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29 October 2014

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We Are Teesside

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Are you driving safe?

Are you being a safe driver?

Don't Eat And Drive

75% of drivers from Middlesbrough aren't breaking the law, but are driving dangerously...

We are all aware that we shouldn't be using our mobile phones while driving, it's the law. But driving while eating, although not illegal, is still very dangerous and can be seen careless driving by the police.

So, why are 75% of drivers in the Cleveland area putting themselves at risk when being a little pushed for time?

BBC Tees' Katherine Hannah was at Marton Road, in Middlesbrough, and she spotted people not only eating breakfast bars and pasties, but drinking beverages, brushing their hair and smoking while driving around this morning.

Phillipa Naylor, Spokesperson for Green Flag Motoring Organisation explained:

"It's not against the law, but it is up to the police and their discretion. They can then charge you with careless driving or not being in proper control of your vehicle.

"Do use your own common sense, because that split second where you spill your drink and look down to see where you have spilt it, you have taken your eyes off the road.

"Somebody could walk in front of you or a car could pull out in front of you. That split second could be the difference between whether you have a crash, or get to work safely in the morning."

For more health and safety advice, there are links in the See Also section in the top right of this page.

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created: 18/08/2006

You are in: Tees > People > We Are Teesside > Don't Eat And Drive

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