What is The Well?

The Well is a brand new multiplatform horror drama with four TV episodes and a true-to-show game running alongside.

The Story

Ivan, Coll and Luis

A brother, sister and their friends discover, and disturb, something very ancient and dark at the bottom of a disused well. Their task is to get it back before someone dies, or worse. Of course, not all is as it seems. There are greater evils in the well, and the four teenagers are not the first ones to have tried to deal with it.

The Game

A jigsaw-style game

Following the trail of Beth, Ivan, Luis and Coll, you bravely adventure into the gloom of the mysterious old house. Like the daring teens, you will move through the house solving games, uncovering ancient secrets and completing challenges. When you complete each task you will get the chance to become one step ahead of the teens in discovering the secret of what lurks down the well...

The Screenplay

Melvin Burgess

Melvin Burgess has written a whole host of exciting, interesting and gripping literature for young adults and because of this, Melvin was approached to write the screenplay for The Well. His books lead the way in fiction for young adults; covering everyday topics from growing up to, more controversial subjects like teen drug addiction.

Programme Information

Last on TV

BBC Two, 06 Feb 2010

Latest Episode

video icon Watch Episode One

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