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AJ and Tom Deacon

AJ and Tom Deacon

So we asked Tom and AJ some questions to help you get to know them better. One thing you'll spot instantly is that AJ talks more than Tom - a lot.


Name: Tom Deacon

Likes: Most sports and food

Dislikes: not seeing my mates enough for a laugh and a catch-up

Fear: Heights and having no sense of humour

Best 5:19 Moment So Far: there are so many wicked moments for me but most recently completing the sport relief 6mile with the whole team with me

Dream Celeb Parents: George Clooney (based on his Oceans 11 character) and Julie Walters to be my mum (based on Billy Elliot)


Name: Onatejiro Odudu but I'm known as AJ.

Likes: I like vanilla chai lattes, figure hugging dresses and tinned sardines and porridge (not together though). I like soggy cereal. I pop my bowl of flakes in the microwave to get my breki just right. I like laughing. I'll laugh at almost anything, like when girls come out of a public toilet and they have a trail of loo roll stuck to their shoe and I find it hilarious to see people missing the tube or bus after running for it.

Dislikes: I don't like herbal tea, crop pants and crumbs left in butter- it looks gross. I don't like it when people don't throw away used tea bags straight away- it looks horrible. I don't like wet, soggy tissue- it doesn't look nice. I don't like biting my nails - they don't look nice... I think I like things to look nice.

Fear: I'm scared of being surrounded by soggy tissue, used tea bags and butter with crumbs in it. I'm scared of flying even though I do and heights even though I go on massive rollercoasters. I'm scared of being chased by dogs even though I think they're cute.

Best 5:19 Moment: When Robert Pattinson remembered me at the premier for his film Remember Me (excuse the pun). To top it all off, I successfully got him to pat my hand....and he kissed my face. Bliss. A close second was when Marvin from JLS won my heart in the game that lasted 4 seconds.

Dream Celeb Parents: I'd love to be co-parented by multiple celebrities. Cat Deeley would be a good mum to eat with I reckon. Also Missy Elliot so I could borrow her trainers but mostly, Mrs Doubtfire 'cos she can be my mum and my dad and my nanny- a true multi-tasking figure. I've not seen that film in ages.

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