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13 November 2014

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Tyne Bridge Workers

Dorman Long at work

Made in Teesside

The next time someone sneers at you for coming from Teesside, run off this list of the world's great structures that were made, at least in part, by Teessiders. If there is anything we have missed do let us know.

Sydney Harbour Bridge

Teesside Harbour Bridge (Sydney)

Sydney Harbour Bridge (Built by Dorman Long)

Probably our best known structure. Thousands of people climb the bridge every year and are told how it was built by Dorman Long.

Birmingham Bullring

Birmingham Bullring

Birmingham Bullring (Steel by Teesside Cast Products)

It is the heart of the regeneration of England's second city and an £800m cathedral to shopping.

Canary Wharf

Canary Wharf, London

Canary Wharf (Steel by Teesside Cast Products/Steelwork by Cleveland Bridge)

Right in the heart of London's expensive suit district, stands Britain's tallest building. Canary Wharf Tower was built with steelwork made on Teesside, designed on Teesside and fashioned on Teesside.

Freedom Tower

Artist's impression of Freedom Tower

New World Trade Centre, New York (Steel by Teesside Cast Products)

Work is still only in its early stages for the Freedom Tower that will replace the Twin Towers destroyed on 9/11, but already, specialist grade steel beams from Corus Beam Mill are on site.

Terminal 5

Heathrow Terminal 5

Heathrow Terminal 5 (Steel by Teesside Cast Products)

Not our proudest boast, but Teesside provided the steel, not the ill-fated baggage handling system.

Wembley Stadium

Wembley Stadium

Wembley Stadium (Steelwork by Cleveland Bridge)

The job was dogged by budget problems and boardroom battles, but for all the troubles surrounding it, the Teesside team got the iconic arch in place.

Jiangyin Bridge

Jiangyin Bridge

Jiangyin Yangtze River Bridge (Steelwork by Cleveland Bridge)

The bridge is the most seaward crossing of the Yangtze River and its completion was timed to mark the 50th Anniversary of the Revolution on 1st October 1997.

Victoria Falls Bridge

Victoria Falls Bridge

Victoria Falls Bridge, Zambezi River (Built by Dorman Long)

Walk along the iconic bridge that spans the world's highest waterfall, and you will see the stamp to prove it.

Hong Kong Exhibition Centre

Hong Kong Exhibition Centre

Hong Kong Convention Centre (Steelwork by Cleveland Bridge)

Yes, Chris Patten made the historic handover of Hong Kong to China at a building described as "a sculpture in steel", that was made and erected by Teessiders.

Tyne Bridge

The Tyne Bridge

Tyne Bridge (Built by Dorman Long)

The Geordies might not like to be reminded of it, but the greatest icon of Tyneside's former industrial might was built by a Teesside company.

The Angel of the North

The Angel of the North

The Angel of the North (Made by Hartlepool Steel Fabrications)

It may be the gateway marker to Tyneside and one of the most recognisable shapes in the country, but the Angel had to make a trip up the A19 to get where she is.

Forth Road Bridge

The Forth Road Bridge

Forth Road Bridge (Built by Cleveland Bridge)

How many bridges can boast their own visitor centre? At 3300 feet long and made with cables two feet thick, the Forth Road Bridge certainly deserves the one it has.

And there's more ...

You've been getting in touch with us to tell us about other giants of engineering that owe their existence to Teessiders.

  1. Peter writes, "The Thames Barrier Gates were by Cleveland Bridge."
  2. Dave Lawson from Stockton told us that Lambeth Bridge in London was built by Teessiders and, if memory serves him correctly, Tower bridge in London has metal beams bearing the Dorman Long name.
  3. Alan from Seamer says, "I believe that some of the caisons, which when assembled together, made the Mulberry harbours needed to re-supply the allies in Normandy, immediately after D Day in June 1944 were made locally. Many of the caisons remain in a semi circle , just off the beach at Arromanche to this day, a reminder that WW2 would have dragged on much longer without the work done at shipyards like Smiths Dock, here on Teesside." We've looked into this one and, while we have found no concrete evidence of this, we have been told that work on the project was done all over the country and it is probably true that some was done on the Tees.
  4. Don Mason from Saltburn e-mailed us: " I remember my dad (working for Cleveland Bridge at Middlesbrough) saying he'd done alot of work on the then new Thames Barrier in London and the Bridge over the Bosphorus linking Europe and Asia in Istanbul."

Let us know of any other great structures made by Teessiders

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created: 01/10/2008

You are in: Tees > Places > Industry > Made in Teesside

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