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  • Snowy Hyde Park

    FRI 12 DEC

    A Walk in the Park: Christmas with Victoria and Albert

    Isis Education Centre, London

    Run by: Royal Parks Foundation

    Join the Isis Education Centre team for a stroll to look at the seasonal folklore, traditions and feasts that have developed to sustain…

  • Starry Night

    WED 26 NOV

    An Introduction To Astronomy

    Adult Learning Farnham Centre, Farnham

    Run by: Surrey Adult Learning

    Learn about our place in the universe, and the nature and lives of stars! Find stars, planets and deep sky objects; and how to take pho…

  • Archeology dirt screening

    TUE 25 NOV


    Archaeology Identification Afternoon

    Museums Sheffield: Weston Park, Sheffield

    Run by: Museums Sheffield: Weston Park

    Go out and discover some archaeological finds and bring them to Weston Park to get them identified.

  • Across the pond

    SUN 7 DEC


    Carols by Starlight at the Observatory Science Centre

    The Observatory Science Centre, Hailsham

    Run by: The Observatory Science Centre

    A evening filled with Christmas Carols, mince pies and viewing the night sky through historic telescopes.

  • Stars

    SAT 29 NOV


    Dark Sky Stargazing

    Fords Heath Caravan Park, Shrewsbury

    Run by: Shropshire Astronomical Society

    Join the Shropshire Astronomical Society at a dark site in the centre of Shropshire to explore or be guided around the wonders of the n…

  • photograph of test tubes with colourful liquids

    TUE 2 DEC


    Elements: Dorothy Hodgkin, Patterns and the Nobel Prize

    Ulster Museum, Belfast

    Run by: Ulster Museum

    What led to the exceptional success of Nobel Prize winner Dorothy Hodgkin, discoverer of the crystal structure of penicillin and insuli…

  • Visitors with Telescopes

    MON 24 NOV


    Open Dome Event - Make and Break Galaxies - Formation and Transformation of Galaxies

    Nottingham Trent University, Clifton Campus, Nottingham

    Run by: Nottingham Trent University

    Although we have much to learn, we have made progress towards understanding how galaxies form and evolve. Prof A Aragón-Salamanca (Uni…

  • Across the pond

    SAT 29 NOV

    Open Evenings at the Observatory Science Centre

    The Observatory Science Centre, Hailsham

    Run by: The Observatory Science Centre

    Are you interested in the night sky? Have you ever wondered what it would be like to look at the stars, planets and the moon through so…

  • photograph of sundial

    SAT 29 NOV


    Pick a Pocket Sundial

    Museum of the History of Science, Oxford

    Run by: Museum of the History of Science

    Come along and make your own pocket sundial.

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