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13 November 2014

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You are in: Tees > Nature > Coast > Point 5: Breaking waters

The Heugh Breakwater

The Heugh Breakwater

Point 5: Breaking waters

If you want to detour from the walk this is the ideal spot. Take a look around the Heugh and see why it has been the talk of local elections.

The 'Heugh' can refer to the Headland, as well as to the Breakwater that extends from the Headland, so local people are sometimes called 'Heughers'.

The Heugh Breakwater sign

Warnings at the Heugh Breakwater

Hartlepool's earliest defences were the medieval town walls which kept the town enclosed and safe. Included in the defences keeping the town safe is the Heugh which protected the entrance to the River Tees.

The Breakwater has recently been the topic of political discussion, as an arguing point during the local elections "The Heugh Breakwater is not only part of our heritage but an important part of our sea defences".

The town's WW2 defences were all decommissioned by 1956, with the cemetery and lighthouse batteries being completely demolished. Heugh and South Gare have been partially demolished but some of the structure remains.

Getting back on track, follow the Promenade around the coast until you reach point 6 on the walk: the Heugh Battery and lighthouse.

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You are in: Tees > Nature > Coast > Point 5: Breaking waters

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