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Creating Activities

  • I have been approved as a partner, how do I create activities?

    Step 1: Login at using the passcode you were sent by email. 

    Step 2: Click ‘Create new activity’ and click on ‘BBC Get Inspired’.

    Step 3: Check that the location of your activity is listed by typing the location name in the 'Find location' box. If it is not found in our search, you'll need to add it to our system. To do this, click 'Can't find your location?' to create a new location.

    Step 4: Then click on 'Next' and fill in the activity form. Once you are happy with the form, you can preview your activity and then submit. 

    Step 5: Your activity will be checked by a member of the BBC Get Inspired team. If the activity is suitable, it will go live on the BBC Get Inspired Activity Finder website. If there is a problem with the activity, we will contact you to let you know.  

    Only one authorised person from an organisation should register on behalf of the organisation. If more than one person is authorised to create activities, it is worth registering with an email address that all those with authorisation can access.

    Please note that we check every activity that is added to the BBC Get Inspired Activity Finder before it goes live and therefore ask that you allow up to 5 working days for these checks to be made.

  • How do I add multiple dates for an activity?

    When you are creating the activity, you can add more than one date for repeating activities. The option for this is below the date, simply click on 'add new occurence' and new time(s).
  • What happens if I duplicate an activity?

    Duplicating allows you to create a duplicate copy of the activity. It keeps most of the information you entered but the date, location, photo and photo description will need to be changed or entered again.
  • Can I include my activity under more than one category?

    Absolutely, if your activity involves more than one category, e.g. Lifestyle as well as Outdoors & Adventure then you can list it under as many as appropriate.

  • What happens after I have submitted my activity?

    Once submitted, your activity will be checked by the Get Inspired team (and where necessary edited) before it is put live on the website. Editing occurs if we notice something requires a change e.g. if we spot grammatical errors or problems with your photos. In the latter instance, we may recommend you change it or we may change it ourselves.
  • What are 'not approved' activities / locations?

    If there is a problem with the activity or location that requires more attention, you will receive an email to let you know your activity has been 'not approved'. When you log in, the problem will also be flagged at the top of the page – text will appear saying ‘The following were 'not approved' – please review:’ along with a link to a list of all your activities/locations. Click into the activity/location and you’ll see a note on the page outlining the problem. 

    - If the issue is resolvable, it will be referred back to you to be re-edited. You can then re-submit the activity/location. 
    - If the problem is unresolvable (e.g. your activity isn’t suitable) this will be outlined in the notes.
  • What are the different statuses for an activity?

    Activities can have the following different statuses: 

    Draft: Your activity/location has not yet been submitted. To submit it, click on the name of the activity/location, edit it and hit submit. 

    Submitted: Your activity/location has been submitted to our system but the Get Inspired team have not yet seen it or seen your changes. 

    Not approved: Your activity/location has been checked by our team and there are some issues with it, please see the notes on the activity as to whether the issues can be resolved. 

    Live: Your activity is live on the BBC Get Inspired Activity Finder. 

    Archived: Your activity has been archived by the Get Inspired team or you have archived it yourself. It no longer appears on the website. If you are unsure why your activity has been Archived, please contact the Get Inspired team by emailing 

    Expired: Your activity has ended and has automatically expired. It no longer appears on the BBC Get Inspired Activity Finder.

  • There are limited places for my activity, how should I convey this?

    Please list this in the registration details box. If your activity becomes fully booked, please make sure you edit your activity in the 'When is your activity happening?' section. Just click on the wheel icon on the right and select 'fully booked'.
  • An activity which I’ve created has been cancelled, how can I remove it?

    If your activity is cancelled, please make sure you edit your activity in the 'When is your activity happening?' Just click on the wheel icon on the right and select 'Cancelled'.
  • What happens when an activity expires?

    Once expired, an event will no longer appear on the BBC Get Inspired Activity Finder search page or on the website. If users have saved the URL for your event and click back onto it, they will be informed that the event has already taken place and redirected to other, similar activities. An expired activity will appear as expired in your activities list in Activity Maker and can be re-submitted with new dates at any point.

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