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Proper Messy was an exciting new interactive drama where YOU could influence the story. But grab a hanky and wipe those tears away because the show's now over!

Thanks goes out to everyone who signed up to the show - you really made the drama a great success. And for those of you that didn't catch Proper Messy, well, this is what you missed out on...

As well as weekly episodes on BBC Two there was loads of stuff on bebo and extra exclusive vids online each week. If you were aged 13-17 you could have also signed up to get texts EVERY DAY from the two main characters Imogen or Jake.

This is where things really got exciting - if their texts stirred you into action you could reply and your comments could have influenced the decisions they made. And, what was even better is that it was all free!

You can still watch all the Proper Messy episodes that were originally shown on BBC Two right here and you can also get more info on Jake and Imogen on their bebo pages. Jake and Imogen no longer reply to comments and messages though - Jake's too busy plotting his next play and Imogen, well, she's just bust being a drama queen!



Find out more about Imogen and watch her introduction video.

Meet Imogen


Get to know all about Jake and check out his intro video.

Meet Jake

Meet the rest of the gang!

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