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  • Kendo Practice

    FRI 12 JUN


    Clements Hall Leisure Complex, Hawkwell

    Run by: Soushinkan Kendo Dojo

    Come and try the traditional Japanese martial art of Kendo - Japanese sword fencing.

  • 3G Football

    FRI 12 JUN

    Friday Night Elevens Football League

    Coach Lane Campus, Northumbria University, Newcatle upon Tyne

    Run by: Northumberland Football Association

    A new, 11v11, open-age (16 plus), male, bi-weekly, flexible-format league, played on FIFA approved 3G central venues.

  • Fencing in action

    FRI 12 JUN

    Fencing 4 All

    Farringdon Community Academy, Sunderland

    Run by: North East Region England Fencing

    Beginner to experienced fencers are welcome to learn the sport, rekindle the fighting spirit or just for more fencing!

  • Chinese Yoga and Tai Chi

    FRI 12 JUN

    Chinese Yoga and Tai Chi

    The Bath House Children's Community Centre, London

    Run by: Lishi International

    Experience the power of moving with stillness and relaxation, nourishing your chi, soft self-defence, and increase your vitality.

  • Students practice self defence with the cane.

    FRI 12 JUN

    Free Bartitsu Class

    Sheffield Springs Academy, Sheffield

    Run by: PUMA Bartitsu

    Learn to be a Kingsman! Learn the martial art of British stick and umbrella fighting, we offer training in Bartitsu, western self defen…

  • Balling in croydon

    FRI 12 JUN

    Open Basketball Run

    Trinity School, Croydon

    Run by: Croydon Cougars Basketball Club

    Friday night scrimmage all welcome. 5 on 5 competition, winner stays on. Come ball with the cougars.

  • Walking Football Session Attendees (Week 1)

    FRI 12 JUN

    Walking Football

    Stanley Park Sports Ground, Chippenham

    Run by: Wiltshire FA

    Walking Football has arrived in Wiltshire for the over-50s. A slower pace of the game, great for those wanting to get back into footbal…

  • Friday night

    FRI 12 JUN

    Friday Night Rumble Adults Judo Classes

    Croydon Judo Club, Croydon

    Run by: Croydon Judo Club

    For all of you who want to shrug off the difficulties of the week and start the weekend off with: fun, exercise and friendship, please …

  • Participants enjoying a Go Canoeing Guided Tour

    FRI 12 JUN

    Go Canoeing Guided Tour: Summer Night PaddleGo Canoeing Guided Tour: Summer Night…

    Dinton Activity Centre, Hurst

    Run by: Go Canoeing

    Explore the lake by boat and enjoy the magic of the summer night skies to remember this evening for years to come.

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