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  • How do I know if the location I need is already in the system?

    When you are filling out the activity location, type in the name of the venue where your activity is being held. If that location is already stored in our database, it will appear in a list and you can add it to your activity. If it is not in our database, you'll need to create it by clicking on 'Can't find your location'.

  • Can I create a new location?

    If you cannot find a location for your activity, you can create that location in our database. If you are creating a location, please make sure all the details you fill in are correct, as they will be shared by other organisations running activities at this location.
  • Can I edit other people’s locations?

    Yes, if you spot an error with one of the locations listed in our database, please correct it. However, please be very careful about editing locations as this location will be shared with all other organisations on our system. If your activity is taking place in a certain part of a location e.g. a building within the location, please do not edit an existing location. Instead either create a new location for that building or use the existing location and add details in the ‘Meeting Point’ field when you create your activity.
  • What is the difference between facilities for a location and facilities for an activity?

    There are two sets of facility details you can fill in – the permanent facilities for a location and the temporary facilities that are available at the location for the activity, e.g. an activity may temporarily provide catering facilities which are not at the location permanently. If the activity you are running has different facilities from those usually listed for the location, please select the appropriate temporary facilities when you are filling in the activity form. This facility information will be displayed on your activity page in place of the facilities set as standard for your chosen location.
  • My activity is happening at a variety of locations, what should I do?

    If your activity is happening at more than one location you can use the duplicate button (which appears in the top area in your 'Activities' when you select one particular activity) to save you re-entering all the details for your activity. Duplicating allows you to create a duplicate copy of the activity and add a new location. You can duplicate an activity as many times as you want.

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