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13 November 2014

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We Are Teesside

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Bikers follow Oz's coffin.

Teesside biker's send-off

A convoy of slow moving vehicles is par for the course at British funerals, but when it came to laying biker Tony Osbourne to rest, four wheels just didn't seem right. A parade of bikers accompanied him on his final trip through Loftus.


""I've seen Oz at rallies before, where this guy's lost his wallet and then he's turned round and given the guy 20 quid for petrol to get him home. It'"


Better known as 'Oz', 45 year old Tony Osbourne was a popular figure among bikers in the region, but it was his passion that would, ultimately, contribute to his early death.

In 2005, Tony had an accident while out on his bike, and it was following the last in a series of subsequent leg operations at Scarborough General Hospital, that he died on September 23, 2008.

In October 2008, more than 100 bikers rode in cavalcade to accompany his funeral procession.

One of them, Tonk, told BBC Tees, "He was one of them blokes. He's gone 50 miles out of his way to give us a lift to a rally, and then gone past home and gone 50 miles out to take you home again. He was part of the family.


Oz's funeral cavalcade.


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You are in: Tees > People > We Are Teesside > Teesside biker's send-off

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