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13 November 2014

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Borough Hall

Borough Hall, a social venue.

Point 1: Northgate

This marks the location of North Gate which formed part of the the Town Wall and the medieval defences of Hartlepool.

Where the name Hartlepool came from has many explanations. One is that the site was originally a gathering place for stags or deer, which were at the time named "harts". Because the land was surrounded by water, the name "hart - pool" was given.

The medieval historian Bede refers to it as 'the place where harts drink', but it has also been named the 'island of harts'.

Another theory is that the village of Hart had been a prominent settlement overlooking a Roman Harbour, and as the harbour grew - and the town with it - it became Hart in Pol, then Hart-le-pool.

Alternatively, it is believed to be a abbreviation of Heracleopolis from when a trading colony visited.

But wherever the name came from, the town has been around since 700 AD, and is jam-packed with history.

As you walk towards point 1 you will notice you are on Northgate, a road that was previously part of the Town Wall, a protective wall around the town. Listen to the link at the top right of this page for more information.

It has been the main shopping street of the town for centuries, and used to have trams running to and from Westgate to Northgate. The bus eventually took over this track and ran on overhead electrical cables.

Point 1 on the map is the location of the Borough Hall and Market Buildings, which were opened in 1866. They were the first to get electricity in the Headlands.

The building is now used for social events and entertainment and was saved from dereliction by the people of the Headland.

From here turn right up Southgate, left at the end of Southgate and left on to Town Wall. This is point 2 on the walk.

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You are in: Tees > Nature > Nature Features > Point 1: Northgate

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