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29 October 2014

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D Rail

D Rail

My hardcore weekend

I had a lovely day last Saturday. I got up at about 10 past 10 and watched Soccer AM. Ideal start to a day. After Soccer AM, I had my dinner. I had beans on toast. It was nice.

Henry Carden

Henry Carden

The beans were reduced salt and sugar, but in all honesty you couldn't taste the difference.

After dinner I went shopping but I didn't buy anything.

Thankfully after my slightly pointless shopping trip my day picked up again with Gillette Soccer Saturday.

Chris Kamara was getting very excited and Rodney Marsh witnessed Patrick Berger scoring his third wonder goal of the season.

For my tea I went to Pizza Hut with my friend Lauren. We had a stuffed crust vegetable supreme. It was nice. We found a toy car on the floor as well. It was class.

Broken Oath

Broken Oath

After Pizza Hut we went to The Acklam for a "hardcore show", or what I like to call a "gig".

I don't really like hardcore but I thought I'd give it a go.

The first band that played were some angry boys from Teesside called Marked For Death.

They were a bit like a more metal Minor Threat. Fast, p***ed off and shouty, not bad though I suppose.

The second band were from Glasgow and called Divide. I liked them. They were like a Scottish Sick Of It All.

The next band were called Broken Oath and also from Glasgow.

They were proper keen as and would fit in nicely on the Truskill Records roster sitting somewhere between Walls Of Jericho and Bleeding Through.

"I suppose it was something to do but in all honesty I don't really think it was worth missing most of the footy for. "

Henry's upbeat conclusion

The fourth band were called XThe Break InX and they were a bit like Slipknot but without the masks and with more mosh bits.

They were top notchand were my favourite band on the night.

Then some other band played but in all honesty I'd completely lost all interest by then.

Thankfully I got home in time to see Patrick Berger's wonder goal on the tvand then I went to bed.

The next day wasn't quite as good.

From getting up until about 7pm, it was pretty none descript.

In the evening though I went to another "hardcore show" at The Acklam.

Weam singing

Weam attempting 'Runaway Train'

It was another 5 band gig and the first band were an old school punk band playing punk like it used to be played.

The singer/guitarist had a lovely white vest on that said "SKINHEAD" on it.

They were called Keyside Strike and you could sing "oi oi oi" in all of their songs. Get in.

Next up were An American Obsession who have nice melodic guitar parts but with screaming over the top.

Not a fan of that sort of thing, me.

After AAO were a new Leeds band called Between Lines.

They were OK but not as good as the infamous David "Weam" Mohan singing Soul Asylum on the karaoke in the other room... "Runaway train never going back, wrong way on a one way track" priceless.

D Rail

D Rail

D-Rail played after Between Lines. They're mint at what they do. Technical metal-core that all the kids love. Can't go wrong.

Finishing off the night were Battle Royale from Germany. I didn't like them but most other people did.

That brought an end my weekend of hardcore action.

I suppose it was something to do but in all honesty I don't really think it was worth missing most of the footy for.

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Richard Liar
Straight Edge is pretty much dead in London, thank god.

You are in: Tees > Entertainment > Music > Gig Reviews > My hardcore weekend

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