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13 November 2014

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Bob Fischer

Bob Fischer

Bob Fischer

Join Bob Fischer from 8pm - 10pm Monday to Friday

Place of birth:

Park Side Hospital, Middlesbrough. Do not underestimate the power of the Park Side.

What's your favourite part of our area:

It’s still The Pot And Glass in Egglescliffe Village. Although occasionally I like to walk up to the telecommunications beacons on Arncliffe Moor and ponder the meaning of life while being bombarded by microwaves.

Previous jobs:

I ran a CD shop in Yarm High Street, and I was an Elvis impersonator for one gig before being pelted offstage with lumps of ice.

Why do you love your job:

I get to torment people with my half-baked opinions and flights of fancy, I get to speak to lots of my childhood heroes (John Craven!!!) and I get to frighten people with noisy music. What’s not to like?

Most interesting person you have interviewed for radio:

John Craven. Although I loved the time that John Power from The La’s came in to do a session and asked me to play bass in his band onstage that very night. I'd never played the bass guitar before in my life, but he gave me a crash course at the venue and pushed me out onto the stage. It worked. Sort of.

Person you would most enjoy being stuck in a lift with:

I never take lifts, I hate them. I would rather use the stairs, but most of the time I just stay on the ground floor. I take the philosophy that anything stuck on a higher level than that generally isn't worth seeing.

First record you bought:

I bought two at the same time, “Stand And Deliver” by Adam And The Ants, and “This Old House” by Shakin’ Stevens. Top rockin’!

Where you are when you get most of your inspiration or creative thoughts:

On top of Arncliffe Moor being bombarded with microwaves.

Funny sayings you like to use:

My co-presenter Shack insists that if I died, you could reconstruct me as a radio presenter just be clipping the following phrases from old programmes and playing them out in a random order:

  • ‘Brilliant stuff’
  • ‘Have we got a release date for that? Hang on, I've lost the CD sleeve’.
  • ‘Right then, what else have we got?’
  • ‘Keep this rubbish coming in’
  • ‘Are we done yet? Is it ten o'clock?’

Any habits, annoying or otherwise:

I have a form of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and find it impossible to watch TV unless the ornaments in the front room are arranged in exactly the correct manner. I also slurp my tea and smell.

Join Bob Fischer 8pm - 10pm  Monday - Friday

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You are in: Tees > BBC Tees > Presenter profiles > Bob Fischer

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