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29 October 2014

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    Everybody's favourite bear - Sooty

    Sooty bears all!

    Katy Lewis
    After 58 years of silence, one of Britain's premier entertainers finally reveals all his showbiz secrets! Read our exclusive interview here!

    Sooty: The Izzy Wizzy Holiday Show

    The Elgiva, St Mary's Way, Chesham

    1 April 2006

    1.00pm and 4.00pm

    Broxbourne Civic Centre, Hoddesden

    5 April 2006

    Sooty’s new show sees Sooty, Sweep, Soo and the rest of the crazy gang on a holiday adventure at the mysterious Hotel Poshington for buckets of laughter, music, mess, magic and of course what Sooty show wouldn’t be complete without water!!

    In 1948, Harry Corbett found Sooty on Blackpool Pier and, recognising his star potential, took him home to help him entertain his children.

    The comedy double act soon became a household name when in 1955 Sooty got his very own show, The Sooty Show, which ran on various channels until the mid-1990s with Matthew Corbett (Harry's son) taking over in 1967. Since Matthew retired in 1998, the TV show has been presented by Richard Cadell.

    Like all superstars Sooty is surrounded by a group of aides and confidentes and his entourage have been cleverly integrated into his act.

    Sweep, a dog who communicates through a series of squeaks and has an endless supply of bones, joined him in 1957 and later the two were joined by Soo, a black and white female bear.

    Further characters followed, such as Kipper the cat, Butch the dog, Ramsbottom, a snake with a broad Northern accent and more recently Sooty's young cousin Scampi.

    Multi-talented Sooty plays the xylophone and performs magic with oofle dust and spells of "Izzy wizzy, let's get busy". He retains an aura of mystique due to the fact that he only ever speaks through his human companion.

    The Sooty Show
    Sooty with Soo - not annoying .... just bossy!

    But now, courtesy of the wonders of modern technology, the legendary bear granted us an exclusive interview and answers all those questions that you know you've always wanted to ask!

    Q. How would you describe yourself?

    Sooty: I would describe myself as a mischief making, magical bear!

    Q. How did you first get into showbusiness?

    Sooty: I first got into showbusiness after meeting a lovely man called Harry Corbett in Blackpool, way back in the 1940’s. Harry came up with the great idea that we should become a double act to entertain boys and girls and their mums and dads…and the rest is history!

    Q. Your latest tour is called The Izzy Wizzy Holiday Show  - what can audiences expect?

    The gang and I book a package holiday at Butch the bulldog’s Hotel Poshington only to discover on our arrival that the hotel is closed and the staff are on holiday! Determined to enjoy ourselves my mischievous chums and I decide to take turns to cook and clean the mysterious hotel with comical consequences.

    Q. How on earth do you understand what Sweep is saying?

    Sooty: I learned to speak Sweep’s native language ‘Sweepsqueak’ from a very early age. It’s just like learning French or Spanish at school, once you get the hang of it, it’s really very easy!

    Q. Do you ever wish you could talk out loud - and when you've whispered into someone's ear, has anybody ever lied about what you've said?

    Sooty: I’ve never wished that I could talk out loud. Whispering has its uses! Nobody would ever lie about what I’ve said or they would be in for one of my custard pies!

    Q. You are a great practical joker, but what's the funniest / worst thing anybody has ever done to get their own back?

    Sooty: Mmm, it doesn’t happen often, but Sweep did play a practical joke on me at Christmas. He hid my real magic wand and replaced it with an identical fake magic wand, when I tried to perform my magic nothing happened and I thought I’d lost all my magic powers! I soon found my real magic wand and quickly got my own back!

    Q. How annoying is Soo?

    "When I tried to perform my magic nothing happened and I thought I’d lost all my magic powers!"
    Sooty, after Sweep's meddling

    Sooty: I wouldn’t say that Soo is annoying…just bossy! She likes to be in charge and tell everyone what to do all of the time...but she means well.

    Q. After the Scrappy Doo debacle, was it a hard decision to bring your cousin Scampi into the show? Has it worked?

    Scampi is my little cousin and made his own decision to follow my footsteps into showbiz. His natural gift for mischief and mayhem made him an instant hit with Sooty Show fans.

    Q. What's funniest - water pistol or custard pie?

    Sooty: Ohhhh that’s a hard question to answer!!! They are both equally as funny! The water pistol has the element of surprise and the custard pie creates lots of sticky mess!

    Q. How do you relax on your days off?

    Sooty: I polish my magic wand so that it is nice and shiny and practice lots of new magic tricks, I make sure my water pistol is filled with clean cold water and bake lots of fresh custard pies!

    Q. Izzy Wizzy lets get busy! What magic trick would you most like to perform? Would it be to bring about world peace, end all famine and stop discrimination - or something more mischievous?!

    Sooty: I like to think that making people happy is the most important part of my job, so I would like to magic happiness all over the world and make sure that everybody smiles at least once a day!

    Q. You're allowed a dinner party of six other entertaining animals dead or alive. Who do you invite?

    Sooty: Well, I’d have to invite Yogi Bear and Paddington Bear because it would be nice to have some fellow bear company! Parsley the Lion and Muffin the Mule are very old friends of mine and we could chat about the old days. I would also invite Kipper the dog to keep Sweep company and Barney the dinosaur to join in with our fun songs and dancing!

    Q. Would you ever do a celebrity reality TV show?

    Sooty and Sweep
    Sooty with Sweep - I quickly got my own back!

    Sooty: I could never take part in a reality TV show because I would miss Sweep and the gang too much! Besides, I am always on the road touring my famous shows and wouldn’t have the time!

    Q. You've been in the business for a long time and have achieved more than a lot of bears, but have you still got a burning ambition to do something?

    I am at my happiest when I am entertaining the girls and boys, mums and dads and granddads and grandmas! I have never wanted to do anything else apart from what I have been doing for the past 57 years! My only ambition is to carry on doing the job that I love!

    © Sooty Ltd 2005 A HIT Entertainment Joint Venture

    Download your Sooty and Friends Wallpaper using the link on the right-hand side.

    last updated: 09/03/06
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    Natalie Mushroom
    I think Sweep is a sexy the way he squeaks all day, and Soo, if i were a puppet...

    Robbyn Smith
    I love Soo, she looks like an australian tent.

    Marcus Hindle
    I just love Sooty and Sweep, i can so relate to Soo she has the most amazing fashion sense. I just LOVE Sweep. He is so totally cute. Love Marcus xx

    Mrs. Sweep
    Sweep Is Soo Cute! I Love Him To Bits and his cute little voice!

    that program is amazing bring back some re-runs of it please

    jessica paul
    i am absalutly crazy about your shows i yjink there so fummy i threw up once wouldnt yiu agree with me

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