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13 November 2014

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Red sky over South Gare

Red Sky over South Gare

Take a look around South Gare

The Gare took 24 years to build, using 5 million tons of slag and 18,000 tons of cement. The total length was 2 ½ miles with concrete blocks at the seaward end.

The water depth at the bar has been altered over the years.

In 1863 it was 3ft 6" (1.067m.), in 1866 it increased to 9ft (2.74m), in 1879 it was 14ft, (4.267m) then in 1881 it was measured at 19ft, (5.79m).

Wreck at South gare

The present depth of water at the river entrance is 50ft. (15.24m) at low tide.

To enable large ships to enter the river two suction dredgers and occasionally a grab dredger are in constant use to keep the channel clear. Previously a bucket dredger was used to keep the channel open.

South Gare

The Royal Yacht Britannia visited the port on two occasions once when the Queen came to name the number two jetty the “Queen Elizabeth Jetty” and again during the Silver Jubilee Tour.

The South Gare is popular with birdwatcher's and the angling fraternity as well as being used by the public for sightseeing and picnics.

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You are in: Tees > Places > Places Features > Take a look around South Gare

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