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29 October 2014

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Green Dragon Studios

As work gets underway...

Studio 64 moves

It's moved to Stockton, but not everyone is happy about it...

Green Dragon Studios

The new rehearsal rooms

These are exciting times for new music on Teesside, with bands like Dartz!, We Start Fires and The Oxfam Glamour Models breaking into national consciousness, and some of these bands have practised and recorded at Studio 64 in Middlesbrough.

Studio 64 is now no more, as the collective that ran it, the Middlesbrough Music Collective (MMC), has joined forces with Stockton Music and Arts Collective (SMAC) to form the Tees Music Alliance, and with that comes Green Dragon Studios, a new music complex in Stockton.

The Middlesbrough studio will close later this year, but now, a lot of the business has moved to Stockton, where over £150,000 has been spent transforming a disused old building into a recording studio, rehearsal room and arts centre.

Paul Burns, Director of the new organization said, “The new development is a culmination of many years of hard work on the part of both organizations – who have in fact worked very closely for that last 16 years or so. 

"Middlesbrough has now been left without any recording space and scant rehearsal facility this at a time when there is more demand than ever before."

Rob Nichols view on the move

“The timing seemed right for us to merge and come together on a single site. “The new facilities will be fantastic and a real benefit to Tees based musicians and indeed the north east as a whole.”

But not everyone is seeing this as a positive move.

Local music journalist Rob Nichols says, “I cannot begin to convey just how angry and disappointed I am at this move.

"The studio was set up by MIDDLESBROUGH Music Collective 20 years ago as a resource for the whole Middlesbrough community.

"I'm bewildered as to how this can be better achieved in a neighbouring borough.

"Middlesbrough has now been left without any recording space, and scant rehearsal facilities, at a time when there is more demand than ever before.

"For someone involved in the process in the 80's and formerly a chairman of Studio 64, this feels an awful lot like betrayal.”

BBC Radio Cleveland reporter David Macmillan was been given an exclusive first glimpse of the new facilities, and to hear what they’re like, go to the ‘see also’ section.

last updated: 27/06/07

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i think that's great because people can do their work experiance there plus there is already recording studio's in middlesbrough so now people from stokton dont have to travel so far

People are thrying to say there's nowhere else in Middlesbrough to record and rehearse. Lorne Street studios anyone?! Type lorne street into google maps and find where it is!

You are in: Tees > Entertainment > Music > Music Features and Interviews > Studio 64 moves

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