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Activity Photos

  • Why do you require images?

    Audience research for the BBC Get Inspired Activity Finder told us that without images users are less interested in finding out more about an activity or attending it. As the internet has become more image rich, audiences want photos of activities as this helps them understand what the activity is about and what they will be doing on the day.
  • I don’t have an image for my activity, what can I do?

    If you don’t have an image for your activity, there are lots of copyright free photos available on the internet which you can use for free. One way of looking for suitable photos might be to look for those that are listed under a Creative Commons licence or a similar permissive licence. 

    You can find these by: 
    - looking at the Creative Commons section on Flickr    
    - searching for Creative Commons images on Google using an advanced search   
    - searching the Wikimedia Creative Commons images.

    If there is an image you'd like to use, check the rights section on the photo page to see what Creative Commons licence it is made available with. If you use a Creative Commons photo, please make sure that you credit the photographer and add a Creative Commons link on your activity form in the spaces provided.

  • What are the Creative Commons licenses?

    Creative Commons licences let people keep the copyright on their work while allowing others to copy and distribute it, providing they give credit and respect the conditions specified. This can be used for any creative work including images and music. 

    There are various Creative Commons licences. Any of the following are suitable for the BBC Get Inspired Activity Finder: 
    - Attribution 
    - Attribution Non-commercial 
    - Attribution No Derivative Works 
    - Attribution Share Alike 

    Most of the time it is not necessary to ask the copyright owner for permission to use their photo when it is already licensed under Creative Commons, but please check this as you will be responsible for ensuring that you have permission for using any images. Most of these licences do require you to credit the copyright owner/photographer.
  • How do I credit images on the BBC Get Inspired Activity Finder?

    When you create an activity on Activity Maker, there is a field called ‘Photo credit’ which allows you to credit the copyright owner of the photo. This can be used to credit commercial and non-commercial copyright owners. If the photo you’ve selected is non-commercial and licensed under the Creative Commons, you can also add a link to the following websites: 
    - Flickr 
    - Wikimedia 

    We review this list regularly so let us know if there are other sites with Creative Commons images that we should include.

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