Meet Imogen



Age: 16
Likes: Showtunes, Zac Efron, Twilight, Same Difference
Dislikes: Depressing people who don't like smiling (emos are OK tho they're drama queens at heart)

Life is a stage and Imogen is the leading lady! She can be scatty now and then but can't everyone! She knows what she wants - fame, glamour, happiness - and she's gonna do everything she can to get it. She's a bit of a Daddy's girl but doesn't think she's spoilt. She's single and waiting for Zac Efron to come and sweep her off her feet.

Imogen's Quote

"I'm about just having a laugh with my mates! Life's a big show so I like to make it big, loud, and lots of fun!"

Watch Imogen's intro video and check out her bebo to find out more about her (although she doesn't respond to comments and messages anymore - too busy being a drama queen!). (Make sure you take a look at our online safety tips to stay safe on social networking sites.)

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