Meet The Well's main characters

(Jo Woodcock)


Beth is the unlikely hero with a big stubborn streak. Sister to Luis, she is full of cheek and attitude and is well into his flashy best mate, Ivan (much to the bafflement of Beth's sensible friend Coll).

Beth's confidence does cover a sensitivity that she wants to keep hidden - and lately she's been having disturbingly vivid dreams... But apart from her darker, more morbid side she'd be pretty cool to hang out with, until she lands you in deep dark well water...

(Isaac Ssebandeke)


Ivan is the gang's joker and is constantly messing around and punking his mates. To them he is daft as a bottle of crisps - and not to be taken seriously. Beth is the exception; she has big girlfriend eyes for Ivan.

But Beth's not the only one. She has competition... All the girls have eyes for Ivan, even the undead ones...

(Karen Gillan)


Coll is a brainy beauty, but she's somehow not a hit with the boys. It's as if every exam-slamdunk under her belt makes the lads give her a wider berth.

It's Luis she fancies the pants off (though he fills his with fear every time she looks at him!). But luckily for Beth and co, Coll is nothing if not determined and she won't give up until she cracks the mysterious secrets of the well - and Luis.

(Gregory Foreman)


Luis is the polar opposite of his cocky kid sister Beth. You'd think he'd be used to her stirring by now but he still gets wound up by her seeing his best mate Ivan and her ongoing attempts to set Luis up with Coll.

Luis can't help being scared of Coll - she's dead pretty, but brainier than Vorderman. Thing is, she and Luis would be great together - as everyone can see. Everyone except Luis. But what Luis IS about to learn is that there are much much scarier things to be stalked by than an intellectual hottie...

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