I'm Amy and I'm an Indie
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Indie, [ind-ee] noun;, Indineseos Latin – The term 'indie' comes from the word independant, and indies can be recognised by their vintage clothes, abstract art, and love of low-fi British guitar bands.

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If I were an... indie

What would I wear?

  • If it looks like your Granny would wear it, I would wear it.
  • Team this 'Granny item' with a pair of so-skinny-I-can't-walk jeans…
  • ...and you're onto an indie winner!

What about music?

  • Funnily enough, I'm well into the genre 'indie'.
  • Think Razorlight, think Babyshambles, think boys in bands with big haircuts and high-collared black coats.
  • ...But despite all that, a bit of cheesy pop never did anyone any harm, right?

What do I do?

  • I listen to indie music. A lot.
  • And when I'm not listening to it, I can usually be found reading about it in the NME or an underground fanzine.
  • I'm creative! Art, photos, music… all things I just happen to make on a daily basis.
  • My mates and I hang out at local art galleries and independent cinemas.

What do I think?

  • 'Indie' is basically a conscious move away from the mainstream.
  • Support your local music/art scene!
  • If it looks cultured, its indie.
  • I WILL marry Johnny Borrell/Pete Doherty/Alex Turner (delete as appropriate)

The above are opinions of the BBC that are based upon chatting to the tribes and searching the net.

Rachel's TicketLink to Playlist
  1. The Moldy Peaches - Lucky number 9
  2. The Zutons - Valerie
  3. The Hot Melts - Edith
  4. Crystal Castles vs The Klaxons - Atlantis Interzone remix
  5. Ladytron - Seventeen
  6. Razorlight - Golden Touch
  7. The Cribs - Our Bovine Public
  8. The Libertines - Dont Look Back Into The Sun
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