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24 September 2014

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BBC Tees new logo!

BBC Tees new logo!

BBC Tees was BBC Radio Cleveland!

BBC Radio Cleveland changed its name to BBC Tees from August 11th 2007.

BBC Radio Cleveland has changed its name, from August 11th 2007 it will be known as BBC Tees!

Why the change?

The BBC has been in Middlesbrough since 31 December 1970, when BBC Radio Teesside started broadcasting from its offices on Linthorpe Road.

BBC Radio Teesside reflected what was called then known as the “county borough of Teesside”.

That soon changed however when a local government reorganisation a few years later created the “county of Cleveland” and on 31 March 1974, BBC Radio Teesside became BBC Radio Cleveland.

In the early 1990s, the county of Cleveland was abolished and replaced by four new unitary authorities: Middlesbrough, Hartlepool, Redcar & Cleveland and Stockton.

So no Cleveland?

As you're always telling us, Cleveland doesn't exist, so why are we still calling ourselves that?

Well, there is still no universally accepted way of describing this area. 

"From BBC Radio Teesside to BBC Radio Cleveland, to BBC Tees!"

BBC Radio Cleveland covers industrial Teesside, the North York Moors national park, the number of industrial towns in County Durham, rural Teesdale, Darlington and the market towns of North Yorkshire.

So what name now?

The old name of BBC Radio Teesside still wouldn't include those outside of the Teesside area that we serve, so we couldn't go back to that...

Which leaves BBC Tees.

The name currently works well for the Where I Live site, and the BBC Bus, and includes everyone in our area as the River Tees runs through three of the boroughs of Teesside, passing through Darlington, and then acts as the boundary between North Yorkshire and County Durham all the way up to its source in the Pennines. 

Still the same?

To go along with our new name we've had a spruce up of our services!

The BBC Tees website has changed its look, as has the BBC Bus, but the shows on the radio are still as great as ever.

We also have a new Open Centre which holds regular free events.

Click the links at the top right of the page to see what your favourite presenters are doing now, and to find out what events are happening in our Open Centre!

last updated: 11/08/07

Have Your Say

So, we're now BBC Tees, what do you think of our new name?

The BBC reserves the right to edit comments submitted.

Ken Hudson
Radio Teesside,Radio Cleveland,Radio Tees,Radio Doggy Market does the name matter?It is a local radio station evolving with the changing needs to inform and entertain the local community and retain the local indentity for which the rest of the country pays little attention to who we are and where we arelocated,The presenters of our station have received awards and accolades from all over the world proving the quaility of the presenters and a comprehending knowledgeable audience hence the dabate Involving the name change it is healthy however to find a name which relates to such a diverse region When considering Urban Rural aspects is a daunting task to please any one or every one in what ever name you choose would not be Easy I tune in all over the world and when it becomes time to debate a new name I would wish to nominateRADIO FANTASTIC

John Gray
Rubbish!Cleveland is the original name for the area in Roman Times. The name was even copied by America for one of their counties and then twined by us. We had an identity then. Before that we were Durham. The new name of 'Tees' is the river. Why is Radio Newcastle not Radio Tyne? The name will change again. Why are you governed by councils and political pressure? The same will happen to "Durham Tees Valley" for the airport. Why keep changing- we do not have an identity problem? You do !

Margaret Kelly
Personally I prefer Radio Cleveland,also it sounds a little more classy than BBC Tees.

It is true that the BBC (all over the country)doesn't really seem to understand the difference between constantly changing local government areas and the eternal and unchanging counties. They seem to swallow the idea that because local government changes the counties do. That is clearly wrong and it's disappointing.However I do feel Radio Tees is a reasonable compromise and in contrast to the first rant with all her many faults the BBC is a precious gem to be cherished.

Peter Gilroy
You say "Well, there is still no universally accepted way of describing this area.". Oh yes there is. North of the Tees is County Durham. South of the the Tees is Yorkshire. Simple really, and has been like this for 1000 years. Local government changes do not describe the geography of England. Of course, you kowtow to a politically motivated new Labour agenda. So much for the political impartiality of the BBC! Roll on the abolition of the licence fee.

Peter Gilroy
You say: "Well, there is still no universally accepted way of describing this area."Yes there is. North of the Tees-County Durham. South of the Tees-Yorkshire. What's the problem? Local government areas do not describe the geography of England.

i think it's syleish and upto date...keep up the good work

Ben Rattigan
Why not use the current accepted name which is Durham Tees Valley? BBC Durham Tees Valley would be fine.

alan holmes
it would sound more descriptive as bbc radio tees but on reflection wasthere not a commercial station radio tees some years ago

christopher latimer
i like your name it is very good.fromchristopher

John Butler
The station has been stuck with a stupid name for 33 years. Progress at last :o)

a "rose" by another name

So where do we live?

Ken from Norton
I think its a great idea, when you tell people your from Cleveland, their usual reply "Where" Oh yes near Newcastle

Anne Mallory
OK for the radio station but I hope the police do not follow your example!!

Jason Ingledew
Rubbish! As bad as Cleveland was I got used to it.Historicly 'Cleveland' does exist, old Nordic meaning 'Cliffland' for those in Saltburn/East Cleveland areas, whoops! mentioned that word.More money,more rebranding and more forking out for us the licence payers for the once proud BBC.

Tony Campbell
It's been confusing since the local government changes. If Cleveland does not exist and now our radio is Radio Tees will the police and fire service change their names to Tees??

Ann from Billingham
I think the new name will be much better than BBC RadioCleveland it just might get more people tuned in also online as well i love the new name i wish it good luck

You are in: Tees > BBC Tees > Presenter profiles > BBC Tees was BBC Radio Cleveland!

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