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Invisible Italy 360°

We spoke to Chris O'Donnell to give us a brief summary of the project.

What is Invisible Italy?

This experience allows viewers to travel through three stunning reproductions of three of the most famous historical sites in Italy.

Each historically significant location (Naples, Venice and Florence) has it's own 360° video that you can explore as a 3D digital model and experience it as our presenter, Alexander Armstrong, does in Virtual Reality for the BBC One show.

How were the 3D models of the locations made?

The models were created using the latest laser scanning technology to capture billions of data points mapping the real locations. These scans are then stitched together to make the most accurate virtual representation of these stunning locations ever created.

Alexander Armstrong narrates the journey as our virtual 360 camera navigates through these complex digital models, stripping away façades, bursting through walls and even beneath the waves to reveal their hidden historical secrets.

What can we expect to see?

In Naples, you can visit the ruins of the ancient Roman holiday resort of Baiae with its reputation for vice and debauchery. In Venice you can explore the Doge's palace in its stunning setting on St Mark's Square. And in Florence you can fly above the river Arno and discover the secret passageway Florence's rulers built to travel around their city unseen.

What are you hoping to find out by doing this?

Allow the audience to see the beauty of the 3D pointcloud models for themselves as demonstrated in the show and see how they can be used to uncover hidden historical secrets.

We want to see how much appetite there is for 360° video content. It would be useful to see the difference in engagement between this content on a more accessible platform and the Rome VR taster project which is also going to be live and promoted in the same place during this transmission run.



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Invisible Italy 360°

Travel through three of Italy’s most famous historical sites in stunning 3D

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Invisible Italy 360°