I'm Charlie and I'm Sporty
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Sporty, [spor-tee] noun, Sportitus-Teetus, Latin - Sporty is a term used to describe a person who is obsessed with sport. They follow and support many clubs as well as participating in a vast number of sports, all of which they are good at!

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Check out Sport Relief on Friday 14th March 2008, BBC ONE & TWO, 7pm – 1.30am, for very special editions of Strictly Come Dancing and A Question of Sport, plus loads more!

If I were a... Basketballer

What would I wear?

  • A club shirt.
  • A pair of trainers.
  • A bit of mud. For authenticity, of course.

What about music?

  • 'It's Coming Home', 'You'll Never Walk Alone', 'Forever Blowing Bubbles' and various other sports-related songs.
  • The classic 'Who Ate All the Pies' chant counts as a song, right??
  • There's no specific genre of music that goes hand in hand with being 'Sporty'...
  • ...But fast-paced rock music such as the Arctic Monkey's and the Foo's make a darn good sporty soundtrack.

What do I do?

  • Watch sports
  • Play sports
  • BREATHE sports

What do I think?

  • Playing and watching sports can be a great excuse to see your mates.
  • I can't HELP the fact I'm naturally talented at every single sport under the sun floodlights.
  • 'Scoring a goal', 'converting a try', 'making a boundary' and 'slam dunk' are all phrases that I use on a day to day basis… whether I'm talking about sport or not!
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  1. Arctic Monkeys
  2. The Foo Fighters
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