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13 November 2014

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We Are Teesside

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Jacqueline Thomas

Jacqueline Thomas

Jacqueline Thomas

Some people might like to paint Teesside as a cultural void, but along with the region's new MIMA modern art gallery and award winning writers, poets and painters, is a lass from Linthorpe, who's playing classical music with the best of them.

She may move without remark through the high culture scene in our nation's capital, but get her on home turf, and there is no doubt that Jacqueline Thomas is a Teessider through and through.

"Fred Humphrey's!" She reminisces. "Whatever happened to that? And Uptons ... I used to get my Spangles in Fred Humphrey's, at the sweet counter."

Yep, she's definitely one of us. A talented musician from a young age, Jacqueline and her brother went off to music college in Manchester, and then then ended up in London. "As you usually do", she says, "Because the airports are better."

Jacqueline Thomas

In 1972, Jacqueline was a founder member of the Brodsky Quartet, of which she is still a member today. She now lives in London with her husband Paul Cassidy, also a member of the Brodsky Quartet, and their two girls.

Though the Brodsky Quartet is a traditionally arranged classical string quartet and performs the kind of work you would expect, Beethoven, Schubert, Shostakovich, they have also collaborated with some of modern music's big names, such as Elvis Costello and Björk.

Jacqueline says, "We have very broad horizons. We like to work with all sorts of people. We don't call it crossover, we call it working with good musicians, because when musicians know what they're doing and they're class and talented and brilliant, it doesn't matter what side of music they come from. We just like to share ideas and work together."

The Brodsky Quartet collaborated with Elvis Costello in 1992, when they co-wrote and performed The Juliet Letters with him, a collaboration that led to an unusual tip of the hat to the Teesside of Jacqueline's youth.

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You are in: Tees > People > We Are Teesside > Jacqueline Thomas

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