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13 November 2014

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We Are Teesside

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Teeside expats

Fans across the globe

BBC Tees' John Foster's hunt for far flung Teessiders has already thrown up Poolies in Persia, Smoggies in Cyprus and Quakers in, er, Norway. Nowhere that begins with a Q so far.

If you have a passion for your football team - then distance is no obstacle.

Fans of Middlesbrough, Hartlepool and Darlington are spread all over the globe but are still proud of their local team, and rightly so.

So, are you living outside the UK? If you are, we'd love to hear from you. Send us your details and we'll add you to our 'Fans Across the Globe' maps.

And even better, send us in a photo of you in your footy shirt from your part of the world and we'll put you in the gallery!



1) Jonny Williams
Hometown: Middlesbrough
Team: Middelsbrough
Now living in Gothenburg (Gøteborg) Sweden & Oslo, Norway.

2) Trevor Jones
Hometown: Yarm
Team: Boro (of course)    
Now living in Paphos, Cyprus

3) Ian Graham
Hometown: Middlesbrough
Team: Middlesbrough
Now living in Mosta, Malta

Neil Johnson

Neil Johnson

4) Neil Johnson
Hometown: Darlington
Team: Darlo
Now living near Stavanger, Norway

ALSO ...

Martin Baines
Now living in Dusavik near Stavanger, Norway.
Team: Hartlepool

Ian Webster (France) and Jess Chamberlin (USA)

Ian Webster (France) and Jess Chamberlin

5) Ian Webster
Hometown: Guisborough
Team: Middlesbrough
Now living in south-west France in the River Dordogne valley in the Lot Department in a village called Betaille
Ian writes: Our nearest large town is Brive, some 20 miles away. I listen into Boroworld to hear the Boro's live commentaries whenever possible.

6) Frank MacGregor
Hometown: Middlesbrough
Team: Middlesbrough
Now living in Torrevieja, Spain.
Frank writes: I work in the UK but go home (to Spain) at weekends.


Colin Cope
Now living in Almeria, Spain
Team: Middlesbrough

7) Percy Laumann
Hometown: Gothenburg
Now living in: Gothenburg Sweden
Team: Hartlepool
Percy Writes: My team has been as long as I can remember Hartlepool United. Every match they play I listen to Pools World audio live commentary. I am a Swedish man. I am very glad hearing from you. Am not that very good in English. Cheers from Percy in Gothenburg. Come on Pools!

8) Michael Monk
Hometown: Darlington
Now living in Donegal, Ireland
Team: Darlington

9) Denny Harrison
Now living in: Seville
Team: Hartlepool
Denny Writes: I support Hartlepool first and Boro second. I now live in Seville, Spain and support Real Betis but my team is Pools.

10) Andrew Savage
Hometown: Middlesbrough
Now living in Gutersloh, Germany
Team: Middlesbrough

11) Lars Aberg
Hometown: Kumla
Team: Middlesbrough
Lars writes: We're the Boro Family in Sweden - Lars, Elisabeth and our sons Joakim, 13, and Pontus, 9. Joakim was a Boro mascot in 2002.

12) Bill Walton
Now living in Nänikon/Zuerich
Team:: Middlesbrough
Bill Writes: I have been living in Switzerland since 1967

13) Barry Iverson
Hometown: Wolviston
Now living in Genk, Belgium
Team: Middlesbrough
Bill Writes: Living and working in Kuwait, but home now is in Genk, Belgium

14) Mark Charlton
Now living in Hjørring Denmark
Team: Boro

15) John Dobey
Hometown: Middlesbrough
Now living in Brekkesto, Norway
Team: Boro
John Writes: From Middlesbrough, but now live in Kristiansand, Norway. I have followed the Boro since 1956 and both my girls have been to Boro matches, also my son who lives in Ingleby Barwick is a season ticket holder.

16) David Larry
Living in Dublin
Team: Middlesbrough
David Writes: My father-in-law, Harry Glasper, is the club's official historian and stat man.

17) Karon Hall Kokkoris
Hometown: Acklam, Middlesbrough
Now living in Pireaus in Greece
Team: Boro
Karon writes: Although I have lived in Greece for almost 30 years I always keep in touch with what the Boro is doing, up the Boro!

18) Tony Bloomfield
Now living in Cyprus
Team: Boro

19) Terry Nunn
Hometown: Eston
Now living in Musselkanaal, Holland
Team: Boro

20) Colin Somerset
Hometown: Middlesbrough
Now Living: Majorca Spain
Team: Boro

Drop John Foster an e-mail if you, or someone you know is a Boro, Quakers, or Poolie fan abroad. Better still, anyone out there following one of our non-league sides from abroad?

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You are in: Tees > People > We Are Teesside > Fans across the globe

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