Anthony Baxter


After 6th form Anthony headed to Lancaster uni. Three years and a degree in English Language later he put off working for a bit longer to study journalism. After working as a radio reporter in Cumbria and working behind the camera filming, editing and directing, he arrived at BBC Switch. Revealed... is Anthony Baxter's first ever TV presenting job.

I'm looking forward to: I'm looking forward to space travel and hover boards. Isn't it about time we had this stuff now, it's like...2010!

Best thing about being a Revealed reporter: I should probably say working with the rest of the Switch presenters. That is cool, but actually the best thing about being a Revealed reporter is getting to travel around to places you've never been to before, talking to people about their lives and experiences. A cuppa, a chat, and forgetting that you're actually working - not bad.

If I could present another Switch show it would be: It would have to be something totally random. I really want to learn how to ski - so how does "Celebrity come ski with Ant", sound? Maybe not.

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I wish: I'd reported on the Beijing Olympics. I love those interviews you see with people who've just achieved something amazing and they're almost bursting with emotion whilst trying to talk at the same time.

Advice if you want to get into journalism: I hate it when people say things like, "it's all about who you know". I think for most people when they start out, that's not really true. A good starting point is writing for a school/college newspaper. Contact local newspapers and radio stations as well. Be persistent and be prepared for knockbacks.

House party or beach party: I hate sand, it gets everywhere, so house party. You get to put on really, really bad songs from the 80s that are only acceptable in your living room, or the 80's and dance like an idiot.

If I had to live on a desert island I would want: A boat.

Favourite presenter: Did Charlotte say me? If she did, then her. If not, Louis Theroux. I think some of his documentaries are genius - he once gave me a good tip to get out of difficult interview moments - just ask "why is that"? It works.

It would be amazing if: I could sing like Beth Ditto - that girls got big lungs.

What makes me smile: My best mates, they never fail to make me laugh.

Strange love: Peanut butter, honey and banana toasties, Pâté on digestive biscuits, wrong and weird, try it. Paddington train station - I don't know why, but I just love it.

The first thing I do in the morning: In this order - work out what day it is, work out what train station I need to be at for the next random part of the UK we're heading to, and then ask myself, why am I late?

The thing that annoys me more than life itself: People who walk really slowly in busy public places. Prime example, shopping centres, come on people, get there quicker.

Favourite item of clothing: High-top trainers and white t-shirts.

Embarrassing story I can bear to admit to: Walking around a mixed hospital ward with no pants on after having a tooth removed. They gave me some pretty strong pain killers. I had the pants in my hand if that helps.

I'd rather live without: The internet than my mobile. I need my phone, I feel lost without it.

Facebook or Twitter: It's got to be Facebook, I love the fact that nothing is sacred anymore - it's all on there, everything is public.

Horror/comedy: Funnies please, but make sure they are actually funny.

Story that was most interesting/ fun to cover: We've covered loads of different stories - but I think meeting Lady Gaga has to be one of the surrealest moments in my life. She walked into the room with what can only be described as a massive place mat on her head.

Charlotte Ashton


Charlotte Ashton studied German at uni, but has always wanted to be a journalist. Her first job was writing for the Guardian newspaper about volunteering. The previous summer she baked and iced nearly 600 cakes. Before joining the BBC she put her language skills to good use presenting at trade shows around Europe. Her last job Before Revealed... was working as a radio producer.

I'm looking forward to: Being my sister's bridesmaid (or should that be bride-slave?!) My summer holiday in Spain with loads of friends.

Best thing about being a Revealed reporter: Meeting so many people. I love that we can turn up, meet a load of fun people and ask them really nosy questions! I also love that we can do stories no other news programmes would touch. I love that we get to travel to places I wouldn't otherwise go to. And meeting people like Zac Effron, Ladyhawke and the young MJ isn't too bad either.

If I could present another Switch show it would be: How about the 5:40 show. It would be very similar to the 5:19 show but broadcast live from a different tropical island every week. At 5.40pm!

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I wish: I could remember jokes. Something about a man and a bar? Or was it an Englishman and a road? I always forget punch lines. Hopeless.

Advice if you want to get into journalism: Do what you love! There is no set route into journalism, just learn the basics and then get writing or filming or recording whatever interests you.

House party or beach party: Beach party every time! One of my best memories is a New Year's Eve beach party in Brazil - everyone was dancing in a huge circle and we jumped over the waves at midnight which is supposed to be bring luck. I love being able to go to a party in a bikini! The last house party I went to was at Ant's. Brazil was better!

If I had to live on a desert island I would want: To leave after two weeks - even I couldn't take more beach than that!

Favourite presenter: Fiona Bruce. She always looks so relaxed and she's got great eyebrows.

It would be amazing if: Yummy food didn't make you fat.

What makes me smile: "60% off" signs in the window of a fancy shoe shop.

Strange love: Long train journeys (but NOT long car journeys- nothing worse than a numb bum); reading recipe books even when I'm not cooking anything; going to the dentist.

The first thing I do In the morning: Put on my gym kit - I usually wake up on the treadmill!

The thing that annoys me more than life itself: Putting soap on your hands in a train loo then discovering the water isn't working.

Favourite item of clothing: A black dress with huge white flowers on the collar - I wore it to interview Peter Jones and to go to the House of Lords! I also love my skiing trousers. I'd wear them at home all the time if it wasn't a bit weird!

Embarrassing story I can bear to admit to: Asking a shop assistant why I couldn't fit into a skirt two sizes bigger than my usual size, only for her to point out it was a boob tube! My school friends have never let me live it down.

I'd rather live without: newspapers than the internet; tea than coffee; crisps than chocolate; money than my family.

Facebook or Twitter: Aaaagh - don't make me choose! I LOVE Twitter (Ant and I secretly race each other to tweet the news first- he'd never admit it, but it's true) but I also love being able to see what my mates are up to on FB.

Horror/comedy: Comedy every time. Especially live. Or my boyfriend - he's very funny.

Story most interesting/ fun to cover: They're all interesting! But if I had to choose I guess Bridgend and the credit crunch would be up there at the top. Interviewing Zac Effron was pretty fun- and getting my face lasered in our programme about spots was a new experience, if not a bit scary!!

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