I'm Rachel and I'm a Drama Teen

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Drama Teen

[draam-er] [kid] noun, Draamistos Kidos Latin – A Drama-Teen is a person who is involved with every aspect of musical theatre. Dancing, singing and acting during every moment of every day proves that: "All the world's a stage".

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We searched the net, spoke to tribes and hung out with them: all to find out what it would be like to be… one of them?

Here's what we found out: -

If I were a...drama teen

What would I wear?

  • I always dress to impress… my dress sense is pretty darn WICKED.
  • Glitter, sparkles and pretty much anything that will 'Razzle Dazzle 'em'.
  • As for my hair, HAIRSPRAY is good… but I prefer the musical to the product.

What about music?

  • As a pretty essential part in any musical, music is kinda important to me.
  • So funnily enough, I like musical soundtracks.
  • Especially the karaoke versions
  • That come with the dance instructions.
  • Following these, I like over-the-top, dramatic, epic songs (or the Mcfly versions of them at least).

What do I think?

  • Jazz hands. On a regular basis.
  • Go to the theatre. A lot.
  • Dance, act, sing, dance, sleep, dance, act, sing, sing some more and 'All That Jazz'.
  • I live with my parents, I sure don't RENT. (Tenuous, we know.)

What do I do?

  • The world is my stage.
  • 'Boys and girls'? Guys and Dolls more like.
  • The word 'Fabulous' was invented for me.
  • I should have been in High School Musical.
Rachel's TicketLink to Playlist
  1. Grand Theft Autumn - Fallout Boy
  2. We're All In This Together - High School Musical Soundtrack
  3. The Reason - Hoobastank
  4. The Middle - Jimmy Eat World
  5. Beautiful Disaster - Kelly Clarkson
  6. Stars - Madina Lake
  7. That Girl - Mcfly
  8. Breathless- Shayne ward
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