About Things To Do

Things To Do helps you discover great local activities offered by the BBC and our partners connected to our TV and radio programmes, and other BBC campaigns.

We're working with hundreds of organisations such as the National Trust and The Wildlife Trusts as well as aggregate partners such as Culture24.

  • What sort of activities are included?

    A typical partner activity could be a Hands On History (the BBC's history campaign) Norman shield making activity at your local museum, a nature walk run by the Ramblers or an adventure sports taster session at your local sports centre. We'll also tell you when the BBC's coming to your neck of the woods with roadshows such as the Bang Goes The Theory Tour and the Wallace & Gromit Tour.

  • How do I find activities on Things To Do?

    To find activities near you, type your UK postcode, region or town into the search box. You can then use the filters on the right-hand side of the page to narrow your search further.

    For more information about Things To Do and how the site works, visit our help section.

  • Why is the BBC offering Things To Do?

    The BBC already provides activities relating to our Learning campaigns and many other programmes across bbc.co.uk. Things To Do aims to bring these activities together on one site to inspire audiences to get involved in hands on activities across a range of genres, from Nature, Science and History to Arts & Culture, Sport, Music and Outdoors & Adventure.

  • Is this a new listings site?

    Things To Do is not a listings website so it's not the place to find comprehensive regional listings. All activities are run by BBC not-for-profit or publicly funded partners and promoted by BBC TV, radio and campaigns.

    We will, however, include links to commercial websites that do have listings information so that you can visit them.

  • What are BBC campaigns?

    BBC campaigns aim to build on the interest generated by our TV and radio programmes to encourage and enable people to learn through experience. Recent campaigns include: Springwatch/Autumnwatch (nature), Countryfile (outdoors & adventure), Stargazing Live (astronomy) and Hands on History (history).

  • Who are your partners?

    Things To Do partners are third party, not-for-profit and publicly funded organisations who offer activities to the public and whose goals match those of our current campaigns. Things To Do partners are not affiliated with the BBC; they run their activities independently from the BBC and the BBC does not manage their activities.

  • Who is Culture24?

    Culture24 already work directly with cultural venues across the UK to collect, promote and share their data. They are the official cultural data provider for the BBC Things To Do website and is a company limited by guarantee and a registered charity. The Culture24 website also includes news, reviews and complete listings from the UK's arts and heritage sectors.

  • How can my organisation become a partner?

    Our partners range in size from big organisations like the RSPB and the British Museum to smaller partners such as local museums, libraries and nature groups.

    If your organisation offer free, non-commercial activities and would like to find out more about whether you could register your activities on Things To Do, go to www.bbc.co.uk/thingstodo/activitymaker

    If your organisation is already registered with Culture24, you can also upload your activities to Things To Do via Culture24

Become a partner

Become a partner

Does your not-for-profit or publicly funded organisation run activities that could feature here?