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24 September 2014

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Mistys Big Adventure

A pop art explosion...

An adventurous night out

Japan for Sega, Gay Against You, The Retro Spankees and Misty's Big Adventure formed the jam packed line up at FYR's first gig at The Dickens...

FYR haven't held a gig at The Dickens before, which is a surprise as the kitsch surroundings and flashy lighting systems seem right up their street, but tonight they took the trip out of Middlesbroughs Cultural Quarter, and ventured onto Southfield Road.

On a stage framed by rope lights, and a seating area decorated with twinkling fairy lights, you couldn't confuse who was behind tonight's gig. But if you needed further clarification you just needed to check out the cake competition happening in the corner.

First up, is Japan for Sega, a band I've heard a lot about but not experienced for myself yet.

They are a twosome, one girl, one guy, and play experimental techno keyboard based tunes. Integrating some Sega themes in for good measure.

They're not much to look at onstage staying pretty much stationary throughout, but this doesn't hinder them, it almost adds to their shambolic musical style.

I can see why they have such a hype about them.

Next up was the 118 118 style, tennis clad male twosome, Gay Against You.

Starting the show off by shining a strobe light on a disco ball, they are anything but boring. They jumped around amongst the crowd singing, well, shouting, their songs at members of the audience.

Mistys Big Adventure cake

Mistys Big Adventure cake

The face paints, visors and eccentric behaviour were a bit too much for me, if only their music redeemed them, but unfortunately, in the words of my nana "It's all just noise to me".

Third on the list, The Retro Spankees, chirped me right back up. They were happy, they were perfect.

Then follows the judging of the great FYR cake contest.

Judged by a representative of each band, the outright winner is a David Hasselhoff Fall-Of-The-Berlin-Wall memorial cake, resplendent with marzipan people, bricks of sponge, and mortar of jam.

Misty’s Big Adventure take the stage, and round out the evening in suitably ridiculous style.

They play children’s cartoon pop songs about moving mountains with teaspoons and murdering your next-door neighbours, accompanied by brass, keyboards, and a peculiar (and peculiarly energetic) dancing red-skinned monster called Erotic Volvo, a kind of intergalactic Bez covered in dozens upon dozens of wiggly blue hands.

Very very surreal.

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You are in: Tees > Entertainment > Music > Gig Reviews > An adventurous night out

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