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24 September 2014

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We Are Teesside

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Herge's Adventures of Tintin

What's up, Snowy?

Teesside Tin Tin

Chances are you've already been sent a link to the foul mouthed dubbed version of Tin Tin, so we find out who created it and why...

If you're from Teesside and are familiar with Parmos chances are you'll have been sent a link to Teesside Tin Tin, the dubbed version of the Herge cartoon put on video sharing website YouTube, by local lads Andy and Nick.

But what made the wedding-video-makers-by-day create a foul language cartoon with so many 'in jokes'?

Who started Teesside Tin Tin?

Andy: We both started it together, about three months ago. It started as a laugh between our mates, someone saw it and it went from there.

Nick: At first we started doing the G force cartoons, we'd send it to each other, we all found it funny.

But eventually we ran out of G force cartoons and because I had a Tin Tin box set, we decided to use that!

Did you expect it to be the success it is?

Nick: All the Tin Tins combined now have over 300,000 views.
We didn't expect it to take off, it was just a joke amongst friends!

How did you manage to spread it?

Andy: What I did was I put it on a football message board, and everyone kind of saw it from there... but even I've had emails from friends in America saying "check this out", and it's funny because I made it.

Ok, well who's the brains and who's the talent?

Nick: I do the voice for Tin Tin, but there's a few others who do the voices for the old men in it... We're both the editors, and I'm the talent!

Andy: We try and keep it Teesside orientated, mentioning Borough Road and Parmos.

Nick: We'll do a little bit of writing, but mostly it's ad-libbed.

You seem really nice, so how on Earth did you manage to come up with the things Tin Tin says?

Andy: We're quite pleasant guys, but sometimes after Nick's done his lines he winces at what he's said.

Nick: When we edit it, and it comes out of Tin Tin's mouth, it seems watered down.

Andy: The swearing makes it what it is!

So where do you go from now?

Andy: We're starting up a cartoon website based on Teesside accents... Button Moon, Trapdoor, and other non-mainstream cartoons. We want to keep it obscure.

Nick: Tin Tin will advertise that site for us on YouTube when it's up and running!

Click the link at the top right of this page to hear the interview in full, and to hear John Foster's interview.

WARNING: Teesside Tin Tin contains very strong language.

last updated: 01/05/2008 at 12:56
created: 11/01/2007

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Does anyone know where to find the episodes these days? YouTube still has some of them on, but not all.

absolute brilliance, i have nearly all of them on my phone

bexxx and georrge
teesside tintin is MINT!! we love it

j murray
teeside tin tin is the funiest thing ive heard in a long time ive donloadable evry1 of em and ive got em on me phone they are wiked m8

Teeside tin tin is brilliant. Keep up the good work lads!

You've put T-side on the map lads - "Egg in a Bun" - Genius!!

Tinny TinTin
Teesside Tin Tin is fab!!!!!!!!!!!!


tin tin is quality

Im from North Tyneside but live down south now, all me mates here think its well funny like, its class!

i wanna c what these guys look like!

So funny!!!'Tin-ed'


teesside tintin rules!!!!!!!!

hillarious, you gotta watch them

frenchie ov boro
there is only one word to explain your work"class"

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