James Nesbitt

James Nesbitt's acting career began in the 1980s, although it wasn't until the mid 90s, when he appeared in the drama series Cold Feet and the film Waking Ned, that he became a well known figure.

He won many awards for his work in Cold Feet and was initially regarded as a TV comedy actor until taking the title role in BBC series Murphy's Law. His performance as Tommy Murphy, a police officer, caused Nesbitt to be taken more seriously and won him an Irish Film and Television Award.

Nesbitt's dramatic performance in the film Bloody Sunday (2002) also won him a British Independent Film Award and he was later nominated for a Golden Globe for his work in BBC series Jekyll.

His films include Danny Boyle's Millions (2004) and Woody Allen's Match Point (2005).

Jimmy Nesbitt was born in Northern Ireland in 1965 and was raised a Protestant. He has three older sisters.

He was initially keen to become a teacher (like his sisters) but, after doing an apprenticeship at a local theatre, decided to try his luck at acting and attended drama school in London.

Jimmy married his wife Sonia in 1994 and they have two daughters. He loves football and is a huge Manchester United supporter. It is through the football club that Jimmy became aware of the charity UNICEF. He has been a UNICEF UK Ambassador since 2005, campaigning for children's rights.

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