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Like Izz, Marion is a dairymaid at Talbothays farm and is besotted with Angel. However, she is fond of Tess, and when the two meet again at Flintcombe-Ash, she becomes a deep friend and reliable ally.

Mr Clare

Mr Clare is a charitable but highly moral clergyman in Emminster. He is disturbed by his son Angel's 'modern' and unchristian beliefs, and by the young man's determination to marry Tess. But he's also a kindly man who loves his son deeply. On a visit home, Angel is surprised to see a recent convert of his father's - none other than Alec D'Urberville.

Retty Priddle


Retty is another of the dairymaids obsessed with Angel. When she realises she'll never be his love, she descends into despair and decides there's nothing left to live for.

Mercy Chant

Mercy's an upright priggish young lady and a schoolmistress of a good family at Emminster, destined, or so the Clares at first assume, for Angel's hand in marriage.

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The drama has now finished.

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