium proud. Then hopefully the people of Milton Keynes are going to get behind it and this could be a big one.

    Can you keep all the players?

    Martin: I will be discussing that with the Chairman over the next 48 hours but we will be making moves as quickly as possible. We can't waste opportunities - we've got to get in amongst it right now. There will be lots of phone calls taking place to see what's available in what areas.

    And you're bringing staff with you from Brentford, Adrian Whitbread and sports scientist Damien Doyle?

    Outside the Denbeigh Stadium
    Outside the Denbeigh Stadium

    Martin: Yes - both of them worked with me from my start at Barnet Football Club. Both of them are young and both of them have got a fantastic work ethic. They are grafters and work long, long hours. Both have great skills and there's no doubt in my mind that both will go to the very top. They are terrific lads and the players will love working with them.   

    You have this Mad Dog nick name. Do you thrive on that? Do you see yourself coming in here and shaking things up?

    Martin: I'll say "Good Morning, put your kit on and let's get out and train". Then we'll train and I'll try and get them fit and stronger and quicker and player some football. If
    they all do their best and have a go it will be a good day. Most people that want to do well will love it. That's it. As for Mad Dog - people who pay to come through the turnstiles can call me what they like, but people that know me, know what I'm really like. All that's mythological!

    last updated: 27/06/06
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    Eileen Yarwood
    I supported Wimbledon FC when they were a non league club. How many clubs have gone from non league to premier league in successive seasons & also won the FA Cup. Other clubs have alsways complained about their style of play but were quick enough to buy thier home grown players which unfortunatley had to be sold to try & keep the clup solvent. It is unfortunate that Wimbledon had to move to Milton Keyes as many fans are unable to get there due to costs & distance. Yes they are going through a difficult time as are many other clubs. I hope that Martin can achieve all my dreams of getting Wimbledon FC which is what they will always be to me back where they belong in the Premiership league. Good luck to you & the players Martin. From a fan who having moved to North Yorkshire is no longer able to attend your games but will always be an ardent supporter

    Having supported Wimbledon Football Club for over 20 years, I was lucky enough to see them win the FA Cup and rise to the top flight from the old southern league. That history belongs now to MK Dons, full stop ! There can be no debate or arguement about that. If you look at the facts, Plough Lane was far too small to house a premiership club. It was small and outdated. Whilst Sam Hamam was heralded as the great owner then, he was the one who sold them down the river, from which it became so difficult to recover from. Mr Winkleman, had a vision for the club and to take it forward. He is doing that by creating a stadium for the future. What has been so frustrating for true supporters is the time it has taken and the inability of previous managers to do a satisfactory job. MK Dons will achieve again because they have too. Mr Allen appears to be a very good appointment and it appears he wants the success that a club like MK Dons can offer in the long term. There are many sour grape, negative stories that appear above, but equally, many positive ones as well. The club does need to attract more supporters, without doubt, and with Mr Winkleman putting things in place to acheive that, who can fault him. MK Dons are a family club where you can take the family to a football game and not have to worry about them as you do with a lot of clubs. I can't fault that phylosophy either. One man I know has always said of Wimbledon / The Dons, "THEY ARE THE FINEST AND FRIENDLIEST FAMILY FOOTBALL CLUB IN THE FOOTBALL LEAGUE". I for one believe that and as for the whingers and the knockers, go swing your hook elsewhere. Your loss is MK Dons gain, but remember, with the passion going into the club, you will not benefit from the clubs success.

    Chris Southall
    Danny did a good job but unfortunately despite thelate run we went down. Martin has already been busy in the transfer market which was definetely needed-we now need a big goalkeeper and one other quality striker with pace-then may be we will be in the mix

    Barnet Fan
    MA will give 100% while he is at MK Dons, as he did at Barnet. He impressed most Bees fans with his passion and fighting spirit, and he did a lot for the club during his time there. But don't be fooled. He WILL let the MK Dons fans down when the time comes. He WILL leave you in the lurch if he sees the opportunity of a better job elsewhere. Don't get me wrong, everyone has the right to better themselves. However, loyalty goes a long way in my book when it comes to the football club you love. MA is fooling himself if he thinks he'll get a job in the Premiership...this won't happen until he starts proving his loyalty. On a final note, I have learnt from reliable sources that the younger players at Barnet were intimidated by Mad Dog and found it difficult to approach him. That's hardly constructive when it comes to managing a football club, is it! I wonder if the same thing happened during his time at Brentford.

    A good appointment for anyone, but you probably won't print this because I still think the whole concept of MK Dons is wrong and football franchising should never be allowed again.

    i think martin allen is a great asset to the football team he is straight to the point doesnt mess about and gets done what he wonts bring back league 1 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    lee brown
    First things first - Wimbledon were not going out of business, they always lost money at the gate and made a bigger profit buying and selling players. It would be nice to have Martin Allen's thoughts on managing a team that did not go gain it's place in the league on merit. I'd also be interested in his thoughts on playing in a 20,000 seater stadium that will normally be just a quarter full.

    Jools of West Ham
    To the guy who said "Until last season I followed Man Utd. Moved to MK and went to a couple of matches - great atmosphere, big crowds ang fantastic organisation. Now switching loyalty to the MK Dons." --- do you work for the MK Dons PR company or something? I feel sorry for MK Dons players and fans - the club is generally disliked, attendances are far worse than at Selhust Park as far as I can see, and at the two matches I went to last season the ground was virtually empty and atmosphere was non-existent. I can see AFC and MK Dons playing in the same league within the next five years or so, and I don't see how Martin Allen is going prevent MK's continuing slide down the divisions. Shame, because, just like the 'old' Wimbledon, they are churning out some great young players here and there. Fair play to MK Dons fans for supporting their local team, but looking at some of the comments here I they need to get real and understand that very few football fans will ever stop labelling MK Dons with the 'franchise' tag. I know how I'd feel if it happened to West Ham.

    Danny (Burnley Fan)
    To Stewart Glendenning Nobody can say whether Wimbledon FC would have gone out of business eventually or not, many clubs have over the years and many will in the future, but that did not give the right of and Town/City to use them and replace them. If you locals wanted a team to support and Winkleman wanted to create a team then there were already local sides available to do it with. Accrington Stanley who went out of business 40 years ago have finnaly made it back the proper way ON THE PITCH. I do think Martin Allen will stop the slide more the pity. And yes if we were drawn against Milton Keynes awsay in the 1/4 finals of the FA Cup I and many other Burnley fans would not attend just as we did not attend the matches against you previously. And there are thousands of true fans who feel the same around the country as it has been these people who have got your freindlies cancelled. And don't kid yourself so loyal are you all you will soon be off to support the next new thing.

    Aaron Champion
    When I heard the news that Danny Wilson had departed company with MK Dons I expected MK Dons to be entering another season with relegation as a prospect. However the appointment of Martin Allen has given this club full of potential a new light, he has the right ideas when it comes to improving the squad with new players and he certinatly showed with Brentford that he has the ability needed to suceed as a succesful manager. I reckon MK Dons should gain automatic promotion this season.

    Stuart - Brentford Fan
    Unlike some of the other Brentford fans, I wish you Dons fans well for next season. Reading the interview with Martin Allen is all so familiar. Promises, enthusiasm, lots of hot air. Yes, he's a motivator, but that's only temporary. He did a fine job when he first came to us by keeping us in League One. We have few resorces, and we probably over achieved in the past 2 seasons with cups runs and play off finishes. BUT....his style of football is long ball and awful to watch. He's tactically naive (and that showed at the end of the season when we stuffed up our promotiion chances), and he's bought some real duffers in the transfer market. If he'd been more focussed on getting us promoted, rather than courting all the managerial jobs on offer at the end of last season, things may now be different, so don't expect any loyalty from him. As for managing in the premiership - he's having a laugh. Don't forget, he couldn't get the Tranmere job.

    tom (chelsea)
    how about you stop relating the mk dons to wimbledon, wimbledon are dead and buried, when the team moved away from london totally it was dead, the name change was just the final nail in the coffin. good luck martin.

    Gavin B_2003
    I am an admirer of Martin Allen cause of what he has done for Brentford, but he left them just when things started looking up for the club! Just as he did at Barnet. He is a good manager and he gets the best out of the players. He could easily be managing in the championship cause he is alot better than people like 'paul simpson'. That is why i like Martin Allen, he doesn't shy away from a challenge. I hope the new stadium brings in more fans cause i went up ther last season to watch Doncaster Rovers beat them and the away supporters had more influence on the MK dons players than there own supporters. Everyone get behing then MK Dons and Martin Allen and i wish you a good season. It is about time the supporters saw one!

    milton keynes local
    It would be great if the team does well under him, sounds like he is a good signing. Milton Keynes is a big enough place to have a decent league team, there's enough people here that like football but can't afford to travel every time they want to see a home game. Why should people in this town want to have a local team? (shame Pete W. didn't put money into a local non league team and build it up but I guess he's a businesman eh, like all the other football professionals). Wimbledon is history, sad but true, good luck MK Dons (I think we just drop the "Dons" bit though) and good luck AFC Wimbledon.

    bees fan
    I think he'll stop the MK decline just like he stopped the bees' and I think he'll create a winning side and you might get promoted. But it won't half be hard to watch and any spark of creativity will be coached out of the players (if they'll play for him in the first place). Expect a lot of effort and labour. He'll go after 2 years whatever as everyone will be exhausted by then. He's a nice guy and the money he earned from cup runs and the players brentford sold on kept us afloat and have helped brentford be bought by the fans (quite ironic he should be where he is now). Personally I hope he succeeds in his personal career but I don't think he'll be with you for too long.

    Bees Babe
    Still can't believe MA sold us down the river. He put 10 players on the transfer market, some of whom are decent players and then a week later he ditches us because he says we don't have enough money to buy new players! What? He knew 2 years ago what financial situation the Bees were in. I also think he's a bit up himself saying he should be working in the Prem, yeah alright, he couldn't even get Brentford promoted over 2 seasons in league 1! I am sure he'll do well at MK Dons but he'll ditch them in 2 years like he ditched us and Barnet before us.

    Neil Stanton
    A fantastic appointment for the dons Certain promotion to league 1. Come on you dons!

    I'm a Barnet fan, and I have to say that MK Dons are extremally lucky to have Martin at the club. he was great for us, great for Brentford, and with a team of Dons potential, I can see him taking them far

    James Malyon
    As a Barnet fan I've seen what Martin Allen can do. He's a great motivator, and that's what you need at this level...although he obviously has loyalty issues (which all the Brentford fans have now experienced first hand)!!

    sam bevan
    lost heart when wimbledon collapsed and moved to MK. Never could quite get my head round the back slapping at AFC...The appointment of Martin is fantastic....mad feels right too...if MK can hang on to him for a few seasons - the good old days good soon be revisited!

    jonathan hope
    im a brentford surporter and i was disappointed to see martin leave but from all my family we wish him the best at the dons

    Anthony Tomlinson
    i can notr believe it he is a top manager and would have thought he would go to a championship club but i feel he may even get MK Dons promoted this year

    A manager with the passion to match Pete W:) And soon a ground we can be proud to support the Dons in. Been a MK Dons fan just got so much better.

    Stephen Littlewood
    This guy brought his team of thugs to Huddersfield and promptly told his players to kick the hell out of the Town players. He certainly has the right nickname (mad dog) He stands on the line like someone possessed, ranting and raving at his players and the officials. Thank god we don't have to meet him again this season. Good luck MK, you will need it with him in charge.

    Julian Deadman (Bournemouth)
    When Martin Allen was down with Brentford to play the Cherries,I thought he had more energy than our manager and the team put together! I`m sure he will succeed or die trying.

    Lee (Gillingham supporter)
    I think Martin Allen should of gone and manage a side in the championship as he is a quality manager who has done fantastic at Brentford, I am surpised he chose MK Dons to be honest and I felt they should of kept Danny Wilson as manager as he has done well in preventing from going down and they nearly stayed up.

    firstly id like to say ive watched this club since there move to milton keynes and watched very intently pete winklemans business grow from a club on its knees and some of you may hark and say well it was anyway but from getting the interest from not just people who live in mk but also the fans from south london who have stuck with pete i applaud you.the appointment? well let me say couldnt of asked for a more dedicated and enthusiastic man in martin allen.his style of managerial tactics proved everyone wrong when he was at brenford and hope he can bring the same here.youll all say well it was like that when danny wilson was here but martin allen is a different kind of manager hence why hes called "mad dog"good luck martin and dont let the critics get you down im sure you can guide the mk dons back to where they belong.lets get behind martin you lot for the coming season and welcome to milton keynes.

    ben mkdons
    martin allen what a legend premership here we come

    Kelvin Mansbridge (MK Dons)
    As an ex-Wycombe Wanderers fan (my home town) I jumped at the chance to support a local team having moved to Milton Keynes with my job. With Martin Allen in charge we will hopefully end our poor patch and start moving up the leagues rather than down.

    Andy Harrap
    I'm from Sheffield and i think Martin Allen is the man to change MK Dons fortunes he's a great manager

    John Ellam
    All the best Martin. I'm a die hard Huddersfield Town nut, living in MK, so I found it hard to support the Dons over the last two years. Shape a team worth watching and I'll be down there to cheer the Dons on this season.

    Daniel bees fan
    Martin why do you leave when we didnt go up into the championchip i think your just sad who wants to go to and shit club called MK DONS

    Simon the Hammer
    Good luck Mad dog, hope to see you at Upton Park as a future manager

    John Cranky (Bury FC)
    just read the article on Martin Allen and a number of the comments on his appointment. on the face of it its a great signing for the club after slipping down the league and also looking at the building work on the new stadium it could be the start of big things (hopefully it'll take longer for him to settle in as we play MK dons on the first game of the season - but given his history i wouldn't be to surprised if for once in their brief history they will be at the right end of the division come may 2007

    Nick (Gills Fan)
    What a fantastic signing for the Dons. Martin is a great manager and ii hope that he can do great things for the Dons good luck to them. Martin Allen could definately be a manager at a higher level so they are lucky to have him. UP THE GILLS

    Martin Allen has inherited a team that doesn't know how to win - its almost like they're afraid of winning. If he can install some self-confidence in the squad and make them actually believe in themselves then things can only get better. The chairman is passionate, the fans are loyal, all that Martin has to do is make the team deliver what they are capable of. League One beckons!!!

    Chris E
    I agree with Stewart Glendenning. So what if we pinched a team! I enjoy watching the Dons play and show my support by going to games. I would love to go and watch Man U but can`t afford tickets or time. A lot of people would call me a plastic fan or not a true supporter of any team. Who cares? I get to watch football. If I moved to Barcelona tomorrow I would go to watch them! who would`ent? A new generation of supporters will be comming through and in years to come many will remain true, many will drift to other teams or towns, thats life as long as you enjoy football watch it play it live it. And if Mad Dog can make it more enjoyable good luck to him.

    David Tout
    I think it is brilliant the Dons don't deserve to be in league two.I believe Martin is the man to shut up all the doom merchants and get the Dons back where they belong in the Premiership.!

    Grayson Sarath (Chelsea fan)
    I watched him as a player, who always defied the critics. I've watched him as a manager who will always prove people wrong. This guy has a spirit and self-belief that needs bottling, and sharing around. If only Sven had his confidence, we would all be looking towards July 9th and wondering what will be. Good luck Martin.

    Good luck to the dons in the future, can't wait to visit the ground and play you on a cold tuesday december night, I wont be boycotting you, i go to watch my team, wherever I go, got nothing against the dons, they've just changed their name and moved... like County were going to in the past, i'd still support whether we changed or not! Good luck

    matty (chester fan)
    good apointment

    JV, Spain
    Good luck for the new season for MK Dons. Don´t care what those so called fans of AFC Franchise say. They are the same people who sold Wimbledon FC.

    I really respected Martin Allen through his playing career and now his mangerial career. Not so sure now, because he has joined a club and town (it is not really a city) on the decline. If MK wanted it's very own football club then they should have created one using existing local clubs and players. Winkleman would have been better off investing his money somewhere else!

    Barnet Fan
    He is the most disloyal person you will ever come across. He will do exactly as he did at Barnet, promise you everything, say how much he loves the club and leave whenever he feels like it. I am just glad he has done the same to Brentford as he did to us, as they seemed to spend a lot of time defending him after he dumped Barnet for the fake Bees (Who has ever seen and Red and White Bee?!?). I feel sorry for all those MK Dons fans, that if this any!!!

    Godalming - MK Don
    Great appointment, am sure that Martin will get us promoted this coming season. Well done to Pete Winkleman for such a good appointment. We have a chairman, manager and coaching staff to be proud of. Come on you MK Dons!!!

    Lim Meng Yong (Singapore)
    To Martin: Onward and upward!

    James (Bees fan)
    Martin thinks he is a Premiership level manager after a season at Barnet and two failed promotion bids at Brentford? And remember, the last season included an awful run in where we well and truly "bottled it". Allen came in and did a wonderful job , leading us to our Great Escape from relegation. However, poor signings, very very poor tactical nous and the financial situation of our club led to our inability to secure a Great Escape at the other end of the table. I am sure you will love him while he is there and its time for him to do the business now with MK Dons. If he does it dont expect any loyalty - if he doesnbt dont accept any excuses

    Bees Fan
    To the MK Dons fan who said people will be afraid of visiting/won't want to visit MK this year. That may be true but only because the lack of atmosphere is truly scary! You can't even fill the hockey stadium so you're really going to struggle to fill a larger one. I think the MK Dons fan who said he used to be a Man U fan really summed it up. Who did you all support before MK Dons came along? Martin Allen is a good manager at this level but has awful people skills and in the end totally sold Brentford out. He may get you promoted, but it certainly won't be pretty.

    First things first - Wimbledon were not going out of business, they always lost money at the gate and made a bigger profit buying and selling players. It would be nice to have Martin Allen's thoughts on managing a team that did not go gain it's place in the league on merit. I'd also be interested in his thoughts on playing in a 20,000 seater stadium that will normally be just a quarter full.

    he saved brentford from the drop, achieved two cup runs and two play-offs. he is a pr maestro and gives 110% all the time. providing there isn't a clash with the dons' chairman (two larger than lifer characters -- a bit like the pompey scenario?), he could easily take the club up a couple of divisions in two years. there won't be a dull moment. i'll follow your fortunes with interest. thanks ma for all you did at brentford and good luck!

    Its easy for people to say that wimbledon fans are bitter about the move to mk. We are. And proper footie fans would be if their club was moved. Anyway, the new manager has a tough job! it all depends on the budget he has to spend....

    Jon Twilley
    Martin allen is a great manager and the type of person we need in mk. I think pete winklemen is a great man and puts all of his energy into the glad to see martin allen as our new manager and hopefully he can take us up next year. jon twilley aged 15-mk dons fan

    Forest Fan-calvored
    Absolute Brilliant decision, has to be the biggest news this summer and i am amazed it has not got more headlines What odds on the Dons this year If forest hadnt got calsderwood this is the man most peoiple wanted Good Luck Martin see you in the premiership

    Stewart Glendenning
    I am some what bermused by the franchise FC tag. Lets look at the facts:- Fact 1 Wimbledon would have gone bust if they ahd not moved. Fact 2 Merton Borough Council did not want a football team in the borough. Fact 3 Crystal Palace wanted their own ground back. Fact 4 Anybody who understands football would see that since the unfashionables got into the Premier League the FA clearly did not want them to be there hence the brick walls were thrown up. I personally think that all the clubs who cancelled their pre season fixtures with us should be ashamed of theirselves. MK Dons is a fully recognised football club that is extremely well supported. Danny tried but it wasnt enough now we have got the manager that a lot of clubs wanted he will inject the hard passion that is needed. Judge him at the end of the season not before it has started and to those who want to knock all I can say is worry about your own team and let the MK Dons get on with theirs. One final point to all those supportes who did not want to play MK Dons in a friendly if your team is drawn against us in one of the cups at MK you wont be wanting to come and support your team would you pity the thought that you might want to see your own team at MK - remember you probably would not be wanted there anyway. MK is a good friendly club promoting football in the community which is great for kids remembering that they are the future and we all want family clubs.

    Mark R
    Can we (MK Dons supporters) please stop referring to ourselves as the 'womble army'? we need a whole new hymn sheet to sing from!

    ken cootes k fan
    Martin's defining moments at Brentford: Saved us from relegation two seasons ago. Gave Steve Claridge three starts six mohths later. I am still bemused.

    I think that he is a bit arrogant to be honest: "My own opinion is that I should have been working in the Premiership". He did a good job at Brentford, but failed to get them promoted. There are managers out there who are better than him who deserve a crack at top flight management.

    Mark Lovell
    I think Martin Allen should let some of that hot air out of his empty head if he thinks he's good enough to be in the Premiership, cos he isn't!

    wilf slack dons fan
    Great appointment,the man has passion,hang on to Lewie,and lets get on the march!!

    Jonny Butler
    Get in martin allen,hes a great manager!! cant see why he chose the dons but i am glad he did, i think he will take us straight back up this year, lets hope he brings in some top quality players!!!! MARTIN ALLENS WOMBLE ARMY

    Paddock Legend
    Hope Allen takes Franchise out of the league!

    Louis E
    There is not only no excuse for supporting "MK Dons" on the pitch,there is no excuse for supporting their EXISTENCE! Wimbledon FC pretended the move was needed to solve financial troubles that it CAUSED,they would have survived in London with bigger crowds than are in MK had they not insisted on moving. As long as MK Dons survive,they can be seen as a precedent endangering every other club,and no one who sincerely loves English football can wish them anything but total ruin.

    Jonny, bees fan
    I didn't realise his ego was that big. "I should have been working in the Premiership". Sorry MA, but that's just twattish. Get over yourself- you don't have the tactical ability for the Championship, let alone Prem!

    Daniel Dobbins, E' Port
    To be honest am not realy that surprised that Martin Allen has gone to MK Dons (Wimbledon) because if you look at what he's got at the club to be honest i would go there to. For one he's got a chairman who can back him all the way. Two he is going to have a nice new big stadium probaly the best in the division and for three he has already got a young exciting squad all he needs to realy do with that is bring in some more experienced players and work hard with the young players. I think he has made the right opption and GOOD LUCK TO HIM!!!!!

    Neil and Brian / Brentford fans
    We think Allen has seriously embarrassed himself by joining Franchise F.C. What an insult to us Bees fans. He walked out on Barnet and then us and your time will come as well. GOODLUCK your going to need it.

    Watch out if he wants to gamble on another signing. Had a very poor record in the transfer market for Brentford and his style of football is more akin to the Route One associated with the Dons' past. Few Brentford players liked him and are glad he's gone. Oh and watch out as you will find he applies for every managerial vacancy that comes up...

    Having lived in MK for 25 years travelling to Brentford for home games has cost me fortune and at times has just not been possible. When PW brought league football to MK in the shape of the Dons it was a good day. Although it does not diminish my desire to see the Bees do well it is great to be able to get behind a team on your doorstep. Martin Allen is great catch for MK, if he can continue to inspire players and fans the future is bright but he does now need to see a contract through! Hopefully the next time MK Dons will meet the Bees in league action will be in the season 2009 / 2010 when both clubs are in the premiership plating in new stadiums. Come on you Bees and Dons and if a certain AFC are also succesfull then that would also add to the entertainment.

    Vince MKDons
    Good luck to Martin at the MKDons, and well done Pete. Let's hope Mr Allen brings in a striker or two, and disposes of those players who lack effort.

    Great appontment - we will see. A manager is only as good as his players and their motivation on the pitch. Wilson couldnt hack it last year will Allen? Shouting like a Mad Dog only works so far and you cant make silk out of a sow's ear. We will see. For those of you at other smaller clubs you should watch this story carefully - as Super Swindon says if it works, more 'Chairman' will try the model. The FA/FL havent the nous to stop it happening again - look at the recent OnDigital court case fisaco. Do you really feel like your club within this league structure is in safe hands? The only way to stop the likes of MK happening is to take action yourself as fans. If criticism of Wimbledon fans is valid it was that we were too naive and happy to go along with the move to Selhurst and events thereafter; if we had mobilised before we might never have got to this day. And Allen may still have been rueing leaving the Bees. I think he has made an almighty career cock-up. But that's just my own view

    martin is a good manager and he and mk dons will go up

    Deano Eyles (Bees)
    Martin Allen was a good manager at brentford and it was sad to see him leave the bees. Mk Dons have a good manager with them and will most certainly go up this season

    Mick Grainger, Hartlepool.
    From a massive admirer of Martin Allen, good luck & best wishes 'Mad Dog'. Just one question Martin ? Where you coming up north for an interview with Hartlepool United ????

    Super Swindon
    The reason people want MK Dons to fail is if they succeed other clubs are under threat. What's to stop a chairman who wants to make money relocate a club to another place that is more profitable? It's the smaller clubs who will have to watch their backs. Football clubs are important for local communities, we're not living in America and we should not go that route. Anyway MA will find it hard to get his club to finish above Dennis Wises' boys!! COMMON SWINDON!

    steven brentford supporter
    I am shocked to see Martin as the new MK Dons manager i thought he would go to Crystal Palace, but good luck jus try not to get relegated

    d glover
    great appointment he will motivate which is badly needed.He will take the club a long way.looking forward to some good signings.

    Joe Davies
    This appointment will make the Race to the Championship interesting to say the least. He is one Good Guy. Cheers, SCFC Ticket Holder.

    Mark, Manchester
    I was gutted when Martin left Brentford because he's a great manager and character. Like all good servants of the club who leave, I would like to wish him well for the future but for the time-being I'm not sure I can because he's joined the most soulless club in the country (aside from Fulham that is).

    JV, Spain
    Great thing for a great club. Hope that MK Dons are now getting back that old spirit of Wimbledon FC.

    Graeme Knott
    I'm a Tranmere fan and was interested to read Allen's comments as he was on his way here when the phone rang. Theres still divided opinion about whether we missed out on Allen or got a better deal through Ronnie Moore losing the Oldham job and jumping to front of the queue. Personally I think Allen did a great job at Brentford an I expect he'll turn MK around and have them competing in league 2, there seems to be plenty of money down there, but isn't it time you dropped the "Dons"'re nowt to do with Wimbledon any more.

    Chris Stoakes (Bees fan)
    He was brilliant for us at Brentford and a great man of the people. The split was unexpected and a bit acrimonious. But the truth is he is ambitious (and has every right to be) and we are bust (£9 million in the red) and he needs a club that is well-funded so he can bring in and pay good players, which is what MK's new stadium represents. He's since posted a great message on our website. So what you see is what you get: excitement and passion. It's only a matter of time before he's in the top flight. If MK has the funds to do it, that will be his vehicle. If not, he will go elsewhere and will have every right to do.

    Sully at MK
    12 years at Selhurst Park and no one lifted a finger to help Wimbledon. Pete Winkleman comes along and saves them and is cast as the very devil in football! Whatever you think of franchise football, WFC would not be in existence if it was not for him. Crowds went from 500 at Selhurst to 5000+ at MK. AFC get off your high horse and get a life.

    Geoff Bees fan LA
    I can't beleive some of the Brentford Fans response to Martins appointment. he did wonders for Brentford and in leaving is doing no more than any career minded person would do. We lost in the play offs for two consecutive years because of a lack of depth because of financial limitations. He went to the board with a plan and they said no we can't afford it. Who worth their salt in any job wants to continually bash their head against a brick wall. I will always love my Bees but I will now be interested in the progress of the MK Dons. Thanks Martin you were great and do a great job in MK.

    Eric Merner -
    I was at the announcement and I think that Martin will sort this club out. Good luck Pete and his team.

    tom drake
    Martin, I would like to take this opportunity to salute you, thank you for two magnificent years with the Bees. Maintain the positive mental attitude the very best of luck with the Dons and as always onwards and upwards.

    Paul Fletcher
    Nobody can deny he did a good job for us at Brentford.However anything he achieved was eclipsed by the way in which he handled his departure.His ego takes some believing& is based on no tangible record of success (whats he won)!.I also think he ran out of options after failing to get the jobs at Leicester,millwall(both last season) & others too numerous to mention.We thought he was a bit different, a man of integrity in a game sadly lacking it,we were wrong!!

    Matt Middleton
    Oh dear oh dear! Martin, you have sold out big time! Staggering to think that he made that pre-season friendly with AFC Wimbledon as a stand against the franchise that is MK Dons. He will be a fantastic person to get the club up and running, PR etc but your football will probably be gritty, nerve racking and dull. Time will tell guys - he's a lovely guy but reserve judgement for the on pitch displays!

    Ian Benning
    Amazed that Martin should drop down a division, he should manager at Charlton or Sunderland not MK Dons! But i wish him good luck.

    NC, Lincoln
    Thought Martin Allen had a bit more about him than to join the Franchise. That club sums up everything thats wrong with football today. Hope they continue to plummet through the league and hopefully into non-existence. Good luck to the AFC Wimbledon, if there is any justice they will pass by MK 'Dons' somewhere in the non-league.

    malcolm devereux
    I read MA's letter on your website, he said the same things to us when he was at Brentford, he is a good manager at our level but I suspect when the going gets tough he'll get going. MA always said we would hear first from him if he was leaving, we never heard a word, be careful MK Dons.

    All i can see is Martin claiming promotion as The Don's finish top of the league.

    Joshua Jones
    I believe martins appointment to be a very foolish one. A person who believes himself to be a premiership manager is far too cocky. The chairman of Milton Keynes should not of sacked Danny Wilson, he is a great manager, i know this from his day as Bristol City. Two seasons he guided us to 3rd and Playoff final which we did not deserve to lose, he brought 11 wins in a row at one stage in the season and thats a sign of a top quality manager, one who can put a winning run together. The reason why he relegated MK Dons is due to the fact that the players they had were rubbish compared to other teams in league one. Good luck Danny Wilson with your new club, but Bristol City are on the march to the Championship.


    Martin P
    Thanks, Martin, for choosing us. We may have been relagated, but we have sold more season tickets than ever before. And to all of the franchise bandwagon-jumpers, get over it. 2000 away to Southampton in the FA Cup... I don't understand all of these clubs pulling out of friendlies. Burnley tried to get people to boycott matches in MK... didn't work! Anyone who went away to Rotherham will know which direction this club is really going in.. Welcome on board, Martin...

    Well done MK Dons for securing a very good manager. They have come a long way since those dark days at Selhurst Park with pitifully small crowds. We should be getting at least 5-6000 crowds this coming season. Should be going up the league before long!! C'mon you DONS.

    Got yourself i goodin there boys, i wanted him for us lot, great character remindes me of physco!! Good luck for the season, GET IN BOYS!!

    Bees fan from near MK
    I'm a Brentford fan who has lived near MK for many years. I have always defended the Dons move to MK and will continue to do so as I think it is good for the city. Although I appreciate that nothing lasts forever, I do feel terribly let down by Mr Allen as I thought he was a man of principle and integrity. I was wrong.

    paul winter
    i think martin will do very well championship side in the making and by the looks of it a very nice stadium in the makeing

    Anthony - Brentford Fan
    There is no doubt Martin is a great manager and I think he'll take them up, but you can tell from the interview his hearts not in it probably because he set his sights on the Tranmere job. He was an excellent PR man for our club and increased our supporter base signficantly, he sounded genuine and said he would always be up front with us, although in the end wasn't. He obviously thinks he is in the wrong league, but if he does take the Dons up, who knows he might get a job with a championship team chasing promotion

    Dave Bee
    Beware MK Dons.....he will say what you want to hear and when it all starts to go wrong,he will be off.Contracts mean nothing to him.Remember the way he also left Barnet.Be patient till you get your next manager.

    Martin Feltham (Bees fan)
    Martin Allan is an honourable man. Something went wrong at the bees and only Martin and our chairman knows the real truth. I will never forget when he pulled out my six year old at Oldham to be mascot for the day. He has a good team with him and my money is on Milton Keynes to finish top.

    neil bartlett - brentford fan
    A very good appointment for MK Dons. I'm sure that MA will win you promotion and crowds will be up. But then he WILL leave you just when you least expect it. He says the right things to get the crowd on his side, but he is very selfish and will move on to further his career. 'Dont believe his hype'

    Kevin Pinchback
    Mk Dons have picked up a gem, its so much Mad dogs character that his love of football over rules money, one day Martin will get his crack at the Premiership. COME ON YOU IRONS!!!!!

    Rigo (drfc)
    I like may others had a lot of respect for Martin Allen, and to a certain degree still do, but I find his decision to join Mk Dons a very silly one. He's an honest bloke, and will really get the best out of everyone associated with Milton Keynes Dons Football Club, but he has to be treated with caution. Extreme caution infact!

    Until last season I followed Man Utd. Moved to MK and went to a couple of matches - great atmosphere, big crowds ang fantastic organisation. Now switching loyalty to the MK Dons. As to all the critics of MK Dons - Maybe you had a point but please don't disrespect people like me who are supporting our local club which represents our fantastic city. Move on and worry about your own clubs. MK Dons - u will fill that stadium and we are all behind you

    Anon North London
    Are you going to sign Ben Strevens who is now a free agent and a good young striker , who was with you at Barnet, he has a lot of experience in League two and may be a asset ?

    Mark Pain
    Brilliant appointment. Me & my nephews cant wait for the season to start.

    Allen the man
    Glad we got him. Top manager. Any ideas who the club up north who he was going to sign for? My best guess is Grimsby

    Brentfords loss is MK Dons gain.Watch them go now.

    Basil Don
    Great appointment,


    Hopefully this will keep us "moving forward" in the direction we deserve to go. I'm "all in a frenzy" with this appointment. Tee hee.

    Jon - Egham
    Bad Call Martin. Sir Greg call your bluff

    Martin Brentford fan
    Martin Allen has been saying for the last 2 years how much he loves being manager of brentford, how much he loves the fans the players and brentford is going places etc.What did he do he sold our best player mid season when all things were going well we topped the table and could do no wrong, we had injuries towards the end which ruined our chances in the play off's. What did he do HE JUMPED SHIP! he couldn't handle the pressure, held the board to ransom, he thought he was bigger than brentford and ran away, just like he says in the bbc interview he thought he was ready for the premiership (what a big head) can't even get through the division one play offs and he's ready for the Premiership. WHAT A JOKE. ALL MK DONS fans get ready for the conference league.

    Alan Mumberson (BRENTFORD FAN)
    Im totally gutted we have lost a man of his understanding of football, I wish martin all the best but if both teams meet then ill be gunnig for him thanks martin&co

    Annie Martin
    Word of warning to the MK fans. Don't believe a word MA says. He is a good manager who will probably do good things for the club. He will make you believe that he cares but like everyone else in football, he really only cares for himself. Remember that and you'll be fine.

    luton till i die
    i think hes made the right desicion by appointing him but its going to be hard

    martin allen iz a real manager he and russell slade (yeovil) are the best managers in the league

    Robert Taylor
    Martin Allen is a great appointment - his approach is exactly what is needed to get MK Dons back into League One. It makes me laugh to read the postings from the Franchise FC whingers - get over it guys - MK Dons was the saviour of the old WFC which would have gone bust had it not relocated. The FA recognises MK Dons as owning the WFC history - just get over it AFC. To those Clubs who pulled out of friendlies due to a handful of so called fans' phone calls (could they have been AFC supporters in disguise?) - shame on you for being so weak. Fantastic new manager, fantastic new stadium - the future is bright - the future is MK Dons!

    Bob Inglis
    I would like to say to all "Franchise moaners" that the people who destroyed the old Wimbledon where the stay away fans who when the going got tough stayed away and put the club in administration and extinction. SHUT UP and GET a LIFE

    Lee Sidwell.
    Bad appointment. I'll be giving them a wide berth.

    Mark Payne
    I hope Martin gets some skilful players - because MK is not the place for any hackers

    James Graham
    Lets have a chuckle, was'nt Danny Wilson the 'messiah'? Ans now Martin Allen, well he is mad for going to the Dongs he will soon realsie what he has got when he goes to the white elephant stadium and attracts 5,000 at best! I am from MK and I hope he carries on Stuart Murdoch's & Danny Wilson's fine work and takes them down to the Ryamn league! Here's hoping! Good luck AFC for new season!

    The ghost of Plough lane
    Good appointment for a ranchised team. Hope Allen fails miserably.

    Mark Taylor
    Martin quotes the excellent way in which the fans at MK Dons created a atmosphere at the National Hockey Stadium when the Bees visited in March...Must have been deaf that night as I didnt witness it just remember how complimentary was always about the Brentford fans who loved and worshipped him until he decided he was bigger than the club

    john - bradford city fan
    That is a brilliant appointment for Mk Dons they couldn't have asked for anything better. Unfortunatly I think they are wasting money on tht new stadium of there's. They'd be much better spending the money on players and getting up a couple of divisions then doing that. Look what happened to Darlington. I think mistakes will be regretted if Allen dosen't do the business. As the stadium will have not many fans in and there won't be any money to buy players with.

    i am sick to death with this franchise stuff, it's happened get over it.

    curt- sheffield wednesday fan
    good luck for the new season,if any body can take the dons up you can, your the right man for this task.the dons need the mad dog job,new team, new ground, all you need is the fans surport,so come on you lot, get your bums on these seats and fill the ground

    Richard Edwards
    You would have thought that Martin Allen would have understood that the MK Dons are a 'stolen' football club having been connected to Brentford through some of their similar troubles. He's sold out which I know is something that Franchise FC will never do at their new stadium

    Good Luck Martin, show them ALL wrong, especially those so-called AFC Fans!

    To all those so called 'Football Fans' out there. Would Wimbledon FC still be around today if they had not moved to MK. Who can say but at least they are alive and kicking. So stop knocking the ethics of it, a TRUE football fan would be happy that another club has been save from going under. I have supported West Ham for over 40 years and will watch any game - WHY, because it's FOOTBALL. The move to MK has happen, it will not change so lets give them our support and wish Martin Allen good luck.

    Paul (who has just renewed his season ticket)
    Can't wait for the new season and from what Pete has said, can't wait for the new stadium either!

    Paul Fletcher
    Good luck to agent Allen in your quest to make sure the franchise are relegated again. I hope and believe you will be successful in your quest.

    Andrew Wood
    Fantastic appointment. As a Dons season ticket holder, well pleased. I hope M.A is hugely succesfull, and shuts up all of these winging "supporters" who have nothing better to do than keep banging on about football franchising. Just the tonic all MK Dons fans needed. Good luck Martin


    Tony Waterer
    Martin Maybe you believe the publicity you created but ending up at MK Dons is hardly a good move, how quickly you have forgotten the Brentford supporters who welcomed you as one of our own and worshiopped evry move, why didn't you communicate with us? Too big for your boots maybe? A legend to a leg end, well done

    John Venables
    Let's hope the 'Mad Dog' can continue what Danny Wilson started, and get the franchise out of the football league.

    Matthew Foran
    He can get lost from Brentford. Beware though mk dons fans when the going gets tought allen gets going.

    Terry France
    Right man,Right place,Right time.Go for it Martin and Pete,its all there for M.K.DONS

    Daniel Divine
    You destroyed Wimbledon and you will get relegated again, come on AFC Wimbledon, not far behind you now are they:-)

    Great appointment from Mr W. MA is just the man for the job. And enough with the 'franchise' stuff already! See the stadium pics and you'll know MKDons are here to stay in MK - you're gonna have to get used to it, even if you never get over it!

    Cobblers Fan
    Will need more than a half decent manager to stop the rot, not much difference between the bottom 2 divisions, so if some of the better MK Dons players are snapped up by bigger clubs in higher leagues, I expect MK to be relegated again.

    Paul Stevens
    Allen threw his toys out of the pram in leaving Brentford. MKD fans will have to hope that the same doesn't happen to their club. He was much revered by Bees fans until he decided that he wanted to leave. Unfortunately, he wasn't considered good enough by any Championship teams and so was left with the prospect of managing a League 2 club. He's more than capable of getting them promoted at the first attempt, but a lot of the football won't be very pretty to watch - especially if they MKD take the lead in games!!

    gashead sam
    good manager

    Ross Griffin
    This is a fantastic appointment for Milton Keynes. I don't honestly believe that they could have hoped for such a talented manager. As for Danny Wilson, he should have been sacked at Christmas, Hartlepool will struggle next season with him at the realm.

    richie rich
    yes we have great manager i expect great things from Martin Allen. He will get us promoted if he dont do it automatically he will do it via the play offs. Remeber the name martin allen all you dons fans he will be the one to get us promoted. cum on you dons.

    Joe Sheerin
    From 'Mad Dog' to 'Bad Dog' in one fell swoop. Shame on you Martin.

    The FlimFlamMan
    A really good appointment for the MK Dongs my only regret is that Wycombe Wanderers didn't snap his services, thou it is nice to have two League sides in Buckinghamshire I'm looking forward to the local derbies.

    Why should Allen succeed where Stuart Murdoch and Danny Wilson Failed. Franchising of football is simply wrong and is snubbed by the rest of the football league.

    Fantastic appointment but have to say WELL DONE TO PETE WINKLEMAN for pulling off such a deal to land the best manager outside the Premiership. Go On You Dons!

    Mk Mad
    Ken- I'm sure Matin can 'pull it off' like the best of them.

    Fantastic appointment The championship here we come!!

    Mark R
    Well done Pete Winkelman! Martin Allen will bring the team spirit, the passion and the confidence that our teams have lacked. Very much looking forward to the game against Bury (not a sentence you hear very often). I really dont understand the 'franchise' comments. Wimbledon should have found somebody in their local area (and some supporters) years ago if they wanted to keep their team and ground going. Manchester United used to be called Ardwick Old Boys - do we hear the people of Ardwick complain? Sit down shut up. 29 minutes and a cup of coffee? Great interview technique!

    Gary T
    What a superb appointment lets get behind this man and not start bitching before the season starts give the man ago

    Levi Bergman
    Any respect I had for the man has gone up in smoke. Anyone who chooses to collaborate with the MK entity has got a very, very warped understanding of football.

    Doug Hammond
    It's bizarre - he could have done *so* much better. Oh well, I guess that puts the 'mad' into 'mad dog'. Keep sliding, MK Dons...



    Joe the Wycombe Drummer
    Sickened, always thought Martin Allen was a good bloke as well as a good manager, but anyone who associates themselves with 'Franchise FC' shows they have no respect for football or those who folllow the game in this country. Mad Dog, you should be ashamed of yourself...

    Can this be the same Martin Allen who wrote this for Brentford's pre-season friendly with AFC Wimbledon in 2004? "These programme notes are quite special to me for a few different reasons.....2)It is to welcome Wimbledon Football Club. I played against that football club on many occasions, against the bully boys Fashanu, Jones, wise, young and several other assassins at the tight Plough Lane home ground with the poxy changing rooms and the rise of the club through the leagues with a group of hardworking, dedicated quality players was quite exceptional.They branded a style of play and stuck to their game plan. They trusted each other and gave everything they had week in week out.To get to the FA Cup Final and the Premiership was quite unbelievable and when it came round to arranging pre season friendlies it was my chance to invite Wimbledon Football Club to Griffin Park. The fact that we are playing for a cup is not of high priority to me.Tonight this is about the recognition of Wimbledon Football Club"

    Colin Dardis
    It's been very hard recently being a Dons fan, dealing with relegation and the cancellation of friendly matches. But this is a real boost for us, and makes next season a far more exciting prospect!

    exalent exactly what we need!

    Drew Harrison
    Great appointment for Milton Keynes Dons! Martin Allen will make the players work for a living and not let them shirk their repsonsibilities. MK Dons must have 11 hard working professionals on the pitch -they have no room for poseurs!

    Paul Oldfield
    It has got to be good for the club and the fans as he shows great engery and work ethic.I hope he is a peoples person and meets and greats the fans. i hope he keeps the good players the club has got such as rizzo and lew and ben .sell mccloud take the money and reinvest.

    Steve Black
    Just don't expect him to stick around too long if the phone rings!

    As a West Ham supporter living in MK I think this a great appointment. Lets all wish Martin good luck.

    Gary Frost
    As a Brentford supporter i feel let down,we at last seemed to have a manager to take us forward,funny old game Good luck Martin.

    Howard Do the Twist
    Martin Allen is a fantastic manager. He really engages the fans and chariman in everything he does, until a better off comes and then he just walks away. He's worse than a diviorce.

    This is a massive coup for the MK Dons and i can not wait. Martin Allen is very passionate something i think Danny Wilson lacked, watching the Dons last season all you saw Danny do was turn up in a suit send out his assistant and may be wave his arms about. one thing i noticed when Brentford came to visit was that Martin Allen would kick every ball with the players during the game and make himself herd. Here is to a great season and the best of luck Mr Allen. COME ON YOU DONS!!!!!

    I had a lot of respect for Martin Allen then he makes a very silly decision to join MK Dons. What a waste of talent?

    jack Day
    Wonderful news, just what the club needs,i look forward to the start of the new season

    I am a fan and season ticket holder and could not have wished for a better appointment. I like many others come from the London area, my team when in London was QPR so I know what you get from Martin, Commitment 100% COME ON YOU DONS LETS SHOW EM. My thanks go to the chairman.

    Ralph Papendorf - Perth, Western Australia
    Good work. Mad Dog will be great for the Club. Hopefully MK gets behind Martin.

    James, Croydon Don
    Mad Dog - WOW! I feared the worse when the names would come and go like Rosenior and Spackman. But I thought Allen would be in the Championship. Being here is just great! Come on you Dons!

    No Franchise !!
    He wont last long as he will soon find that the player budget is zero

    Peter Crawford
    I think MA left B'ford because the club execs lacked ambition and needed to invest in at least a new striker. Now B'ford are losing the backbone of the team. I think he will bring drive to the Dons and instil some pride in the players. I would add that I have been a B'ford supporter for longer than I care to remember!! Good luck to the MKD in the coming season and to MA.

    James Horne
    Good luck to Martin, wish you every success with your new club (Brentford fan)

    James Smith
    A disgrace for anyone to take a job at 'Franchise FC'. What an embarrassment this football club is to our town, MK. I am ashamed, and Martin Allen has sold out.

    Steve Watson
    Allen has failed two seasons on the trot to get Brentford promoted...his side were awful to watch...what makes him think he can do any different here?

    Trevor Knell
    Enjoy the PR while he's there, he'll be gone before you know it! ;-)

    Matt Cooper
    We all wanted to be wanted. Wimbledon fans wanted their own ground in Merton, not 70 miles aways, but then who really cares what the fans want? I hope the cheque is worth foresaking your morales.

    "I'll only tell you what's happening - if something's going to happen, you'll hear it from me first." Martin Allen after being appointed Franchise FC boss Well He NEVER said anything about resigning from us.

    Sir John of Bishop
    MA should be an ace face in the MK dons pack.

    Jim Lenton
    Heard it all before when he was at Brentford. He's big on words it has to be said but not always on delivery. It's a step down because no one else wanted him, that's hard for him to take but a fact. Martin Allen has potential to be a good manager as long as he stops believing his own publicity

    John Holden
    Good news Just the type of manager we need Onwards and upwards from now on

    Mads Tarrant
    The man talks the talk, but never quite walks the walk. Good luck to MKDons, however they may be club no.4 where Martin Allen has left them - when he was under contract - a reputation which is not a good one to have.

    Martin Allen is a great choice he brought Brentford close to glory twice and hopefully can guide MK Dons into league 1 next season

    im so happy now that Martin Allen is our new manager he is possibly the best manager out side the premership and im so thrilled that we have him. we will get promotion next year not doubt

    what a quality day it has been. cant wait to see mad dogs fit and strong team next year from the cowshed!

    Andy Kirtland
    Well done Pete, you can't have picked a better man for the job. MK has great potential as a city & as a football club & so does Martin Allen, its a great match! good luck Martin & do the club, fans & city prould.

    He'll get you onside with his words "MK Dons did not deserve to go down" I'm afraid to say that the League Table doesn't lie. He will turn his back on you. He is BAD NEWS for you. LEROY'S BARMY ARMY

    Trevor Shattock
    Is this the same Martin Allen who as Brentford manager referred to his new club as 'Plastic FC' and also waxed lyrical in his programme notes (friendly v AFC Wimbledon) about facing the real Wimbledon that night? Well Mr Allen what a hypocrite you are. Disgraceful.

    Ashley Eastham
    i think its great and hopefully he can make us (mk dons)big just like wimbeldon were and hopefully bring football to live in mk.

    Chris Root
    Good luck to Martin Allen! So far he hasn't suggested that Milton Keynes has anything to do with the Club that used to play in SW19. Let's hope that he keeps it that way and that he understands that what he does and what he achieves is in the name of Milton Keynes only.

    Guido Pazzi
    I remember all this infectious enthusiasm when Danny Wilson was appointed - and look what happened there !

    Loyal AFC Don
    Nice guy! Shame he had to lower his standards and join a franchised outfit!

    Thank God !
    .....I don't have to see anymore of that constant HOOFBALL, good luck MK your gonna need it!!

    Barnsley Dave
    Surprised at Allen taking this job after slagging MK Dons off a couple of years ago as not being a proper club

    Andy Setter
    Doesn't matter who their manager it, the club will always be a franchise and nothing more.

    Don Nik
    Not quite a Hollywood movie, but how Mad Dog got here, seeing the stadium and tasting the enthusiasm. 3 Years of hurt are about to melt away! All we need now is 'MK Dons' in big white letters on the side of the tallest hill!

    What a result... was worried the time taken to get a manager... but pete has pulled this one out of the bag... Only got the bast manager in the league!!

    Alan Gibbs
    What a promising start. He is certainly going to endear himself to us with that positive attitude and enthusiasm.

    bob nutt
    an excellent appointment. watch us go.

    Matt Coleman
    Thankyou so much Mr Allen for picking our club. I hope you are here for a long time.

    Harry Wilmin
    What fantastic News for the MK Dons..feel like Ive just had an adrenalin rush.....

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